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Ford Is First Company To Sign ‘Cologne Climate Declaration’

Ford has made its stance on the environment quite clear in recent years, spending billions on the development of all-electric vehicles while it also works to slash greenhouse gas emissions from its production facilities. In Europe, FoMoCo plans to transition its entire passenger vehicle lineup to EVs by 2030 or sooner, and will roll out seven new all-electric models by 2024. In terms of commitments, The Blue Oval has also joined a European Union-led petition that calls for a 100 percent zero emission mandate by 2035, signed a pledge to phase out all of its fossil fuel vehicles by 2040, and endorsed a CARB ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles. Now, Ford is also the first company to sign the new Cologne Climate Declaration under the Cologne/Bonn chapter of “Scientists for Future” (S4F).

In signing the Cologne Climate Declaration, Ford is committing to take decisive action to help the city of Cologne, Germany, become climate-neutral by 2035. That also happens to be the same date that the automaker had already committed to becoming carbon-neutral itself in terms of manufacturing, logistics, and the supply chain. Currently, The Blue Oval is working to convert the Cologne Assembly plant into the the Cologne Electrification Center, where EV production will begin next year, though the Ford Fiesta will continue to be built there as well.

Scientists for Future is a worldwide association of scientists committed to a sustainable future. The Cologne/Bonn regional group consists of around 170 experts from a wide range of disciplines who provide expertise, advice, and public relations to advocate for rapid and decisive action to solve the climate crisis.

“The climate crisis is our biggest and most pressing common challenge,” said Dr. Wulf-Peter Schmidt, Director Sustainability, Regulations & Product Compliance for Ford of Europe. “As the largest industrial company in Cologne, we are taking up the challenge with our climate neutrality strategy. However, we also want to counter the climate crisis locally with concrete measures and encourage other companies to also join the Cologne Climate Declaration.”

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  1. Greggt

    Let’s worry about the “Green Economy” not quality, supply chain issues, and customer relations!

  2. The Gentle Grizzly

    Virtue signal much? How much would it help the environment if they built cars where they weren’t having to replace parts, some major, by the hundreds of thousands?

    I am old enough to remember the rear wheel bearing fiasco with the Torino / Fairlanes in the late 60s or early 70s where they replaced entire rear axle assemblies because there was no bearing made that would fit and take the load.

  3. Dwayne D

    This company is using “green” propaganda as a marketing tool. Pure and simple. Most people know there is no man made climate change. Total hoax. Wake up watch the many videos of John Coleman on you tube. No agenda just the factsthat the lrft doesn’t care about and doesn’t want you to see.

  4. John Coviello

    The American car and steel companies will go OUT OF BUSINESS before the world climate temperature goes down by 1 degree and/or the world is 100 % carbon free ! And that is the real goal of the JACKASSES doing this to us !!!!! In addition to that just remember that each human is about 18% carbon, each produces about 11,500 pounds of carbon dioxide per year in order to live and that there are over 7 BILLION (and growing) of us on the earth today. Don;t worry, it’s coming; we’re next ! Just think of abortions on demand, man made “gain of function” viruses and fentanyl ………..

    1. Tigger

      And when those idiots see that it will make no difference when manufacturing is shut down, and people’s choice of new vehicles are limited, they will then target people’s homes as taking too much of a carbon footprint and will attempt to control how we live.

    2. Bill Byrne

      AGREE 1,0000000%

  5. Steve

    Ask Europe how the “green charge” is working out for them. Europe is the last place we should look for leadership. I guess here is not much different anymore either.

    1. Tigger

      I have a feeling all of this green crap will blow up in the respective government’s faces. It is one thing for millionaire and billionaire political hacks to tell everyone else what to do while they are raping the environment with their mansions and private jet planes, it is another thing when the supporters of these idiots are being told to sacrifice their standard of living. Having a nice cold house in the winter and a hot one in the summer for a few years may change some people’s attitudes.

  6. Dan

    Dear Ford,
    Fix your 3.3 Million recalls, Bronco engine failures, PowerShift transmission issues, spontaneous car fires, over-priced trucks, etc. This social engineering/EV push is killing quality and raising prices for consumers. No thank you.

  7. Tigger

    Seems like Barra and Farley are in a race to drive their respective companies over a cliff via the “Green Express.” Barra sounded foolish with “all electric” and “triple zero” mantras, but in short order Farely wants to outdo her. This is sad because technically, gm and Ford are the two last legacy “American” car companies left.


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