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Here’s Our Best Look Yet At The 2023 Ford Super Duty Interior: Exclusive

Ford Authority spies have spotted numerous 2023 Ford Super Duty prototypes out driving around over the past several months, including an F-350 regular cab dually and a Tremor, just to name a couple, revealing some new exterior features such as bed steps and a unique “Running W” front grille for the King Ranch trim. Those same spies have also secured a handful of photos of the refreshed pickup’s interior, showing off its updated design in a variety of trims, as well as some unique features like the new single binnacle dashboard. Now, those same spies are giving us our best look yet at the 2023 Ford Super Duty interior, which unsurprisingly mimics the current-gen Ford F-150 in a number of ways.

First, we can see that this 2023 Ford Super Duty prototype is equipped with a steering wheel that looks quite a bit like the most recent F-150 wheel, which also appears to be made from urethane – similar to the current Super Duty. This pickup is a lower-trim model and therefore equipped with what appears to be a smaller infotainment screen and analog gauges, which are split by what is most likely a 4.2-inch digital display.

To the left of the instrument cluster we can see that this Super Duty prototype is equipped with an American flag emblem, just like the current-gen Ford F-150, too. Otherwise, the pickup’s dashboard is covered up quite well, concealing any additional changes that might be present here.

It’s currently unclear what, if any, sort of powertrain updates the 2023 Ford Super Duty will receive, but as Ford Authority exclusively reported in July, the truck will not be available with any sort of hybrid engine option. The refreshed model is set to debut this fall, which means we won’t have to wait too much longer to see it in the flesh, while order banks are scheduled to open up on October 17th, 2022, with production following a few months later.

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  1. mickey

    well go look at a F150 dash and you can see it uncovered. I just don’t understand how the buyer went from 60K range and now its 90K range and higher. I dont understand were the money is coming from except for the people that finance everything to the hilt , and if they have a bad month, there bankrupt the next. everyone should watch the big companys and banks, they know whats coming !!

    1. JR

      People are making money out there in the world. Not everyone, but many. Some reasons why people have such high car payment or leases are because they normalize the payment against their last vehicle payment, they compare what others are paying, they here prices on tv and online IG, Twitter and in their head come to terms with a very high payment (even if it doesn’t make sense financially). There is also too, people that are “rewarding” themselves with items (sometime opulent) because they made it through the COVID era and just want to live a little (even if they weren’t really affected). Just my .02 cents

      1. RichG

        And this has what to do with the article?

  2. Kevin

    Analog gauges?!?!?! STILL. How retro. Has anyone on Ford’s design team even driven ANY other vehicles within the last year??? Everything’s going beautiful digital screens. Guess I’ll be waiting for the 2028/29 Superduty or maybe start considering Chevy….or even worse Dodge. Understanding that the Dodge interior is by far one of the best out there right now. Hard to be loyal to my SD Ford that I have been for so long now.

    1. Anders Nyquist

      Calm down. The new F-150 gets an all digital dash cluster in Lariat and above trims, and I can’t see the new Super Duty being any different. Ford makes a truck for everybody. If you like advanced technology, big screens and luxury, there’s the Lariat, KR, Platinum and Limited depending on your budget. For people like me that prefer a more basic truck without a center console, leather and all the bells and whistles, then the XL and XLT trims exist for that.

  3. JDE

    Seems like a Locomotive derived diesel electric Hybrid system would not be all that bad though. kind of ease the big truck crowd into the notion of electric vehicles.


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