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Ford Performance Not Pushing Electrification For Motorsport

Electrification of the everyday vehicles is inevitable, and so far, it has seemed safe to assume that motorsports will follow suit. At the 2024 Ford Mustang reveal, Ford Performance laid out a new motorsport program based on the forthcoming Mustang Dark Horse, as the high-performance pony car will be used in every motorsport where the Mustang is present and will even return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, it seems that Ford didn’t prioritize electrification with the introduction of the S650 Ford Mustang, and will instead push forward with ICE-powered race cars, according to a recent article by Motorsport.

Nascar Next Gen Ford Mustangs

Ford Performance lead, Mark Rushbrook, told Australian media that The Blue Oval’s position on electrification had changed. “We were definitely, two or three years ago, pushing for electrification including hybrid in a lot of different series around the world. We’re not, honestly, at this point.”

This represents a dramatic pivot from Ford’s position just a few years ago, as Ford Performance had invested heavily in the development of electric race cars. Additionally, when the Nascar Next Gen Ford Mustang was announced ahead of its debut in the 2022 Cup Series season, it was heavily touted as being designed with electrification in mind. Rushbrook acknowledged that the Ford Puma Rally1 Hybrid racer is successful in the World Rally Championship, but for other series, ICE seems to be the way to go.

Ford Puma Rally1 Hybrid

“We do believe that ICE will continue to work very well for us for the foreseeable future, because it does create that spectacle, it does create that emotional, passionate connection to the vehicle, which helps our brand,” Rushbrook said. He stated there are no plans to electrify the Ford Mustang for the Australian Supercars circuit or for the Nascar circuit, despite rumblings that the latter organization could implement an EV support series as soon as 2023.

Ford S650 Mustang Supercars race car

This doesn’t mean that Ford Performance has completely turned its back on EV race cars. The Puma Rally1 works well for WRC racing, and the absurd Ford Pro Electric supervan has recently been spotted turning laps at the Nürburgring. Die-hard racing fans can breathe a little easier knowing that EVs won’t replace their favorite ICE-powered Ford race cars quite yet, though.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Big Burning Gas Steve

    Save our cars! Vote no electric! It is not inevitable!

  2. Big Burning Gas Steve

    Have you guys watched formula E? Lame…… electric drag racing? Why bother! And if nascar comes out with electric cars that’s the end of racing! Ford better wake up! Bring back the model “T” please! Henry is rolling in his grave as we speak!

  3. Mark B

    The cost of racing a professional series is quite expensive as most are aware. Changing to electric would also dramatically effect all the support personnel, equipment and other aspects not seen out on the track. Keeping the current infrastructure in place, would mitigate the learning curve and equipment changeover which will take time and cost start up dollars. Having said this, Formula-e in Europe is a rapidly growing series. Growing much faster than most anticipated. Competition is competition…no matter what it sounds like.

  4. Steve

    Pretty sure weight has a lot to do with it too. The weight of a cordless drill with wheels is a lot more than an engine. What’s next the Indy 100? Breaking for commercials will be different. Can you imagine breaking for commercial because all the cordless drills have to wait hours to re-charge. So no noise, tracks being torn up because of the weight and recharging times. Sounds like a recipe for success, huh?

  5. InaJardeinL

    The indy500 would take several days if they were all electric. Plus everyone must stop and take a pit stop to charge at the same time. Evens out the playing field so everyone wins.

  6. Rich

    Speaking about the time to recharge an EV race car. Couldn’t they design a car with interchangeable battery packs that slide out the rear of the vehicle onto a mobile conveyor.


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