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Ford CEO Jim Farley Hints At Huge Screens For American Lincoln Lineup

Thanks to a bevy of new products focused on younger customers, Lincoln has found its footing in China after eight years in that market, even outpacing U.S. sales for the first time ever in 2021. Those newer models – like the Lincoln Zephyr – share one thing in common – large, dashboard-dominating screens that young folks find quite appealing, as well as ultra-luxurious variants like the new Lincoln Navigator One and concepts like the Lincoln Star. However, it seems as if future American Lincoln models may be getting even bigger screens, though for an entirely different reason, as Ford CEO Jim Farley recently explained to Newsweek.

“Not just having a curved screen and a coast-to-coast screen, but how/what kind of data it shows off and how far advanced we are in automation/semi-automation, to give customers time back, those will be the manifestation of the plush seats,” Farley said. “That’s the remix that we need to do.”

In this sense, Jim Farley isn’t just talking about adding giant screens to Lincoln vehicles for entertainment or navigation purposes, but rather, having them serve a purpose in terms of hands-free and autonomous driving. FoMoCo has already deployed safety driver-free self-driving vehicles in Austin, Texas, and Miami, Florida via its Argo AI subsidiary, taking the next step as it continues to develop its commercial autonomous vehicle business and autonomous driver-assist features, which it expects to generate large amounts of revenue from in the near future.

While Lincoln vehicles will likely stick to tradition and continue to offer landscape-oriented screens instead of the large vertical units present in some Ford vehicles, it’s clear from the brand’s recent China-only models that it’s aiming to expand the size of those screens, regardless. And while many similar offerings from other automakers have proven to be a bit difficult to use or troublesome, the Lincoln Corsair recently topped its segment in the 2022 China Initial Quality Study (IQS), while the Lincoln brand finished third in the 2022 China Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study.

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  1. Will

    If the outside of the vehicle looks like what is in the picture, you will not sell many vehicles.

    1. TS

      I disagree.

    2. Jason

      If people preordered a cybertruck they will buy this hand over fist.

  2. SamL

    I’m ok with the big screen for the interior. The problem I have is how do you justify this type of exterior as prestige, sophisticated and elegant. Please explain. I missed something here. The new exterior style theme language isn’t going to send people breaking the door down to get into the showroom to buy one. The new design language is set up to fail and not true to the rich Lincoln heritage. I want something that looks like nothing else that is elegant, suave and sophisticated at the same time. Not another dull Land Rover copy either.

    1. RichG

      That exterior is not what we’ll see.

  3. Joe Sinkovits

    It’s disgraceful that Ford and Lincoln, is choosing to shamefully kow-tow to the Chinese with their best efforts (e.g., the new Explorer and Zephyr) while feeding the American market the left-overs. Mr. Farley, take note: if Ford gets into serious financial difficulties again, don’t expect the Chinese to bail you out. And with the way you’re treating the American market, don’t expect me to support a bail-out by the federal government.

    1. Steve

      I’m done with Lincoln. I’ve owned 17 of them in my life, but when the Chinese market gets a better selection and better vehicles than we do here, it’s time for FoMoCo and Lincoln to remember who got them where they are. It wasn’t the Chinese.

  4. Anders Nyquist

    They say new EV’s won’t look anything like normal ICE vehicles. One of the reasons for the success of the F-150 lightning despite all the issues with range is it’s similarity to a conventional pickup. Stop trying to make EV’s something completely new. Make a F-150 lighting with a column shifter, a long box, fix the range issues and you’ll get even more buyers. A 5 foot box isn’t a real truck.

  5. Russ Clinton

    My navigator, goes in the snow. ITS BIG and everyone sees it, safe 2006

  6. MarkV

    If the vehicle doesn’t look like the ICE, will it still look the part of a true luxury vehicle or a dorky “Cat in the Hat” vehicle like Tesla? Lincoln has to have the look as well to be accepted otherwise, just kill the brand now and put it out of its misery to end with dignity.

  7. DanJ

    Notice the orange-red with graphite grey interior of the above Zephyr. That looks nice because it’s different.(in a good way) Can we have that interior color as an option or part of a sports luxury group here in USA? That color would translate well on a “youth-oriented” Lincoln Corsair provided the vehicle had the right exterior color.

  8. Tom

    I don’t dislike the wide curved screen, just incorporate Marantz Stereo receiver tactical feel with peripheral light dot large dial for HAVC speed and Radio volume and one for tuner. Wide screen should incorporate side view mirrors. With autonomous driving the laws are antiquated.


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