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Here’s How Many 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pickups Were Sold In August

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning continues to exceed FoMoCo’s expectations in terms of consumer demand for the all-electric pickup, which far exceeded the automaker’s production capacity from the start. While it works to secure the raw materials it needs to ramp up production in the coming years, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning continues to see sales increase with each passing month. According to The Blue Oval’s August sales report, that trend continued last month, too.

August was the best sales month for the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning thus far as the automaker sold 2,373 units, compared to 4,364 units of the F-150 PowerBoost hybrid. As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, dealer inventory is turning in just eight days, which beat every other model in Ford’s lineup last month, too. Regardless, this result isn’t terribly surprising considering the fact that the Lightning has become a mainstay on Kelley Blue Book’s list of the most considered electrified vehicles in its Brand Watch report.

As Ford Authority reported last week, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is attracting customers from other brands at a high rate, but its three biggest conquests are the the Ram pickup, Tesla Model 3, and Tesla Model X. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the automaker’s EV sales have gone to those that have come from other brands, too.

Those that do wind up purchasing a new F-150 Lightning are set to receive a special perk – 250 kilowatt-hours of free charging at Electrify America stations through the FordPass Rewards program, which is equivalent to 575 miles of range or nearly three “fill-ups” for pickups equipped with the standard range battery.

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  1. John

    I would be leery if they used Ford Pass rewards. Those have a habit of disappearing without a trace and neither Ford nor the dealer will help find them.

  2. Gunnar

    I think someone is blowing smoke up where the sun don’t shine! Who wants a truck that you can only go a 100 miles if that when pulling a 4000 lbs trailer, sure not me! I travel 750- 850 miles at a time and can’t do that and have to try and depend on looking for a plug in to charge up so I can go another 100 miles, just a wast of time . Ford needs to get back to building quality trucks that gets great fuel mileage and power to get the job done ! Maybe get a new CEO that is not in the back pocket of the Chinese and the democratic party!

    1. Dan

      Agreed and I dont believe these sales figures either. I think they are very skewed

    2. Patrick Ford

      Did you ever stop to consider maybe Ford didn’t build this truck for you? They build lots of different trucks that will suit your needs better.

  3. Steve

    And when it’s cold out? What’s the mileage then? So 575, in nice weather not pulling something. When it’s cold out like say in Wisconsin in January? Maybe 200 miles? Yeah so worth it, not. Then spend 7 grand for a power station at your house. Wait hours to charge the thing. So what do you do when it’s -5 out and you have to wait at some power station? Sit in your truck with it running and the heater is on. So in that case it takes longer to charge. Makes sense to buy one then. So I’ll stick with my F-150 and wait 5 minutes to fill it up and back on the road.

  4. Greg

    Keep draggin’ your knuckles you Luddites! Your red herring complaints do not apply to 80% of the people who will buy these amazing EV trucks. In 7 years it will do the other 20% and you naysayers will all be bragging about how you wanted EV all along. The lower the IQ the harder change always is.

  5. Randy johnson

    When Can I order a ford lightning ?

  6. Tom

    Is this why I am still waiting for my F150 I ordered 6 months ago?
    Sadly I know people who have waiting a lot longer
    I am sick of BS excuses!

  7. Mike

    Yea, change is hard. Let me educate you. It’s a few hundred for an electrician to put a 50-amp outlet (can use a garage dryer outlet, but 35-amp). A L2 station is $400 on Amazon. I plug in my Porsche Taycan for 5 hours, every “tank”. Every few weeks. If I were driving 200 miles/day, then I’d just plug it in overnight.

    When you’re out driving, you don’t use a L2 (home) station. You use a DC station. That means that 5 hour charge is now 25-minutes for a recharge.

    I think it was complex too, until I bought an electric vehicle. It’s stupid simple.

    1. Patrick Ford

      Its amazing how many problems are solved by simply being open to change. Especially when that change is coming no matter how much people try to resist it.

  8. hot toddy

    would like to see just how many of those 4364 delivered vehicles were delivered to individuals and how many were delivered to municipalities being paid for with the public’s tax dollars

  9. Randy johnson

    I have been trying to get an answer from ford for 2 years . All I want to know is when can I buy a ford lightning ?
    I filled out an order form 2 years ago for the truck I want and no response. All I hear is your not able to order from ford that you have to go through a dealer to get one thats marked up 20k .

  10. Edward Sutton

    I would like a lighting today when do I get my truck.


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