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New Bronco Enables Ford SUV Sales Growth During Q2 2022

Ford SUV sales – which include the Ford Bronco and Ford Expedition – grew 70 percent to 44,398 units during Q2 2022.

Sales Numbers - Ford SUVs - Q2 2022 - USA

MODEL Q2 22 / Q2 21 Q2 22 Q2 21 Q2 22 SHARE Q2 21 SHARE YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
FORD BRONCO +3,803.75% 31,269 801 70% 3% +6,746.69% 54,842 801
FORD EXPEDITION -47.99% 13,129 25,245 30% 97% -51.91% 22,847 47,508
TOTAL +70.46% 44,398 26,046 +60.82% 77,689 48,309

The Expedition saw sales fall 48 percent to 13,129 units, while the Bronco swooped in to save the day with a 3,803 percent increase for a not-too-shabby 31,269 deliveries.

With the Bronco’s impressive 31,269 sales during the second quarter of 2022, it seems that FoMoCo has been able to prioritize materials and production for the off-road SUV. As such, the Bronco was single-handedly responsible for the very healthy growth in SUV sales during the second quarter.

It’s also worth noting that the Bronco continues to face high levels of demand and low supply, causing many Bronco reservation and order holders to wait for months and, in some cases, as long as a year to get their new wild horse. As a result, Ford is continuing to prioritize building existing customer orders of the Bronco rather than dealer inventory units. In fact, demand for the Bronco is so strong that Ford recently stopped taking orders for the 2022 model year.

In contrast, the Ford Expedition saw a dramatic decrease of 48 percent to 13,129 units during the second quarter of 2022. There are two major factors behind this disheartening performance. For starters, the Expedition is continuing to suffer from side-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which wreaked havoc on the supply chain, delaying critical parts and resources needed for production. As a result of the disruption within the supply chain, production lines have been disrupted, thereby restricting vehicle supply and sales volume.

Additionally, the Expedition has remained essentially unchanged since the introduction of the current model for the 2018 model year, for which it was overhauled (redesigned and re-engineered). However, the biggest Ford SUV recently received a mid-cycle enhancement (refresh) for the 2022 model year, comprised of updated exterior styling, an improved infotainment system via the 15.5-inch SYNC 4A center infotainment screen, as well as two new models: off-road-oriented Timberline plus the performance-oriented Expedition Stealth Performance. Even so, rivals are not standing still.

The Expedition is seeing a substantial amount of competitive pressure from GM’s offerings – the Chevy TahoeChevy SuburbanGMC Yukon and Yukon XL, all of which were overhauled for the 2021 model year. Beyond that, a new rival – the Jeep Wagoneer – is showing early signs of success, rising from zero to 14 percent segment share during Q2 2022, essentially at the expense of the Expedition.

The Ford Authority Take

Ongoing supply chain and manufacturing constraints, which include but are not limited to the ongoing microchip shortage, didn’t help Ford SUV sales during Q2 2022. However, that didn’t prevent The Blue Oval from selling more body-on-frame SUVs during the second quarter of 2022 than it did during the same timeframe a year ago.

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  1. Roxann Messner

    That is really nice. What about people who ordered 18-20 months ago? They are still waiting on their Broncos!!

    1. JohnTaurus

      I like how the reaction to Ford building more Broncos is pretty much why isn’t Ford building more Broncos? Hilarious.

    2. TOM

      when they use the word “selling” does that mean delivering, you can sell millions but that isn’t the point. people having their vehicles is the point, we maverick order holders are in the same boat, not quite as bad as the bronco situation tho only because someone had enough sense to stop the orders, but that’s not how to conduct business, henry ford is spinning in his grave, no way we’d be here

      1. Robert.Walter

        The car companies don’t book cars as sold until they are on the way to the dealer.

        Lots of incomplete vehicles are not sold.

  2. Bronco Billy

    “…in some cases, as long as a year to get their new wild horse.” Not to sound critical of the author, but some people waited a lot longer than a year. I reserved my Bronco on 7/14/20 and placed my first order on 1/21/21. I finally took delivery of it on 8/1/22 and some others who had 2021 orders are having to update their 2022 orders to 2023 orders. The good news is that Ford is cranking out a lot more Broncos per month now. So far, demand is still way ahead of supply so who knows how many Broncos they can sell per quarter?! Probably at least 40k, maybe even 50k+!

  3. Jess

    If you read the 6g bronco forums, you know people are fanatical about Broncos. I’m amazed at how much punishment people are willing to tolerate. Crappy tops with tons of issues, V6 blowups, being bumped from MY 21, to MY 22 and then having your color changed. Then you get no communication from Ford. Then you get communication that it’s being built and the dealer charges $20K more than you agreed on.
    And yet they still want a Ford product. The CEO is really an idiot and instead of fixing, he says ” We’re going to move to online sales”. I’ve got to think your are mental if youv still want a bronco.

    1. Robert.Walter

      LoL you act like the incidents you cite might be a typical experience for all buyers rather than isolated problems that were corrected to the owner’s satisfaction.

      Also, almost all reasonable observers are smart enough to see that there is little, like zero, relationship with fixing Q issues on current product and future plans to sell vehicles on line (something most customers prefer).


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