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2023 Ford Escape Production Pushed Back Six Weeks

Though the 2023 Ford Escape has yet to be officially unveiled, order banks for the refreshed crossover opened up at select dealers back on September 19th, as Ford Authority originally reported back in June. Production was slated to begin at the Louisville Assembly plant on November 1st, but sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that 2023 Ford Escape production has now been pushed back by a grand total of six weeks.

Now, 2023 Ford Escape production is scheduled to begin on December 12th, 2022, over a month after the previously expected date. Of course, as is always the case, this date is subject to change once again – particularly as FoMoCo continues to battle various supply chain issues, so it may not be set in stone, either.

When it does launch, the 2023 Ford Escape will introduce a number of changes to the long-running crossover, including revised interior and exterior styling. These updates also include the addition of standard LED headlampsan upgraded Ford Co-Pilot360 safety system that adds rear cross-traffic braking, a standard eight-inch digital instrument panel, and standard eight-inch or optional 13.2 inch infotainment screens. The refreshed model is also getting a completely revamped trim level lineup, with the plug-in hybrid now standing alone on its own and the Active joining the lineup, though that particular trim is just an appearance upgrade and not a more capable off-roader like its European counterpart.

While the Escape is getting new trims and regaining its mini spare tire that was deleted for the 2021 model year, the crossover is also missing a few notable features. That includes an option for all-wheel drive on the PHEV, the previously-available MyKey, and Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free highway driving feature.

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  1. mfornett

    Ford needs to get a handle on it’s procurement and launch teams as well as reliability teams or it’s stock is going straight to the bottom.
    I know they are working on this but firing ICE engineers is probably not a good start.

    1. Robert.Walter

      Except an ICE engineer doesn’t really deal with the issues you mentioned.

      1. mfornetti

        So you are telling me they don’t know quality, procurement or manufacturing processes?

      2. mfornetti

        I will also bet you that the Ford supply chain team members were rewarded mostly on pure cost and not quality.
        They could not make the transition from supplier qualification on prototype quality to full blown production quality.
        The Bronco top is probably the poster child for Fords supplier qualification process.

        1. Robert.Walter

          While it probably can happen, it is rare for a new supplier, without a passing Quality System Survey, or demonstrable success supplying a similar commodity can get a production contract on the basis of prototype parts. By the time you are supplying pre production hardware you are most likely the production supplier.

          Of course MP&L are graded on initial price and ongoing productivity, but they are just a part of the sourcing team, other parts who are on the sourcing teams are STA and PD.

          As you might guess, these other team members are graded on metrics related to their core functions.

          I imagine it will be a while before we hear exactly what caused Webasto to stumble, but while it complicated things, it was resolved in a relatively short time, customers were made whole with new tops and, in the process, many got a soft top assembly for free.

  2. what

    Now tell me something surprising

  3. SWFescape

    Tucson Hybrid doesn’t look very reasonable as a alternative. While you can get one, it has a $5k dealer add on here locally for a pile of stuff I don’t want.

  4. jbbooky

    It’s a homely looking thing

    1. Chris

      Better than the ’22 but still homely.

  5. MK

    Why only select dealers that can order a new 2023 Escape ?. Seems Ford can’t manage anything well. Was going to order a 23 Escape hybrid , but I guess I will just keep my 2019 Nautilus and forget about ordering anything new from Ford. No order banks open in my location in Florida. Makes sense since Ford market share is non existent here in Florida except for F150s . I will begin looking at Kia and Hyundai for a replacement , better styling , features and pricing lower than A plan too. My Ford loyalty has ended . If they ever launch anything new with better styling , maybe I will return , but not likely

    1. SWFescape

      Hi MK, I checked with my sales agent here this morning in Lee County and no new updates. They have only just reopened after Ian and he said he would check again. I find the select dealers also puzzling. I haven’t called them, but Lakeland Ford seems to be taking reservations and has some pricing up

  6. M

    What are your thoughts, realistically, on delivery date if I just placed an order on 2023 Escape PHEV now?

    1. Becky Hays

      Uh, I ordered a 2022 Escape PHEV in February and they still don’t have parts. If they are backlogged 7+ months on 22s, > cut see anybody getting a 23 in a reasonable time frame unless Ford has a trick up its sleeve.

  7. laura kolberg

    I have had 3 Escapes and been very pleased. Ordered the 2023 and wanted silve ice blue-dealer said it is no longer availabe-yet posted as such all over web-what’s the deal-available in this color or not?

    1. SB

      According to the 2023 Escape Canadian Order Sheet the following colours are deleted: a) Stone Blue Metallic and b) Iced Blue Metallic. Added Colours are: a) Cinnabar Red Metallic and b) Vapour Blue Metallic.

  8. Hi

    My sixth sense told me not to wait for a 2023. Glad I didn’t. Got a black 2022 SEL Stealth Edition last week.

  9. KH

    Ordered the vapor blue hybrid 9/20/22– was told to expect it by March– and no idea what that color actually looks like, nor the updated exterior.
    Wish I could get a 22 but no hybrid SEL’s in the surrounding 150 miles since January……

  10. Mikey Smith

    MP2 (what most folks would call Job #1) is now December 19. OKTB (OK to ship and buy) is usually about a month later. I wouldn’t be surprised if it MP2 gets further pushed to after the Xmas shutdown.


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