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Here’s A Guide To Every 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Grille

After it was revealed in 2021, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning – the very first all-electric version of the Ford F-150 – entered production earlier this year, with deliveries beginning just a couple of months ago. With demand far outweighing supply, many F-150 Lightning customers will be waiting until at least the 2023 model year to take delivery, however. Regardless, each 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning trim level has its own unique visual cues, as Ford Authority outlined in detail back in May, and now, we’re taking a closer look at the different grilles each trim is equipped with, too.

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

The entry-level, work-oriented F-150 Lighting Pro is the least expensive trim level of Ford’s new EV pickup, which also means that it has the least amount of frills to offer as well. That’s evident from the front grille, which is pretty plain compared to other trims, and does not contain the signature front lighting (or light bar) present on higher-trim models, either. Finished in Carbon Black, the Pro’s front grille is accented by a matching black bumper to boot.

Ford F-150 Lightning XLT

The F-150 Lightning XLT offers more in the way of features and options when compared to the entry-level Pro, and that is also reflected in its grille design. Unlike the relatively smooth finish of the Pro’s front grille, the XLT’s unit has some texture to it, which lends it a more upscale appearance, particularly when coupled with the signature front lighting.

Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat

The F-150 Lightning Lariat – like its regular ICE counterpart – is a more luxurious trim level for the EV pickup, and its front grill reflects that fact as well. Finished in Premium Geometric Gray-ion fine Satin Metallic, the Lariat’s grille features an even larger textured surface when compared to the XLT, with “dimples” that are finished in a unique pattern.

Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum

Finally, the range-topping F-150 Lighting Platinum shows off that status in style with a Vador Black High Gloss with Tinted Chrome front grille that truly stands out from the crowd, lending a very premium appearance to the pickup. With essentially the same pattern as the Lariat’s grille, the Platinum piece has a nice, shiny yet darker look that defines its place in the lineup perfectly.

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  1. George S

    Though a grill is not needed for cooling, at least Ford creates them to look more like a normal vehicle. The Mustang E has a nice one and far better than the blunt nose of Tesla’s models. But, it does look like the chrome grill days maybe numbered.

  2. Randy johnson

    Why does it matter you can’t order a lightning anyways I been trying for 2 years.

  3. Daniel

    My Friend just got his Ford lighting with all the upgrades and with 20,000lb tow kit . A full charge gets 380 miles then he hooked up his trailer and BOOM! 110 miles ! he lost 270 miles by hooking up his RV he returned it the same day. I was so disappointed. I won’t be buying it now. What’s the point it you can’t even go camping?

  4. Charles Anderson

    Why is there no solar bed covers spare lithium batterys solar skylites? Worst case scenario it will charge up during the day. Possible fuel generator for EMERGENCY stuck in desert. Don’t forget not to ruin the economy during the process.

  5. CurtHaskell

    The lighting pro I put money on in august (2022) will be here in maine. When?


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