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Ford’s Garage To Open Four More Restaurants In Michigan

Ford’s Garage – a restaurant loaded with cool bits and pieces of Blue Oval memorabilia – has expanded rapidly over the past several years, opening locations in Dearborn, Michigan, India, all throughout Florida – including one right at a dealership – and has many more planned for the future, including a site in Tennessee. However, Ford’s Garage isn’t done growing by a long shot, and is now planning on opening four additional locations in the Detroit Metro area, according to The Detroit News.

“With people ready to put the pandemic in the rearview mirror, they’re back out dining again and looking for entertainment,” said Ford’s Garage franchise partner Billy Downs. “People enjoy great food and energy in a restaurant that is comfortable, unpretentious, and unique to the casual dining space. “As it turns out, the Ford Motor Company’s rich history as one of America’s most important manufacturing companies also translates to a pretty cool dining experience.”

Of those four locations, one will be located in Novi’s Fountain Walk, with construction of that 9,000 square-foot space scheduled to begin later this month with a projected opening date of early 2023. Ford’s Garage has grown quickly since it was founded in 2012, and there are currently 20 locations in Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Texas, with future sites planned for New York, New Jersey, and Kentucky, in addition to these four new Detroit-based restaurants.

After starting out sans the automaker’s official blessing, Ford’s Garage eventually became an official licensee of FoMoCo some time later, and hasn’t looked back since. Each location is designed to look like a vintage gas station, complete with all sorts of historic Ford memorabilia. As far as food goes, the focus is on classic American fare such as hamburgers and other types of comfort food, with plenty of craft beer on tap, too.

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  1. William H. Graham

    Visited one in Florida and had lots of fun. Wish they would build one in southeast Wisconsin! Neat place to visit, enjoy the displays and have good food!!

  2. Mark B

    We need one in the Pittsburgh area also!

  3. Mustang Fan

    I went to the Mustang Club of Southeast Michigan Mustang Day event in April 2022 at the Ford’s Garage in Dearborn. This was a good location for a Ford-themed event. That day, the restaurant parking lot and nearby dealership were packed with Mustangs and the restaurant was very busy. I’m sure I will also visit the new Novi location since it should be near a popular movie theater and many other restaurants.

  4. Kenny D

    Well, What Not Put one In CALIFORNIA???? My first car was a 1930 Model A FORD Coupe back in 1966, Had it all through High School and beyond for years, then a 39 FORD 2 Door Deluxe Sedan, (Wish I kept that one)! However, they “ARE” ICE Vehicle’s Y’all know….. Any way. Really COOL DINER STUFF for Those who know what a DINER WAS/IS???????? And the OLD GAS Station’s are Totally Cool with the Visible Gravity Gas Pumps, Totally Awesome. Love it!!! Long Live the FORD Model T Model A and the ever so Famous FLATHEAD V8….

  5. John Coviello

    They have the legal Ford name on them is there a franchising fee involved or is Ford paying them to exist?? Will they become where we take their products for servicing some day ???? Remember Farley doesn’t want vehicle sales dealerships anymore with online ordering the ONLY way to order a new vehicle……….

    1. TOM

      You’re right John, just what we need another Ford establisment to take our orders and make us wait months for delivery, bet that food will still be good. guess a hotel is next, a place where you can wait for your truck order, hope is an assisted care home, probably be full of people waiting for their vehicles.


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