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Ford Super Duty ‘Death Wobble’ Plaintiffs Given Deadline For Class Action

Ford Super Duty owners have complained about a problem commonly known as “death wobble” for years now, or what is typically a violent shaking or wobbling that occurs while driving, generally at speeds above 50 miles-per-hour. The problem reportedly stems from defective suspension components, and spurred a lawsuit that was partially dismissed roughly one year ago because more than one plaintiff who had their truck repaired has not experienced this issue since the repairs were completed. Various other claims were also dismissed because they were filed by owners whose trucks were no longer under warranty when they were brought to the dealer for repairs. Now, a judge has given plaintiffs in the case a deadline to officially request class action, according to Action 9 News.

The judge overseeing the case set that particular deadline for March 10th, 2023, giving plaintiffs time to turn the lawsuit into a class-action. Ford came up with a fix for the problem back in 2020, but has not issued a recall, while some owners are reportedly experiencing the issue in later model Ford Super Duty pickups that aren’t included in the original group of model years said to be suffering from death wobble.

Meanwhile, Ford previously filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit – which claims that the automaker violates two express warranties provided to owners – just a few months after it was filed on the grounds that no plaintiff was denied free repairs after experiencing the issue, nor did any plaintiff require multiple repairs to correct the problem.

Ford has denied any wrongdoing in the case, though it has issued a handful of technical service bulletins for steering wheel shaking issues. However, it claims that this problem isn’t related to death wobble.

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  1. Jeffrey Smith

    I’ve got a 2019 f350 srw that is the most dangerous vehicle I’ve ever owned, they did their half ass repair, and if you hit a bridge enlistment you better grab your ass, what a joke

    1. Sam

      Yet people brag about their Fords.

  2. Eric

    2022 F350 Dully 2×4 crew cab. Over 11000 miles, 95% of that towing a 5th wheel RV. No trouble so far for us. Till now, the truck has done 110% positive performance. We’ll see.

    1. PK

      That is not correct. I have 2022 F350 RV. Had same exact issue. very dangerous. Lucky that I don’t have any one on my Right side when this happened. Had to pullover and stop the vehicle. Since I have Warranty, I gave it in showroom. Its been 14 days and still looking into the issue. no Idea what would be the outcome.

  3. Jay barmack

    I have a f350 king ranch that damn near got me into a horrible accident iam a disabled first responder I wanna tell u it scared me bad it was all I could do to hold it on the road I called my dealership they were great it took the 4 times but they got it fixed for me they kept getting bad parts from Ford I have had many trucks from Ford and never had this problem till last year either way the Ford
    Super duty truck in my mind are the best heavy truck on the road

  4. Doug

    How do we apply to join the class action lawsuit

    1. Terry A.

      I’ve scrolled through and didn’t see an appropriate answer. I have sunk more money into my 08 F350 than my Boat !!!
      We have to do something !!! And the something should be NOW !!! This FREAKING DEATH WOBBLE has caused me to go into a stage 10 pucker factor !!!!! This last time I had to lay on the Horn and try and get people away from me. Now the wife is ragging on me to fix it before I have a accident going down the mountains.
      Help me out if you can

    2. Timothy England

      Has anyone responded to your request of how to join the CA lawsuit?

  5. David

    I have a 2016 6.7 Powerstroke. I’ve brought my truck to numerous dealerships over the last 5 years. I’ve experienced the issue since about 15k miles. Everytime I bring it to a dealership they tell me they know about the issue but there’s nothing they can do and don’t even look at my truck. I’m scared to even tow on the highway as a result I only have 74k miles on my truck. I hope a class action lawsuit happens, I’m considering suing ford to buy my truck for what I paid for it I’m so mad.

  6. Sam

    I bought a 2016 f250 used over a year ago. It has happened at least twice. Mainly on interstate with cruise control on and hitting a bad spot. I turned off the cruise control and let it slow down and it recovered. It was definitely unnerving the first time it happened.

  7. The Gentle Grizzly

    Front ends and Fords; some crazy stuff over the decades. The Twin I-Beam pickups ate front tires at a rate double that for Chevys and Dodges.

    Then there were the Econoline E350s we had at a place where I worked. At anything over about 35, you had to make constant steering corrections to keep it going straight. Think of those old Jimmy Cagney movies where the cops are chasing The Bad Guys. Cagney at the wheel, turning it back and forth, back and forth. That was not too far off from what we had to do with those E350s.

  8. Frank Devooght

    I have a 2014 f250 4wd super crew that currently has 62,000 miles on it. The death wobble started at approximately 55,000 miles. I took the truck to two dealerships in the Austin, Tx. area, both wanted me to pay for the fix, >$250.00. My understanding is that dealerships do not know how to fix the issue. How does one join the class action lawsuit?

  9. Mike

    Ford paid for the 1st steering stabilizer to be replaced. Just under a year later at about 10,000 miles is bad again. Inspected by dealership where bought. Ford said I didn’t have enough loyalty points to be able to do anything for me. I confused how loyalty points have anything to do with faulty parts. Its a 2019 super duty.

  10. Jeff

    I have been struggling for a few years now with this problem, replaced suspension arms, tires, shocks etc., problem still persists. I own a 2012 F 250 diesel truck, visited many mechanic shops in town, a few shop owners refund me the labor, they just gave up on this truck..
    dealer claims that there is nothing wrong with it.

  11. Jackie Scott

    I’m the owner of a 2019 F-350 Super duty, I recently experienced a horrible incident that involved a very close escape of an accident on an interstate highway traveling 72 mph towing my 14K 5th wheel camper. My steering wheel began violently shaking to a point I struggled to manage the truck to a stop, needless to say it scared both my wife and me. Since Oct 30th, 2022, event, my truck has done the same thing twice. If I hit a bridge/highway transition or rough road from a construction project, look out, my truck goes out of control. I’ve taken this up with my service department, who I’ve elevated a steering issue for some time, but not to the severity of the Oct 30, 2022, event. After 3 days in the shop, I was told the parts are on back order, so I have to wait. I’m totally perplexed that Ford hasn’t put this type of event at the top of the list to get corrected. I’m devastated, that I’ve got a $74K truck with 20K miles that I’m fearful to drive not knowing when the next event might regard a serious accident. Traveling on an interstate highway and having your truck go out of control and requiring a complete stop to mitigate violent shaking is a complete hazard. I would like help!

  12. Fred Kelly

    How do I get in on that class action law suit? I had the death wobble too. With my 2016 Ford F-350 supper duty. I took it in to the dealer to be repaired and $2,500 dollars later. They said it was Not covered on any recall or warranty. But to save my receipt’s just in case there is a recall. ?

    1. TJE

      what did you have done, and did it fix the problem?

  13. Phil

    Bought my F250 4×4 FX new in 2019 , the death wobble started at 30000 miles , dealer said they can not cover the issue because the warranty had exceeded 36 months. I keep it parked in my garage and only use it for pleasure, just like new. Tried contacting Ford Motor directly 11 times and got through twice only to get the run around and a load of Crap feed to me, this is my 9th Ford truck and will be my last.

  14. Elie Poimboeuf

    I have a 2020 Ford super duty( gas). I was driving on the interstate crossed a bridge transition and the truck began to shake violently. I could barely hang on to the steering wheel. I called Commercial Motors in Aransas Pass TX. The Service manager said he had heard about the problem but never experienced it. He also informed me it was not covered due to my warranty being expired by 5000 miles. I use the truck exclusively for travel to and from work. Guess I’m screwed. Never own a Ford vehicle again. Hope I survive the trip home.

  15. Jim

    I’ll will never buy another ford product

  16. David English

    I have a 2018 F250, Death Wobble at 18,000. Again at 30K, all parts replaced again at 38K. First one, with 10K lb camper at 70 MPH, 1000 miles from home, going down a mountain! Limped home only to find, all parts back orders!

  17. jerryn254

    If anyone has any information on the class action please post it. I have a 2016 F350 and have spent over $5k in repairs at the dealer. I will never purchase another Ford truck.

  18. Jessica Wessin

    I’ve had this scary experience happen to me while on the highway, thought my tire blew. Then, I get a letter in the mail August 2022 about getting the steering linkage replaced at the Ford dealership, it’s now January 2023, I’ve been contacting Ford every few weeks, part is on back order. I’m so frustrated because this truck is a work truck, I need it to be on the road daily. It’s happened too many times now, I regret buying this truck.

  19. Dean L Boucher

    I have experienced the death wobble twice on my 2011 f350, once it caused an accident, fortunately no one was hurt. Also spent a small fortune on repairs to my truck, would much appreciate info on how to join this lawsuit.

  20. Mauricio Cerrillo

    Forward info on class action suit on Ford Death Wobble to me, have a 2015 F350 with same issue.

  21. Bill

    Just get a picture of Dylan the he she drinking a bud light in a super duty and within a month Ford will go bankrupt

  22. Will

    Same f#cking issue! I have a 2019 250 Lariat bought it four years ago with 9k started noticing it at about 20k All ford dose is replace the stabilizer which they have done twice now, only have 29k on it now they have put two stabilizers on it in 9k . Does any know how to join the class action?


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