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Some Ford Dealers Will Not Have Official Online Presence For EVs

With Ford Motor Company effectively splitting itself into two distinct entities – Ford Blue for ICE vehicles and Ford Model e for EVs – there are many changes on the horizon, particularly for Ford dealers. In fact, Ford dealers are being asked to specialize in one of those two areas or the automaker’s commercial business as soon as 2023, though those that choose to sell EVs must first obtain one of two levels of certification to do so, as well as follow some strict standards. Now, it seems as though some Ford dealers will not have an official online presence when it comes to electric vehicles, either.

As Ford Authority previously reported, Ford dealers that want to opt-in to sell EVs have two choices in terms of certification – Model e Certified, and Model e Certified Elite. Certified is the entry-level tier, requiring dealers to invest $500,000 in the installation of fast chargers and various other changes, though those dealers will also only be allowed to sell up to 25 all-electric vehicles per year. Model e Certified dealers will also not be allowed to carry inventory of those vehicles, nor will they have demo vehicles available.

However, those aren’t the only restrictions facing Model e Certified dealers, as they also won’t have any sort of online presence in terms of the official website. Regardless, these dealers will most likely be able to tout the fact that they sell EVs on their own websites or third-party sites.

As for the higher-tier Ford EV certification – Model e Certified Elite – it will require a more substantial investment of $1.2 million with $900,000 of that total being spent up front. These dealers will have limited stock and demo vehicles, as well as the ability to sell an unlimited number of EVs. Additionally, Elite dealers will also have a presence on with non-negotiable pricing for EV models. Either way, Ford dealers that wish to receive EV certification have until October 31st to decide to do so, and until the end of the year to shell out those investments before the next opt-in occurs in 2027.

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  1. Michael

    Time to sell my Ford stock before it tanks.

    1. Blake

      Tesla is the world’s 6th most valuable company. If Ford tries a dealer based version of Tesla’s business model for EVs, why would their stock tank?

  2. Jon Hill

    So rural communities will continue buy F-150s and have no access to EVs? In urban areas, will there be an effort to make sure there are some of both? All four dealers in my area are likely to go with ICE.

  3. JohnIL

    Seems like this will hurt small dealers and may even crowd them out or force them to sell out to a big dealer network. How many have the capital to invest in what might or might not be a benefit to them? I think EV’s will do nothing for dealerships given the backend won’t benefit that much. Not unless they do a lot of warranty work on these EV’s. I imagine some will forgo the status of dealing with EV’s altogether. The investment isn’t worth it for some.

  4. Eduardo

    Anti EVers are melting into a hot mess. Governments CANNOT sit on global warming. The handwriting is on the wall and ICE are DMW. One restriction and hardship after another will develop for ICE owners. Give it up and give yourself a break, stubbornness will only hurt YOU.


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