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Ford F-Series Among Top Used Vehicles Selling More Than New

The venerable Ford F-Series line of pickups – which consists of the Ford F-150 and Ford Super Duty – continues to enjoy tremendous popularity among new vehicle shoppers, prompting The Blue Oval to stop taking 2022 model year orders for the former back in May and the latter in April. The Ford F-Series pickups are also quite popular in the used vehicle market, earning various awards along the way. The Ford F-150 has has routinely proven to be a great value as well, experiencing smaller price increases than most other vehicles on the market. Couple that with Ford’s successful certified pre-owned program and more flexible financing options, however, and it’s really no surprise that the Ford F-Series is also among the top used vehicles selling for more than its new counterpart, according to data from automotive analytics firm Jerry.

It is worth noting that used Ford F-Series models aren’t selling for much more than news ones, however – just $100, on average, according to this data. Regardless, it is notable in a world where used vehicles typically go for a relatively large discount compared to new ones, thanks to the magic of depreciation.

The F-Series certainly fared better than the rest of the top ten best-selling vehicles in the U.S., as the rest of the list consists of the the Toyota RAV4, which is going for $5,900 more in used form than new, followed by the Honda Civic ($5,300 more), Honda CR-V ($3,800 more), Toyota Camry ($3,200 more), Nissan Rogue ($3,100 more), and Toyota Highlander ($2,100 more).

It’s also worth pointing out that this list has cooled a bit over the past couple of months, just like the overall market. While seven of the 10 best-selling vehicles in the U.S. are moving for more money used than new, that’s down from nine out of 10 from the same study conducted just one month prior.

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  1. Bill Byrne

    maybe because you cant find new ones !!!! our dealer has sometime, 2 ,before they had over 50 when I got my 2019 f150


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