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2022 Ford Bronco Dealer Stock Practically Nonexistent

As most are well aware by now, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco remains in high demand with loads of unfilled orders that carried over from the 2021 model year. With Ford limiting 2023 Bronco orders to carryover order holders and dealer stock only, that means that anyone else looking to purchase the SUV must head to a local dealer and hope that they have one in stock. Unfortunately for those folks, 2022 Ford Bronco dealer stock seems to be practically non-existent at the moment, according to the automaker’s September sales report.

Ford Bronco

A grand total of 99 percent of 2022 Ford Bronco retail sales in the month of September came from previously-placed orders, a staggering statistic that proves one of two things – either there aren’t very many units sitting on dealer lots at the moment, or the ones that are feature markups so high that customers aren’t buying them. It’s also very possible that both of these statements are true, and much more likely.

As Ford Authority reported last month, the Ford Bronco remains one of the top new vehicles priced over MSRP. The SUV was most recently selling for 21.6 percent or $8,697 more than sticker, on average, which is good enough to rank fifth among all new vehicles on sale today. That’s also considerably higher than the average new vehicle, which is selling for around 10 percent more than MSRP.

In the meantime, Ford continues to take more retail orders for its entire lineup with each passing month, which are in turn making up a greater percentage of its monthly retail sales than ever before. As Ford Authority reported yesterday, the automaker’s retail orders broke two records last month – one for total retail orders in a single month, which came in at 197,000 units in September, which also marked the sixth straight month where more than 50 percent of its retail sales came from previously placed orders.

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  1. Robo

    My local dealer has 4 on the lot and every one of them is priced so ridiculously over MSRP that people literally walk over, look at the sticker, laugh and walk away. How about a 2-door Black Diamond with the squatch package for $89,500.00? Anyone, anyone?

  2. Tim

    The same here, broncos just under a hundred thousand are they ridiculous. If there is a economic change they may find lots full of vehicles that nobody will buy at any price.

  3. Michael J Genzale

    As a retired Ford salesperson I’m disappointed in the massive dealer mark up. The way Ford is handling this shortage of production belies their professed policy of excessive dealer mark up.
    By not accepting orders for Bronco from other than carry over (good, those customers are waiting) but then only filling dealer stock orders for inventory (bad).
    Many dealers, of many brands were happily take customer special orders at MSRP. The vehicle arrives from the factory and a day later its ‘down the road’. Dealer immediately earns another allocation of the hard to get product AND pockets all of the floor plan assistance money allocated to every vehicle shipped to the dealer. This assistance is short term but automatic, note tied to the length of time vehicle is on the lot. It’s a win win for a smart dealer. Volume in sales, service and building customer base.

  4. Mike says..

    If Ford/Lincoln wants to ‘burn’ their name and goodwill earned for being the only manufacturer that did not take a taxpayer funded payout in the last melt down…. price gouging is hard to shake once the marketplace loses trust in your stores/brand. The hold industry is doing a big backslide….

    1. John Dixon

      you might want to fact/check on the Govt. bailout status, theirs was a different program from Chrysler/GM. ie; American money infused through 🇨🇦 Canada. just sayin…

  5. PaxPower

    Here in Houston, all the Broncos are at the Kia, GMC, etc. dealer. The Ford dealers sell them to the other dealer, then split the profit when it sells. Weird to drive by a Kia dealer with 21 “used” Broncos with 200 miles on them.

  6. John Dixon

    They’re truly doing consumers a favor making availability difficult. Fords in general are pretty pathetic, and this model will most certainly live up to the POS heritage. The depreciation will likely set new records in free fall, and really sting the finance entities involved.

    1. Jim

      You sound like an idiot. I have a 2008 Ford Taurus that I bought new and now has 250,000 mile’s on it and still runs perfect. Go buy a piece of sh*t Dodge or Chevy then.


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