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Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Production Cannot Satisfy Demand

The refreshed Lincoln Corsair was just revealed last week, giving the luxury crossover a fresh look and some welcome tech upgrades. In the meantime, the current-gen Corsair has performed quite well, with sales increasing 11 percent to 7,094 units in Q2, moving it up to third place in the luxury C-segment crossover space and doubling its market share, year-over-year. In fact, demand for the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring plug-in hybrid has been so strong lately that the luxury brand can’t build enough to satisfy it, Lincoln president Joy Falotico told The Detroit Bureau in a recent interview.

“We have more PHEV orders than we can build,” Falotico said. “So, in 2022, 60 percent of the orders were PHEVs. And because of everything that’s going on with the chips, we actually had to flip some of them to gas; some of them still have the orders out there, converting them to the ’23. So that’s been disappointing, but it’s something that everybody’s dealing with. But we have really seen the demand pick up for the PHEV and it’s because of gas prices. Also, with all the EV growth, people are saying, ‘well let me try a plug-in hybrid, let my ease myself into this. If I’ve got range anxiety, I don’t have a plan for the charging solutions yet.’ So we’re super excited about this car.”

Lincoln Corsair GT

While it becomes more and more popular with consumers, the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring and its regular non-electrified counterparts also earned a third-place finish on’s 2022 American-Made Index, another nice notch in its proverbial belt. However, those looking to secure a 2023 Corsair of any kind will also quickly discover that prices have increased across the board, as Ford Authority reported last week, with the Grand Touring jumping $1,575 from $51,810 to $53,385 for the new model year.

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  1. DerrickL

    Never say “Can’t”. Can’t is a sign of weakness. Where there is a will, there is a way. Get creative.

  2. John Coviello

    Sorry guy’s, i have owned real LIncoln’s all of my later life and this vehicle in still NOTHING MORE THAN A FORD WITH THE LINCOLN NAME ON IT !!! AN INSULT TO REAL LINCOLN OWNERS !!!!!

    1. Skid

      All Lincolns are versions of Ford. Always have been.

      1. RichG

        Nope. Just not true, unless you also make that claim about EVERY CAR MANUFACTURER.

    2. RichG

      You’ve given yourself away as someone who’s NEVER seen this SUV in person. It is such a lame and tired and cliched trope to say “Lincolns are rebadged Fords.” That has not been true for YEARS, yet people like you insist on repeating it ad nauseum.

    3. William

      I agree John. It’s just another boreing SUV. I’ll keep my 1977 Continental Mark V.

      1. BluntSage52

        Land yacht death trap.

    4. Edward

      You are simply ignorant. I owned a loaded 2018 Ford Escape Titanium and now a 2022 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring. There are no similarities. While the Escape was a very nice car, with a lot of tech, it simply is not anywhere near the level of refinement of the Lincoln. The Corsair Grand Touring is every bit a luxury car.

  3. Dennis G

    We have owned both cars. 6 Escapes and now one Corsair. Night and day comfort and features. Saying that they are similar is a testament to the Escape’s quality, not a tear down of the Corsair. Both cars are great. The Corsair is much more plush.

  4. Sol Rothenberg

    Own a 2022 Corsair GT and it is fantastic luxury Plug In Hybrid!!

  5. Gary Nelson

    Why doesn’t the Lincoln Corsair 2022 0r 2023 use the same hybrid engine as the Ford Escape? Isn’t it much more reliable?

  6. KarryJ

    Can someone explain the purpose of Lincoln lately? What excitement does the brand have that differentiates it from Ford? They all use the same engines. Navigator is only available with the V-6 and not a V-8. Mustang is standalone without a real Lincoln LS and 4-seater Thunderbird to spread the costs. The Mustang should not only give us a real LS but extend the wheelbase more to give us a real Continental as well. Lincoln is being starved of the good stuff and only sells stuff we don’t want or care about. Sad how I’m looking at Cadillac, Genesis and Alfa Romeo and not even considering Lincoln. Can someone take a survey as to how many Lincoln customers left the brand for another brand during the past 2 years?

  7. Brisn Felmar

    Body shape of the escape is nothing like the lincoln Put both side by side and you will change your view!

  8. Douglas Johnson

    I have a 2022 Lincoln Corsair. Nice car, BUT a $42,000 plus price and NO automatic garage door opener!!! Really… I didn’t want to BUY a worthless piece of tech (map gps… that my phone has a much better experience) and no garage door opener… I got the ugly one that comes with the door opener… spoiling a beautiful interior. Guess what car won’t be my next car…

  9. p. peterson

    why is Lincoln not filling an order for a Corvair made in Dec.2021? They assigned an order # and say it is designated as #10 top priority, but clearly after almost 10 months they do not intend to build this gas engine car.

    1. G Grafton

      Didn’t know Ford made a corvair


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