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Ford Maverick On Lift Shows How It Can Be Sold Cheap: Video

Munro & Associates, Inc., an engineering consulting firm, set out on a mission to literally take a peek under the hoods of recently introduced Ford products to find out what makes works for these vehicles and what doesn’t. Sandy Munro, an ex-Ford engineer and owner of Munro & Associates, took an in-depth look at the Ford Mustang Mach-E in the past, pointing out what The Blue Oval did well with the EV and what could use improvement. Now, the firm got its hands on the popular Ford Maverick and decided to put it up on a lift to determine how the automaker is able to make the compact pickup so affordable.

Jordan Arocha, program manager for Munro & Associates, walks viewers through the inner workings of the Ford Maverick XL Hybrid on his lift. Right off the bat, Arocha calls attention to the pass-through in the bottom of the oil pan designed to accommodate an exhaust pipe that is not present on the Ford Maverick. In using an oil pan that is designed for other applications, Ford saved time and money because it did not go through the process of engineering and producing a new part specifically for the Maverick. This same concept is seen throughout the truck’s guts, and is a huge contribution to its low price point.

However, keeping the pickup at an affordable price can mean cutting costs in certain areas. Arocha points out the prominent rust spots on the primary muffler and resonator just downstream. “Pretty hard to miss that we’ve got rust spots all over the surface of this,” he says. High-grade steels are typically used in exhaust systems seen on higher-end luxury vehicles, so it’s slightly concerning to see so much corrosion on the exhaust system of this Ford Maverick XL Hybrid after a relatively short time on the road.

“Overall, very interesting vehicle,” Arocha says. However, he states that he’s not surprised about some of the decisions made by Ford in the construction of the Maverick, such as lower-grade materials, considering the relatively low sticker price of the compact pickup. The Blue Oval is certainly doing something right, though, considering that the Ford Maverick is wildly popular among buyers.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Steve

    Yep and people are lining up to buy this cheap piece of garbage. On top of that, it’s not a good looking truck either. You know the people that buy this thing will be the first to complain about how bad it is. Hello… to mars….you are getting exactly what you paid for. This is NOT a high quality F series truck.

    1. JohnTaurus

      That’s funny, because most of the people who have bought it and owned for going on a year now are very happy with it.

      Maybe they knew they weren’t getting a $50k vehicle for $20k? Ya think?

    2. Patrick Ford

      Thanks Cpt. Obvious. Everybody but you, it seems, knows this isn’t an F series truck.

    3. R. L.

      Ok troller. Tell us all something we don’t already know. I am on my fourth F150 and love it, but not everyone needs a full sized truck. My 26 year old son has had his Maverick for about 7 months and he absolutely loves it. He doesn’t need a $58,000 full size truck and he loves both the $30,000 savings as we as the 41mpg he gets. The Maverick is a huge hit with those that own them.

  2. JohnTaurus

    OMG it shares an oil pan with other Fords! This is inexcusable! Everyone hates it!

    Lol these trolls are funny. Complaining that a cheap vehicle is, um, cheap. In 20 years when you crack your oil pan on your 4th hand Maverick jumping a curb to avoid an out of control Tesla, you’ll be glad it shares the part with other vehicles.

  3. Curt Unruh

    Ordered my 2023 hybrid yesterday. I’ve been looking to replace the 2000 Nissan Frontier I bought in 1999. I don’t believe this truck will be as durable, but my research indicates it will do just fine for my use. I know I’m not getting a F-150 for $26k, but I’m only paying $26k.

  4. Albert

    I see the cheap muffler as an excuse to replace it with a performance one! But, that’s just me 🙂


    You get what you pay for. I was a lifelong Ford diehard. Worked for them for over 20 years. Now I would not buy any of their crap. I maintain a fleet of them now. The new Explorer is absolutely horrible and the hybrid is worse !!! It is so sad to see how cheaply made this thing is. Imagine in 6 years how it’s going to be falling apart ? Your typical Toyota or Honda don’t. Guess who gets holding the bag ? The poor consumer who spends their hard earned money. I’m a geezer and Ford has made it a habit of producing poor quality vehicles. Remember the Tempo, Contour 2nd generation Escape and first generation Ecoboost ?
    All junk and fall apart after the warranty is over. Moral of this story, don’t buy a Ford.

  6. Paulyz

    Very thorough explanation of the underbody of the FWD Hybrid. Like to see similar examination of the Ecoboost AWD Maverick with Towing package.

  7. mike s.

    I see all these disparaging comments. I was making them myself until yesterday when I had an exchange with Tom. My friends convinced me that discouraging people about putting in orders for 2023 Mavericks was not my role. These people are all adults and need to make their own mistakes. I want to apologize to anyone I offended. This is the last comment I will make on this site. Peace to all.

  8. Ndougb

    Is that it? A cheap exhaust is all you’ve got? I guess you had to write about something.


    If you travel outside of the US, especially Latin America where roads are bad, you will never see a Ford. Toyota is the number one brand for pick up trucks in the region. You have Landcruisers from the 90’s still running
    American cars are crap.

    1. John

      That’s funny, I was recently in Ireland and Ford’s were everywhere lol

    2. Dave Boothman

      The Tacoma and the Ridgeline are both American trucks, more American than almost any other truck. But this is based upon data not upon opinion. Time goes by and leaves the old folks stranded.

  10. M

    That cheap exhaust sounds like an opportunity for FLOWMASTER to build a tuned exhaust for the mav.


  11. NoMoFo

    All 3 of my Ford’s are rusty expensive trash that random interior and exterior and mechanical parts randomly break. Never again will I buy a Ford. My SHO is 5 years old and has crazy rust inside the trunk lid and behind the C pillar where the paint is flaking off in massive sheets.


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