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Ford Bronco Taking 10 Days To Turn As Demand Remains High

The sixth-generation Ford Bronco launched in 2020 for the 2021 model year, but demand remains quite high for the rugged SUV. Unfortunately for those looking to purchase one, FoMoCo has also faced a number of supply constraints related to the Bronco since its launch, which means that there simply isn’t enough inventory to satisfy that demand – not by a long shot. In fact, according to the automaker’s most recent sales report, Ford Bronco dealer inventory is still taking just 10 days to turn, which is a pretty rapid pace.

That’s good enough to rank the Ford Bronco right behind the Ford F-150 Lightning, which is turning in an even quicker eight days, on average, on dealer lots. What’s particularly interesting about both of these statistics is the fact that both the Bronco and F-150 Lightning are also two of the most commonly marked up vehicles on sale today, and yet, it seems as if shoppers are willing to pay a steep price to bring either one home.

Another factor playing into the Bronco’s rapid turn rate is the fact that 2023 order banks aren’t open to new customers – rather, Ford is limiting retail orders to existing reservation and order holders only as it works to clear out a massive backlog that has existed for over two years now.

With the Bronco still ranking as one of the top ten vehicles selling for more than MSRP, finding one – let alone purchasing one at a reasonable price – remains a difficult task. The fact that discount offers remain non-existent as well – which is entirely common when it comes to in-demand vehicles – certainly isn’t helping matters any, though perhaps FoMoCo will be able to catch up on its existing orders this year and inventory will improve moving forward.

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  1. Michael

    I was so surprised, and a bit appaled to see a $10,000 market adjustment on a new 2022 top of the line, $35,000 MA Erick to $45,000. That of coarse is ‘asking’ not transaction price, but ridiculous.
    There is no bad guy here. Sellers or the buyer willing to pay it. Just so over the top as auto are a depreciating asset so 3 years from now that Maverick may only be worth 17k. WOW.
    Housing and auto way over inflated. Housing coming down. Auto a bit different because of supply issues related to component availability though.

  2. Allan

    Would really like to have my new BRONCO! They really should fill existing orders!

    1. Trish

      Same. Ordered 2/12/22 just before fixed price went bye bye.
      Still waiting !!!!!!!!

  3. Joel

    Not all dealers are marking up the Bronco. At least for those who reserved one. Finally got ours after a 13 month wait. We’ll worth it, markup of any amount would have killed the deal for us.

  4. Steve

    Want to order a new Bronco? I’m on day 738 and had to put in for the 2023 model. So think before you order and be very patient. Good thing is that my price is frozen so silver lining? I’m getting a 2023 for the price of a 2020. Really want to order a Bronco now? Sept 2020 is when this all started. I did a new build for my Bronco last week. Current list price apples to apples, 62,000. That up 7 grand already.

  5. steve

    FYI all you 2022 order holders/waiters. You are not price protected. Just got word from my dealer when I saw the price increase on my 2023 order. Only 2021 order holders are price protected. price went up 5 grand. So if you order a 2023 and don’t take delivery for a couple of years (like me), you will not be price protected but you will have time to save extra bucks to absorb that increase.

  6. Steve

    Okay on day 744, I finally got moved to production. Got the email on Oct 6th. So my 2021 Bronco is going to actually be a 2023. So all you future Bronco owners, be patient. On a good note, Christmas is going to be a very exciting time. What a Christmas gift, a brand new Bronco.


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