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We Render An Absolutely Ridiculous Ford Bronco Limo

With the magic of modern media editing software, it’s easier than ever for our Ford Authority render team to come up with fun and sometimes over-the-top concepts based on real life Blue Oval products. In the past, we undertook the challenge of dreaming up a two-door Ford Bronco pickup and its four-door pickup counterpart. A creative customs shop on Instagram turned the Bronco into a quirky but tough off-road van, giving yet another perspective on potential Bronco variants. This time, the SUV is our subject yet again, and we’ve rendered it into an absurd Ford Bronco limo.

We agree – this thing is positively ridiculous, but it’s certainly a fun concept. We’ve stretched the Ford Bronco out quite a bit, adding a set of suicide doors for entrance and egress of the elongated passenger compartment. The hypothetical Ford Bronco limo retains its high ground clearance and off-road-ready tires, ready to tackle (almost) any terrain, although its approach and departure angles may be a bit different than a stock Bronco. It also has a roof rack for storage out of sight of the passenger compartment, and a loud yellow paint scheme as though its existence alone wasn’t loud enough.

There’s a rather niche market for off-road limos, considering that GMC Hummers are often subjected to the stretch. The Blue Oval’s luxury division, Lincoln, recently bowed out of its MKT limousine program, leaving a gap in the industry for modern Ford-built products. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibilities that a Ford Bronco limo could give GM limos a run for their money. In fact, a peculiar Cadillac XT6 limo was spotted undergoing testing back in 2020, indicating that the segment isn’t dead yet.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Crabbymilton

    Well pretty much any vehicle could be stretched as long as a J4500. This would be popular for silly party clients but more sensible funeral or airport limousines would likely be built on the CORSAIR platform. CADILLAC seems to have quite a few examples on the XT5 and XT6.

  2. what

    Honestly that doesn’t look too bad

  3. Murf

    Informative automotive editorial content must be hard to come by. We are now getting limo rendering and meaningless sales figures as our go-to reading. I long for the days of articles on carburetors, performance attributes and mechanical design parameters.

    1. Reply
  4. MarkV

    Asks the question “WHY?” with the bronco. I think the Corsair limo looked way better. How about a Lehmann Peterson tribute for Lincoln? Take the Aviator and make it a proper notchback/ lower sedan complete with coach doors, custom grille and tire decklid. L-P put Lincoln on the map during the 1960’s making the Continental already spectacular sedan into something even more special.

  5. MarkV

    Asks the question WHY for the bronco? What a waste. The Corsair limo looks way better. Why not a tribute to Lehmann Peterson? An Aviator notchback with the lowered sedan look, stretched just enough with coach doors, custom grille and tire decklid. L-P made Lincoln’s already spectacular Continental sedan even better as a limousine.

    1. Alex Luft

      Why the Bronco? For the same reason there are Hummer limos.


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