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Ford CEO Jim Farley Says Lincoln EVs Will Be Second Generation Models

The current FoMoCo EV lineup – which consists of the Ford E-Transit, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Ford F-150 Lightning – represent the first generation of the automaker’s all-electric vehicles, as the company is working on developing new, dedicated EV platforms for its second-gen models that are expected to turn a profit, unlike the current-gen EVs. However, with a grand total of four new Lincoln EVs on the way by 2026 – including an all-electric version of the Lincoln Aviator – it seems as if the all-electric models reserved for Ford’s luxury arm will all be second-generation models, according to CEO Jim Farley.

“We started with the Ford brand and the first generation of products – Lightning, Mach-E, and Transit are [in] three segments we’re number one in the world in. We electrified those. But, they’re first generation products,” Farley told Newsweek in a recent interview. “They’re not fully updatable software-wise, we can update a lot but not the whole vehicle, the battery is still pretty big, aero is not as important as it will be. So, the second inning of the nine-inning game, where Lincoln is now entering, will be much more advanced.”

Farley has given us a few key tidbits about what to expect from the future lineup of Lincoln EVs, including his opinion that those vehicles will be superior to the Cadillac Lyriq – which he says looks too much like a traditional ICE vehicle – and that those vehicles will employ large infotainment screens that will be used for autonomous driving features.

Meanwhile, the Lincoln Aviator EV is expected to launch in 2025 and be produced at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada, as Ford Authority reported earlier this week, though it’s possible that the all-electric version of that luxurious crossover may get a new name, as FoMoCo’s recent trademark filing for “Lincoln Star” might preview.

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  1. John Coviello

    Lincoln will soon be OUT OF BUSINESS !!!! Just look at whats happening in California with their electric power !!!!!!! If other states follow them like lemmings over the cliff we are more stupid than I ever thought. Remember what they are doing to us is destroy everything we are and has absolutely NOTHING to do with climate !!!!

    1. Joe

      John, you are 100% right. You will see a large increase in purchases for ICE vehicles if the ban target dates ever happen. The last model year before the ban, people will buy them, and keep them for many, many years. This will keep many familes out of the market for a new EV that very few can afford. Lincoln customers do not want something that looks like this picture.

  2. Earl

    Don’t get all excited, Lincoln will be there with their electric versions. They may not look like what they’re showing today.

    1. Joe

      Doesn’t mean people will buy them.

  3. Everyday Patriot

    [email protected]
    Lotta people in here needing a safe space, a nap and a juice box.
    Don’t want an electric vehicle?
    Don’t buy one.
    Don’t like living in California? You have 49 other states and a few territories you can move to.
    Don’t like the laws being written?
    Vote out the people you don’t want. We did that on a federal level in 2019.
    Have a nice day, and reach higher.
    You’ll feel better.

    1. Joe

      Many people are glad they don’t live in CA, don’t drive a EV, and are moving to Red states, reach higher everyday and use their wallet to say no to products they don’t want.


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