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2022 Ford Maverick Took Six Days To Turn In September

Since its launch, the Ford Maverick has been one of the hottest new vehicles on the planet, with eager customers lining up to order the compact pickup. This doesn’t really come as a surprise given the fact that many people are looking for inexpensive, economical modes of transportation, and the compact pickup segment itself essentially died off years ago, only to be reborn with the launch of the Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. Regardless, as the 2023 model prepares to launch, 2022 Ford Maverick dealer stock continues to turn in record time, according to the automaker’s most recent sales report.

2022 Ford Maverick dealer stock is turning in just six days, which is a tad slower than the four days it took to turn back in March, but it’s still impressively quick, regardless. What makes this figure even more impressive is the fact that the Maverick is also one of the most commonly marked-up new vehicles on the market, with most dealer stock listed at far more than MSRP.

The 2022 Ford Maverick is also conquesting customers from other brands at a rapid rate, with most of those owners coming from compact sedans and even crossovers – not pickups. Much of that can be attributed to the Maverick’s excellent utility, as well as its bargain basement price tag and impressive fuel economy ratings.

Regardless, getting one’s hands on a new Maverick is still proving to be a difficult task, particularly for those that have placed an order for the particular model. Order banks for the 2023 Maverick closed after just one week due to a large number of carryover 2022 orders and a total of 86,000 new ones, while some 2022 Maverick Hybrid orders will now be canceled and pushed to the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority reported yesterday.

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  1. Case Van Harn

    Is the Ford Maverick coming out as a plug-in hybrid in the future?

  2. Buster

    What’s the big deal? It’s a cheaply made girly man’s “truck” with 5 recalls all ready. 2022 models already showing undercarriage rust. The rear suspension will make you LOL. People are paying 5K+ over MSRP for used. You’ll see real depreciation on this vehicle down the road.

    1. Rick

      The BIG deal is you can get in to the top Lariat Hybrid model for less than 35K with gas mileage over 41MPG. Its not for everyone but is clearly hitting a sweet spot for many. I do agree with you in that people paying 7-10k over MSRP will likely live to regret that choice.

    2. Raf

      Dont care for depreciation if one decides to drive car for many many years. I placed an order for two of them when orders opened in september. Took eco boost and hybrid. Im taking first one that arrives and my kid turnes 16 in little over one year. She will get the second one.
      Reason for me buying is its truck looking like. Good moving some stuff and its amazing on Gas.
      My infiniti is a dragon, barely do 10miles a gallon in city and about 15 to20 hwy. I spend 800$ on gas a month. With the money i burn on gas those 2 trucks will pay for themselves

    3. Jerome

      Sounds like somebody’s jealous!😏

    4. Steve

      Not everyone is so insecure they have to drive a pickup truck the size of a bus to feel something.

    5. Robert.Walter

      Poor Buster, his alpha manhood is threatened by a girly pickup truck.

  3. Garry Mazza

    After the roll out in “21 and all the trouble with supply chains, why would you roll out 22,s with even more problems. People waiting 2 years for this vehicle…and now offering the truck in Brazil…I just dont understand

    1. Aj

      For the lack of a better word, greed.

  4. Harvey Morris

    What is assembly time from start to finish on the Maverick? Are they running 3 shifts at the assembly plant?

    1. Raf

      My uncle ordered in november of 21 and recieved in July of 22.
      I ordered mine in september of 22 and hoping to get at least one of.them by summer of 23

      1. James Peoples

        I ordered Maverick July 7th 2021
        Just little over a month ago Ford
        sent me email; my order for 2023 Maverick was received
        said I was one of the first to get 2023
        I never ordered a 2023 my thoughts are I will receive a 2023 in place of the 2022
        hope it’s the same price and dealer doesn’t get greedy!

        1. John Psend

          If your Maverick order was converted from a 2022 to a 2023, there will be a price increase however, Ford was offering a Private Cash Offer (PCO) to those customers who had to convert their orders to the next model year. Make sure you talk to your dealer about the PCO. This should take the sting out of the price increase.

  5. Bob

    Ford is proving it can not capitalize on vehicles when they can. They can’t make enough and are not nimble enough to build enough vehicles to fill the pipeline. (Lots are still empty) You can see that in Ford’s stock price which is constantly lower than it should be for making such winners. The undercarriage is a Ford thing that’s even seen on these expensive F150’s. Sad isn’t it. Its fantastic they offered something that’s wanted its really awful they can’t fill the orders.

    1. Chupacabra

      Ford is going to allocate the lion’s share of critical components to the Bronco and F-150 where they make far more profit than they do on the lowly Maverick. They will turn out a small number of Mavericks compared to the Bronco/F-150/Explorer lines which generate far more profit.

    2. John

      Show me a Manufacturer that is any different than Ford right now.

  6. Chupacabra

    Think you meant the Hyundai Santa Cruz, not the Santa Fe. The Santa Cruz is the Maverick competitor, not the Santa Fe.

  7. Jerome

    I’ve worked on automobiles my whole life. And I love gadgets. And I like going 500 miles on 13.8 gallons of gas. I’m older now I can get in and out of the thing no problem. The price was right so I loaded it up with luxury and comfort. It will have a great resale value. You don’t have to plug it in. The climate change hoax people must hate that lol. If the president in name only didn’t destroy the world wide supply chain and destroy our energy independence, it wouldn’t be that popular of a truck. But it is! I love it🥰

    1. Buster

      Really? You’re gonna insert politics in a automobile blog? Get a life!, Pops

    2. diomedes tenebrosis

      climate change hoax? president in name only? who destroyed the supply chain? you sound like you have a really firm grip on reality.

      1. Michael

        Agree. This guy is a bozo.

    3. Michael

      Get a life. Just another cult member repeating what you are told.

  8. TOM

    why is there a single dealer stock unit, with tens of thousands having ordered the truck sight unseen and been waiting (impatiently) and being given every single excuse they can think of. why are those units not being redirected to those orders. this is really infuriating. once the orders are filled then the dealers can have units to sell at the ridiculously over MSRP price gouging!!! Really!! and Ford is going to brag about how fast these trucks are turning at the dealerships, only someone wanting to make themselves look good to their boss would make this info available to the starving customers that are waiting months/years for their orders.

  9. Chad

    The pricing, markups and wait time on the Mavericks and Broncos are absolutely insane but sadly, driven by those who will write a check for ANY amount just to get what they want. Went by the local dealership yesterday for an adjustment on my new Mustang (which I ordered for MSRP by the way). One yellow loaded big tire and toys Bronco 4 door on the showroom floor with a 25k “Market Value Add-On”. Final price…$81,000!! If that’s not insane, I don’t know what is. But again, it just arrived from the Factory and will be gone shortly as this area has more “endless pocketbooks” than price conscious consumers. And the cycle continues.

  10. Mindbreaker

    What they need to do is put some small in-wheel motors in the back. They don’t have to be strong. Even 30hp each would be fine. The improvement on dirt roads and off-road would be night and day. No, it would not be incredible off-road, but it should be able to handle real world off-road need, and that matters. For those for which off-road is sport, and you look for the worst possible trails, this will never be a good fit.

    1. Robert.Walter

      You might look at the personal ATV market sir.

  11. jeff sproul

    I really like my hybrid XLT Maverick but Ford really needs to do something about the production of the Maverick. Toyota is coming out with a compact hybrid pickup in 2024 which will take away the thunder out of the Maverick and take some customers away who are already waiting too long for their Mavericks.

    1. TOM

      anyone who offers a comparable truck will hit a gold mine, as long as they can deliver, hoping all the excuses will go away but doubt it, whole new marketing strategy in play now, keep us waiting and reduce stock over-runs that need to be sold at discounts

  12. Clydesplace

    I ordered a Ford Maverick on December 15th of last year, and while I knew it would take a while to get (I was originally told around April) I didn’t know it would turn into a record test of endurance.
    Come April, and they hadn’t started the build, I got a call from my dealer telling me that if I dispensed with the luxury package, it would speed up production on my car. It was either that or wait for the 2023 model, so I said okay. I could live without it. April, May, and June came and went. Finally, on July 1st, they started production. I figured it wouldn’t be too much longer. I was wrong. It sat on the lot in Mexico forever and didn’t ship until sometime in August, with a delivery schedule in October. What were they doing? Shipping it by way of Cape Horn? So about 8 weeks after shipping, it finally ended up at the dealers to be prepped for delivery. I didn’t get a notice or a call from Ford or the Dealer.
    So finally, after no word for a couple of weeks, my wife went to the dealership. As it turns out, there was a recall on the side airbags. If they had sped it up and delivered it sooner, I could have been driving it while waiting for the part, but since it was still in possession of the dealer, it had to stay on the lot until they got the part, and it was fixed. And if my wife hadn’t gone to the lot to see what was up, we never would have known this. When will the recall be taken care of? The projection is January 2023. Crap, I should have just kept the luxury package because I sure didn’t get the truck any sooner.
    And now, there’s a second recall. Something about the taillights. So I guess with a little luck I’ll have the truck I ordered last December sometime around Easter 2023. At this rate, I should have traded off for the 2023.

    1. TOM

      i ordered mine 5 days after you and it didn’t have any options, plain jane XLT nothing extra, and i haven’t heard a word much less it being built, delivered and sitting. i’ve been constantly hounding ford and the dealer so count yourself lucky to having it at least exist. mine is dust in the wind

  13. Rich

    I ordered a hybrid lariat September 27 & picked it up last week. Selling my ’05 GMC Sierra which is low miles in great shape, but terrible at the pump. I have almost 600 miles on the hybrid. It’s really a great truck. There are too many tanks out there, but to each their own. No need to climb up and down or pull anything. Fits my needs and apparently alot of people. Dealership

    1. Checkin

      Guessing you paid more than the$5k override.

  14. Singh

    I booked my truck last year in oct. Yesterday I received a call from dealership they said its here. When I went there to buy it they ask me 16k markup price. It’s msrp for XLT 25k they ask me 39050 for XLT hybrid model. I was so disappointed and left my truck without buy it. Even I offered 30k out to door. I have questions you all it’s true they charge me that much even I booked online and wait for one year.

  15. donnie

    took six days to turn-big deal, it took over a year to get with noooooooooo customer service during the wait for our order-ford has nooooooooooo customer service-I doubt they even read this blog—- oh, buy the way ford stands for figure out receiving??????????? date

  16. donnie

    why is ford not holding dealers accountable to msrp–oh, that’s right they can’t or they won’t—someday this truck will not be popular and folks will remember how ford treated them-criminal–oh, by the way I have a snowblower you can buy. you just might have to wait three winters and a FEW MARK UPS IN PRICE TO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO FARLEY

  17. donnie

    ford has nooooooooo customer service or loyalty to their buyers—————-why-corporate greed supplemented by the taxpayer when ever they get in a jammmmmmmmmm–13 months and waiting–ps it was shipped a month ago, from where???????????

  18. donnie

    truck arrived 13 months two weeks later-dealer did not call-found out on my own-dealer says I cannot have truck yet because ford has an issue with electric brake on tow package-unknown when updATE WILL BE COMPLETE-gotta love ford and farley-at least I can drive it someday and flip it down the road for all my troubles-this is fords new way of doing business-they do not care about losing a loyal customer because they can always find another sucker-be ware for those that ordered full size spare-it is full size but not same size as vehicle tires-a play on words by ford

  19. david

    When are u going to stop blowing smoke and get my maverick built


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