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Wireless Charging Pilot Program To Launch Near Michigan Central

Ford has been exploring wireless charging for EVs for some time now, recently filing a handful of patents for that new technology. At the same time, the state of Michigan is also aiming to become the first state to deploy wireless charging roads, though that technology isn’t quite viable yet. Regardless, a company called WiTricity recently debuted its Halo wireless charging system via a 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E, and now, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has announced that it is entering a five-year agreement with another company dubbed Electreon for a wireless charging pilot program that will launch near Michigan Central Station, according to Click on Detroit.

“This agreement helps solidify Michigan as the U.S. leader in developing and implementing a wireless in-road charging network,” said State Transportation Director Paul C. Ajegba. “We now can work toward better policy and regulatory framework that provides a welcoming environment for this unique technology. Ultimately, the research and work conducted on this project will help lead to large-scale deployment across Michigan and the U.S.”

Electreon – which has already secured contracts for similar roadways in Israel, Sweden, Italy, and Germany – will partner with MDOT to build the wireless charging road, which is capable of doing just that – charging EVs while they’re driving down it or parked.

“The potential for electrifying roads and cities is practically endless and working together with MDOT we are reshaping the future of transportation,” said Oren Ezer, CEO and co-founder of Electreon. “Through ongoing collaboration on our Detroit project, MDOT has proven to be innovative leaders in the industry. We’re excited to enter into this agreement to create a blueprint for scaling wireless charging for all EVs across Michigan and the U.S. and look forward to aligning with additional DOTs in the future.”

What’s particularly interesting about this decision is the fact that Ford is in the mist of renovating Michigan Central Station into a massive tech hub and mobility campus that will offer an Advancing Community Business program, as well as a place for multiple tech startups to converge. Thus, it seems like the perfect spot to begin this new wireless charging pilot program.

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  1. mfornett

    So, what is the generation source?

  2. govboy

    I like to dream, just like the next guy. But i’m also a realist. There are real world problems to overcome. What about winter when the roads are covered? What about when it rains? Where is all this power going to come from and who is going to pay for it? I’d be asking these sorts of questions before investing money or even my time thinking about this.

    1. Robert.Walter

      He who invests no time thinking about things is doomed to stay mired in the past and likely to cede to others the benefits from the opportunities of the future.

  3. Michael

    Technology used to offer benefits like cheaper, more powerful, more efficient, better and faster tech to the human race. All of a sudden, tech is offering the opposite. EV vehicles are 1 1/2 times more expensive then ICE vehicles, DC fast charging at an EV station is almost, and at some stations, more costly then fueling an ICE vehicle, especially when you consider you loose 10% of the power charging that you are paying for, and this road charging while a vehicle is operating, is hugely wasteful, to the tune of up to a 30% lose of power. As if this country can afford to through away any power, especially at peak times, when areas of the country are in brownouts, or no power at all.
    Just like the Dems vs Reps is dividing the country, as this EV cancer spreads, it is going to divide the country just as much.


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