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Ford Hybrid Sales Increasing, Helping The Blue Oval Gain Segment Share

Demand for hybrid vehicles in general has steadily risen for some time now, but experienced a large spike after gas prices surged several months ago. Ford has been reaping the benefits of that trend, thanks to its popular hybrid lineup, with its own sales increasing month after month as well. That upward trajectory continued in the month of August, as Ford hybrid sales climbed even higher, helping The Blue Oval gain segment share in this highly competitive space, according to the automaker’s latest sales report.

Ford hybrid sales reached a new record for the month of August as the automaker moved 7,302 electrified units – a nine percent increase over the same period one year ago. That helped FoMoCo achieve a 13 percent share of the hybrid market overall, which is 3.3 percentage points higher than last year. Year-to-date, Ford is second only to Toyota in terms of hybrid sales, too.

The Ford Maverick, which launched in 2021 for the 2022 model year, has played a big role in driving the company’s hybrid vehicle sales higher, as it has remained on Kelley Blue Book’s list of the top considered electrified vehicles for multiple quarters in a row at this point. In spite of numerous production challenges, the Maverick is also one of the fastest-selling vehicles on the market to boot.

A recent study found that hybrid demand is growing at a rapid rate even in rural areas of the U.S. – in fact, it’s increasing in those parts of the country even faster than densely-populated coastal cities. Add all of this data up, and it’s no surprise that Ford CEO Jim Farley recently revealed that the automaker plans to continue building and selling hybrids for the foreseeable future, even as it invests billions into all-electric vehicles.

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  1. Jorge Acosta

    “Ford Hybrid Sales Increasing,,,” Thanks for your updates. But the reality is that there are a lot of hurt potential customers, who signed up to get their hybrid Maverick through Ford’s website, and feel left out in the cold due to continous production slips, and exaggerated dealership markups. They have lost faith in both Fomoco and its dealerships. Mr Farley’s strong words towards the dealerships has done nothing. Can you provide a story addressing this? Thanks

  2. Ron Larson

    How can the 2022 Ford Maverick still be in demand after the Hybrid under hood engine fires be a huge problem for the 2.5 liter hybrid engines???

  3. Ken

    Now all they have to do is get them to their customers. 😬

  4. Becky

    How are dealers staying in business if they can’t deliver cars? We have waited 7 months with still no indication of when they will begin building. I am sure others are in the same boat.

  5. Mike

    What about PHEVs. They are selling faster then anything, and there are less of them being made.

  6. Mickey

    11 months still no word on my Maverick sad very sad. I’m sure it will be a battle to get price that was given

  7. mike s

    I can’t believe how foolish some people can be. Ford does not care about the American consumer. Makes and ships Mavericks to other countries. Anyone who puts in an order for a Maverick must have all the time in the world to get a new vehicle or has a vacuum up there where their brain should be. If you get treated like crap from Ford, YOU deserve it!

  8. Wayne Landry

    I ordered a Maverick Lariat Hybrid on 11/11/2021. I have 3 emails from Ford.
    2. 3/18/2022 AN IMPORTANT UPDATE ABOUT YOUR ORDER. While we’ve been busy working to get your new vehicle into production, we’ve run into a few delays.
    3. 8/19/2022 Update on your Ford order. Please understand that while getting your vehicle into production is taking longer than usual, we are doing all we can to minimize the delays.

    It will be 10 months tomorrow since I placed the order, 3 emails does not seem like they really care. It’s a good thing I decided to wait to get rid of my 2008 Mitsubishi Raider. Probably won’t sell it until I actually take delivery of the Maverick. I’ll be 76 next month, sure hope I get it before I turn 77.

  9. dick lebsack

    Please state when the Order Bank for 2023 Mavericks will be open and a True date for production to start, and expected delivery for US orders. Please no typical factory double-speak

    1. mike s

      Mr. Lebsack, I understand the order banks will be open on the 15th of this month but why would you put yourself thru that torture? Your other two questions can’t be answered by anyone on this site or from Ford themselves for that matter. Ford will be the one that decides when you will get that new Maverick and you can take it to the bank that if your unit doesn’t make more money for Ford than the unit ordered after yours, you will keep waiting. They are the worst company in America right now. Spend your money elsewhere, enjoy your new vehicle TODAY, you will probably pay less in the long run due to the crooked dealers. Do not buy from Ford for a vehicle you may never get.

  10. Grady

    I ordered my Maverick 9/2021 and still waiting. Got my e mail in July that I would probably get a 23 instead of 22 I ordered.
    May turn in to a 24. I’ve been a Ford guy for years , don’t know how much longet

  11. Tim Bradley

    There is no real excuse for the stupid way ford and Toyota are treating customers people should buy what they have in stock. There is no reason to have a dealership if they don’t have inventory to purchase. The fake shortage is just a way to rip off the customers they did the same thing when they introduced the super duty.

  12. Bill Byrne

    Sales increasing ??!! why the HELL dont you build the ones we ordered??? 11 months ago, no Maverick Hybrid in my driveway yet ???????????????


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