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Ford CEO Jim Farley Wants Lincoln To Showcase Most Advanced Tech

Lincoln will launch four new EVs by 2026 – including an all-electric version of the Lincoln Aviator – all of which will represent the second-generation of FoMoCo’s all-electric vehicles, each riding on dedicated platforms as well. As far as what these future EVs will look like, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently noted that he believes the Cadillac Lyriq looks too much like a traditional ICE model, while the Lincoln Star and Model L100 concepts are said to preview the luxury brand’s future styling direction. In a recent interview with Newsweek, Jim Farley also pointed out that he wants Lincoln to showcase the automaker’s most advanced technology, too.

“Now it’s going to be our software, our autonomous features,” Farley said. “Customers are wealthier in Lincoln so yes, I’m going to push our team saying, ‘Yes, I want our most advanced partial autonomy system in a Lincoln. I want the very best display technology, the best integration of all of this complicated information coming into the car now.’ The Lincoln team is going to have to integrate those things to make them so seamless that it’s not a problem for customers.”

These comments come on the heels of Farley also noting that future Lincoln EVs will utilize large screens that aren’t just designed for entertainment and navigation, but also for both hands-free and autonomous driving features. In China, a number of new Ford vehicles – as well as the Lincoln Zephyr – have adopted coast-to-coast screens already, which may preview what we can expect across the board.

Both the Star and Model L100 concepts are packed with innovative tech features as well, including smart wheel covers, unique signature lighting, next generation battery cell and pack technologies, and an an interactive center console chessboard with a jewel-inspired controller, to name just a few.

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  1. Alan

    He thinks Cadillac electric looks to much like a ICE vehicle? Guess he’s referring to the fake grille. Can’t wait until Ford/Lincoln develops the autonomous driving and like robot vacuum cleaners find the nearest plug-in station and recharge. Then I can go hands-free 1500 miles from my garage to Key West. Nonsense! Humans need rest & eat stops as does electric vehicles need dependable electric charging stations and power grid. Can’t imagine sticker price of such 3-ton electric vehicle!!! Until we get to that Jetson stage, let’s get practical and develop more efficient & AFFORDABLE ICE, hybrid & electric vehicles now!!

  2. MarkV

    Personally, I like the way the Lyriq looks and love the Celestiq. The Lyriq has that side profile with 1975-79 Seville vibs that I always admired. The Celestiq has the rear with Porsche 928 vibe to it which gives the vehicle a sense of classiness even if not up to the style of a Roller. I don’t have to worry about the Lincoln Star because I’m not buying a suv anyway. I discriminate a suv and don’t even look at or consider in the mix. I’m more concerned with the L100 which has better potential as a production car if equipped with a steering wheel. When will we see a production version, and can we have a 4-door convertible as well??? Getting 1960’s Continental vibes from the thought.

  3. Joe

    He is going to ruin what is left to the Lincoln base. They got rid of cars, lost buyers, getting rid of the Naulitus, will lose buyers. I don’t think these designs are going to draw in the buyers he expects. We bought our first new Lincoln this year, based on what we see here, it may be the only one.

  4. Reply
  5. JE

    If Lincoln builts a sedan or a sports coupe, I will consider it. If Lincoln continues producing boring SUV´s and crossovers, I´ll continue buying somewhere else.

  6. Big Burning Gas Steve

    Hey Jim, unless the US of A builds another 100 nuclear power plants in the next 10 years EVs are a huge mistake!! A let’s see for example, CALIFORNIA!!!!!!


    Jim Farley should continue dreaming, the Lincoln brand is a poor seller.

  8. Collin Kent Stangeland

    I’ve been a ‘Ford’ man since I purchased my first pickup in 1977. It was a F100 Shortbox, stepside with a wood box floor. Since farley has just given an ultimatum to Ford Dealers as to being ‘in or out’ with ev’s…..I will have to say that I am no longer a Ford man…bye bye…


    There is no advanced tech to showcase. Just the end of Lincoln.

  10. James

    Cadillac has EV production models already. Lincoln is still in the concept learning stage. How sad.


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