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2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition Is Dealer Stock Only

The 2023 Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport Heritage variants were revealed back in August as retro-inspired throwbacks to the original 1966 model, adding a host of special features including a series of white accents. However, while 2023 Bronco orders in general are limited to carryover order holders and dealer stock only – not new customers – there is an important asterisk that pertains to the 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition – it’s only available as dealer stock, not for retail orders, as Bronco Nation recently reminded us.

This is an important distinction, as FoMoCo’s retail ordering system apparently let some customers order a 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition, and the automaker even sent order confirmation emails afterward. However, those orders have either already been canceled or will be canceled, which means that those customers will want to ensure that they change their order to another trim level before November 21st, as all carryover orders not converted to the 2023 model year will be canceled on that date.

Ford will produce a grand total of 3,932 Bronco Heritage Limited Edition models across two model years – which consists of 1,966 two-door and 1,966 four-door SUVs. Dealers are expected to get at least one unit each for either the 2023 or 2024 model year, and they’ll be allowed to sell those units to anyone. Neither the Heritage nor the Heritage Limited will be eligible for plan pricing, however, which is often the case with popular or limited production models.

The Heritage Edition models will be getting the dual top option, which consists of the black soft top and Oxford White-painted hardtop, while the Heritage Limited will be available in a new color – Peak Blue – for the 2024 model year. Meanwhile, Bronco dealer stock in general remains in short supply, which means that it likely won’t be easy to find a Heritage Limited model – particularly at sticker price.

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  1. Bronco Billy

    I think making it dealer stock only will likely result in it being marked up much more than if it would be if customers could order it. I say this based on what we’ve seen to date on dealer mark-ups.

  2. Chupacabra

    With each dealer getting just one of these perhaps over two years, these will be marked up out the wazoo.

  3. Gerard P Kehoe

    We Love our 2022 Bronco Sport velocity blue we call it BLUEY! With the small engine
    We get great gas mileage. Rides smoothly
    and quiet I Hope Ford is SMART enough to stay away from electric vehicles! China has
    Tens of thousands of cars in junk yards with
    Dead BATTERYS that Costs more to replace
    For owners than the vehicle is worth!

  4. Deborah Sutphin

    I wish Ford would have done a lottery for the limited editions. If a person order a Heritage Edition, not limited, for 2023 then they would be put into a lottery for a limited edition. It would have been more fair than relying on who has the most money and can pay 25 plus more thousand of dollars over MRSP.

  5. Dave Roland

    I have been trying to get a Bronco since 3/21. When I call Fords customer service I was told a list of reasons for the delay. However, they can offer a Heritage Edition for 2023 and not get my simple Bronco that went from a ’21 then a ’22 and now a ’23 , and probably someone will be able to purchase and get a Heritage Edition before I get my Bronco. You would think Ford would deliver to the customer who started the process in 2021. If it is true there were chip delays and other items causing the delay how are they going to be able to make the 2023 Heritage before they finish all the other orders.

    1. Jim Elsasser

      I ordered my 2 door Big Bend min Oct 2021. After a year of waiting and having to reorder a 2023, I found a name and email address for a V P at Ford Corporate. Sent an email and things started happening. Took delivery in February

  6. Rod

    One thing for sure ford has abandoned its true blue customers. No v8 and only high reving turbo motors. Just the opposite of what a bronco was about.

  7. Lisa FormerFordOwner

    So frustrating. I’m 53 years old and have never owned a non Ford vehicle. I currently have a 21 Bronco, which I love. However, I don’t foresee playing the “dangle, order, cancel, look, it’s the heritage, oh wait, one per dealership…
    Over it!

  8. Wendylou

    I have a 21 Ford Bronco Sport First Edition/Area 51 and I love it!! Bought it in March 2021 and we’ve been on countless trips outta state, to the snow and to play in the mud. I have people ask me all of the time if I would sell it and that’s a NO. I put my deposit down at my dealership for the Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition!!! It’s the Robin’s Egg, 2 Door, Hard Top. I can’t wait : )


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