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What If The Ford Fusion Active Turns Out To Be The Evos?

For some time now, rumors of a new Blue Oval model dubbed the Ford Fusion Active have circulated online, and on multiple occasions, Ford Authority spies have spotted prototypes that were believed to be exactly that. However, all of those prototypes wound up being something else, including next-generation Ford Edge or Lincoln Nautilus prototypes, as well as the new, China-only Evos. Thus, it’s possible that the Ford Fusion Active won’t be happening at all, but there’s another possible alternative – the Ford Evos may simply receive a name change to the Fusion Active, and that model may launch in the U.S., after all, even though the automaker previously ruled that out.

This is theoretically possible as the Evos has been spotted on numerous occasions by Ford Authority spies in the U.S., and it would make sense in that the next-generation Edge has already been canceled in North America. The Evos/Fusion Active would also fill the hole in FoMoCo’s lineup left behind by the Edge’s departure quite nicely, should it not come to North America and remain a China-only model.

Next-Generation Ford Edge vs. 2022 Ford Edge vs. Ford Evos vs. 2020 Ford Fusion
Next-Generation Ford Edge 2022 Ford Edge Ford Evos 2020 Ford Fusion
Length (inches) 196.8 188.8 193.7 191.7
Width (inches)* 77.2 75.9 75.6 75.2
Height (inches) 69.8 68.3 63 58.1
Wheelbase (inches) 116.1 112.2 115.9 112.2
2.0L I-4 EcoBoost Horsepower 248 250 248 245

The Evos/Fusion Active would also make quite a bit of sense for current Fusion owners as a more car-like crossover, as well as current Edge owners. Dimensionally speaking, the next-gen Chinese Edge is longer, wider, and taller than all three, though each offers virtually the same output from the turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost powerplant – the only engine currently available in the Evos. However, FoMoCo could presumably offer more, especially since it shares a platform with the Ford Escape.

2022 Ford Evos

The Evos is also only available in front-wheel drive configuration, but The Blue Oval could utilize the all-wheel drive system from the Ford Bronco Sport or Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package to give it a proper Subaru Outback competitor, too. In terms of pricing, the Evos currently retails for around $32k USD in China, with the more feature-rich First Edition model starting out at $37k, which is a bit cheaper than the current Edge.

Of course, this is pure speculation, but rebadging the Ford Evos as the Ford Fusion Active and selling it in the U.S. makes a lot of sense, particularly if the next-gen Edge ultimately doesn’t make it to America.

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  1. JE

    As owner of a Ford Mondeo/Fusion, I´ll never trade it for this atrocity. Bring the sedan introduced for China and I will consider it. An SUV or a crossover, never.

  2. John

    So the auto industry is going to just make EVERYTHING an ugly CUV now?

    1. Devan

      The auto industry, just like the media, the government, and every institution under the sun, respond only to their masters – the few who own all. They care not for what we the people want.

  3. Mike

    It looks like a Mach e. Not sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing.

  4. Michael K

    Nah, this one isn’t going to work here. The US market has never responded well to utilities that try to bridge the style gap between sedan and crossover. You end up with ab ugly sedan and a poor utility while paying the same price for it. So it’s more style than substance, and this style is questionable to begin with.

  5. Mick1

    Put lipstick on a pig. It will sell like hotcakes. I want my 70’s Country Squire wagon back.

  6. Jim O

    As a blue blooded Ford guy I am disappointed with the direction Ford is taking. First, discontinue the fusion. Then people gripe that Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia increase their passenger car sales. Discontinue the edge? I guess they don’t want a popular midsize 2 row crossover, it’s will increase sales of the sante fe, maybe chev y will finally sell blazers. Now, it looks like the escape will not continue much longer. The great CEO , Jim farley states that Ford is not going to worry about bread and butter cars. Well that market has made Ford, simple rule in business is don’t alienate those who brought you to the top, they will have moved on when you come back down. When my wife’s escape needs to be replaced, if they discontinue it I won’t be buying a mach e, probably will get an equinox or Tucson. My explorer they will continue, my mustang will stay with me forever. Sorry about the rant, this management style just ticks me off.

  7. Dave H

    Remember what a rogue CEO has done to B B & Beyond. Maybe it is time for Mr. Farley to take his Golden Parachute and depart, and let Ford get back to competing. Chinese like cars but Americans don’t? I don’t think so. What they don’t like is waiting six months for their car to be delivered.

  8. Bob

    I would sure like to know why Mr. Ford, Mr. Farley and the board of directors all decided to quit building cars. If Honda, Toyota, VW,
    Lexus, BMW, Kia, Hyundai and the rest can figure out how to make a profit on cars, why can’t Ford ? The Mach E is ugly. Period !!!
    An all electric lineup is not going to work. The govt. thinks it will solve the worlds problems. It will only make matters worse for people. Build hybrids if you must but please don’t go all electric, all plug in. China has all the materials for batteries. That’s not good.

  9. Mark Richmond

    My 2014 Fusion Hybrid is still getting me 40mpg with comfort and style. A new more car-like choice would be my preference, but I may have to settle for the Maverick Hybrid (If I can ever get a test drive to see how good/bad the ride is). I don’t need a ‘Truck’: my F350 has that slot filled. The current grocery-getter (a ’20 EcoSport) is just a placeholder. I want a comfortable car, dammit!

  10. Jorge

    What is this mach e redo… Tesla was original with the chopped off electric suv… but this is going too far….

  11. Jim Finnerty

    Not going to build bread and butter cars, eh? Once you give up those what do you have left? Ask Honda or Toyota and now Hyundai and Kia how many vehicles they would have sold without bread and butter cars? Once someone starts with those brands the chances of them coming to Ford later will be slim and none. Especially when a couple more offer their own Maverick sized pickup like the Santa Fe.

  12. Tommy

    The only odd design element is the C-pillar/ door quarter window area. Looks too busy and awkward. Clean up that part of the design and the rest could work. There was a time when Ford Motor Company design excelled above the rest.

  13. KevinY

    I traded the 2019 MKZ for a Caddy CT5……sweeeet. And to think I have been a Ford Motor Company buyer for 40 years up until now. I guess the shift of sands etc. Maybe someday if i retire in China, then I can buy a Lincoln sedan again…..maybe…..

  14. Justen

    Ford is such a disappointment and sell out!.. JUST BRING THE FORD MONDEO HERE TO THE STATES AND CALL IT A TAURUS! WE WANT SEDANS! An American brand catering to China and not America is weird! I own a 2018 Fusion Platinum 2.0EB and I’m literally at the point of buying Toyota..

  15. Thomas

    For the first time in 30 years my next car will not be a Ford. I’d still buy a Ford truck, but I don’t need a truck right now. Another first… the cars on my shortlist are all Japanese.


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