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2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Sales Through Third Quarter Revealed

Ford doesn’t always break out its hybrid sales from total model sales, which typically makes it difficult to discern just how well a particular electrified vehicle is doing in that regard. However, Kelley Blue Book’s recently released Electrified Light Vehicle Sales Report revealed a good bit of that data, including the fact that Ford F-150 PowerBoost sales dipped significantly in Q3, while the Ford Explorer Hybrid was up slightly. The 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid represents the first year of production for that particular model, but this same report also gives us some sales data to go by, at least.

In the third quarter, The Blue Oval sold a grand total of 4,886 units of the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid, while year-to-date sales come in at 24,030 units. That’s good enough to give the electrified compact pickup a 3.5 percent share of the overall hybrid market, and represents roughly half of total Maverick sales. It also makes up a large chunk of the 7,302 electrified vehicles Ford sold in the month of August alone – a new record for the automaker, which helped it gain 3.3 percent points and gave it a 13 percent share of the overall market.

Meanwhile, electrified vehicles in general reached a new sales record in the third quarter of 2022 with over 200,000 sold, and also outpaced the rest of the industry in terms of sales volume and share growth. “Electrified vehicles continue to be the darling of the industry, with the growing marketplace and consumer interest now reflected in record sales numbers,” said Brian Moody, executive editor for Kelley Blue Book. “While EV prices currently align more closely with luxury versus mainstream, the market continues to grow and evolve with more choices hitting the scene all the time. It’s no longer just ‘which Tesla is available,’ but rather an industry-wide boom with more EVs on the horizon from Ford, GM, Hyundai, and other manufacturers.”

The Maverick Hybrid has been somewhat of a victim of its own success, however, as FoMoCo will be canceling orders that previously had their scheduled build date pushed back to December 12th, 2022, as Ford Authority reported last week.

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  1. William

    I ordered a 2023 Maverick hybrid while the window was open in Sept for a week. I ordered it through a dealer and the salesman said the order was forwarded to ford on the first day the window was opened. He also told me that there is a good chance that my order may not be filled as his dealership has only been allotted 5 mavericks. If you ordered when the window was open in Sept why would it depend on how many vehicles the dealer is allotted?

  2. Eric R

    I did exactly the same as you. When the 2023 Maverick order bank opened in September, I ordered a hybrid Lariat from a very small local dealer. He gave me a copy of the order listing the options and an order number in the upper right corner. I was not asked for a deposit. A day later I received a confirmation e-mail from FordMoCo saying they received my order. My understanding of the process is that special order vehicles are not part of a dealer’s allocation. If the dealer verified your order to Ford through the Customer Order Verification Process [COVP] that it was not a “phantom customer order” to bulk up dealer inventory, your order should be in the queue. My dealer warned me that the build allocation for hybrids overall was small and even smaller for a Lariat hybrid. He said I may receive my hybrid Maverick late in ’23 or that it could even be rolled over to ’24, but that was just his guess based on the way things were going and the constraints on componets for the hybrid.

  3. TOM

    have waited for 10 months for my order (12/21/21) impatiently but waited anyway. called the Ford Customer Help line and asked if they could give me any update, only to find out that my order has been “balanced out” what does that mean? it means that the dealership was to have gone into the system and re-confirmed the order and updated it to a 23 and create a new order # and code, guess what it didn’t happen and now my original order is cancelled and is no longer in the que to be built. went to the dealer and their response was ” we’re sorry, there’s nothing we can do” so i’ve waited 10 months for nothing. now the 23 order bank is closed (and will not be reopened until the 24 models) leaving me with nothing except total despise for Ford and this dealership, especially after i kept in constant contact with the internet sales rep with required updating procedures for current orders. she would glance at them and you could see in her eye’s that she wasn’t going to do any of it, so i got screwed!! in sept (15th-19th) the window to re-confirming occurred and if not done in that window you got cancelled/balanced out. called Ford Customer Service back and got the same response “we’re sorry but nothing we can do about it” so i asked what my options were, get this, you can wait until the 2024 order bank opens and re-order then, in the mean time i could file a complaint against the dealership (which has no effect against them) which i did, so what still no truck and ain’t never gonna be one. i write this in disgust and just want others to know how this fiasco has been perpetrated upon us, bet there’s others with similar experiences. FORD LOST ANOTHER ONE AND DON’T CARE thanks for NOTHING!!!! anyone thinking that their order got re-configured to a 23 was automatic is in for a rude awakening, hope your dealership did a better job than mine

  4. Jack32

    The hybrid version of this truck is the deal of the decade in my opinion. My wife and got ours right before Christmas last year ($22,030 final price hybrid XL with Co-Pilot 360), and it’s been absolutely great.
    There is so much to like – it rides more like a car than a truck, hauls a lot larger items than you’d imagine due to the clever flexbed design (it has never let us down yet), seats four comfortably (actual knee room & head room in back!), has solid tech, and best of all, our lifetime average fuel efficiency? – 46 mpg (95% city driving, but still)! No joke. 46.0 mpg. And it’s likely to keep slowly rising a bit more….we feel like it will settle at around 47 mpg average, with our style of driving.
    With our daily driving, we fill it up about every 2 weeks when it drops to half a tank….and it’s only a 13.8 gallon tank. Even with these gas prices it’s totally affordable. It gets me that it is not only is getting better mileage than our miserly little Honda Fit, but that it actually rides better as well, and this is more apparent than ever on the freeway. We just did another trip today of 103 miles freeway miles and I still can’t get over how quiet, tight, and rock stable smooth it is at 70 mph – fantastic vehicle.
    My complaints are fairly minor – I wish it would remember to stay in ECO mode between stops/starts, and it seemed silly that it didn’t come standard with cruise control (so we skipped it, since we mostly use it as a city/suburb vehicle). Of course they NOW offer it standard this year, after we got ours. Oh well.

    1. Jack32

      And to be clear, when I say stops/starts, I mean turning the truck off then back on later. I think Ford made a mistake in not having their vehicles remember the mode you left it in.

      Also, one last thing: for anyone wondering, for not being an AWD vehicle, this truck does much better in snow than I imagined. Sure, it is FWD, which is vastly superior in slippery snow to those old RWD fishtailing trucks that you had to weigh down with sand bags and the like to keep their butts planted, but it’s clearly better than most FWD vehicles I’ve driven so far (admittedly, mostly smaller vehicles) in southeastern Michigan winters. No regrets at all about it not having AWD thus far.

      1. Ron

        Congrats! Do yourself a favor and have the undercarriage sealed from salt corrosion. There is a reason this truck is so inexpensive, rust is going to be a major issue in the future.

  5. Stephen Vallillo

    I ordered my Area 51 August 7, 2021 & I tried to make Changes, to the Color ( I really don’t like the Area 51 color, it’s really Ugly) people ask what color is that ? I tell them, but what color ??? A Cop pulled me over , just to ask me the color & I told him , He looked at me with a PUZZLED look ??? On my Registration it says “ Gray” it’s not gray “ Listen , Ford had Left over paint Blue, Gray & Green & Black & mixed them together & Their Computer didn’t even know what color it was ! Si someone said it looks like a Martian from Area 51 ! So that’s what they called it.
    I still Don’t like the color but after 20 yrs that I plan to keep it, I guess it will Grow on me 😍( I ❤️ The Truck, I ride around Town & the Fuel Gauge is always on FULL , I went to get a Oil change at 5,000 miles & they told me , That City miles Don’t count , it’s because it’s riding on Electric, not using Gas , but it’s up to 5,580 miles now , I better bring it in ! )
    Funny , only 7 people stopped me to ask is that a Maverick ? How do you like it & by the Way I GOT IT MAY 12, 2022 it took 9 months & the WAIT WAS WORTH IT !

  6. Peter

    Ordered 22 in Feb. Advised order accepted by Ford canada. Then dealer advises vehicle being rolled over to 2023..needs 5000.00 more and new contract.
    Go in to sign new contract and dealer tells me there’s a 700.00
    Mandatory fey fob insurance charge ( I’m not kidding)…I walked.
    Dealer will probably still get truck and make money . Think that’s what they want…Cranbrook. bc


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