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2023 Ford F-150 Lariat To Drop Super Cab Configuration

Ford has made it no secret that it intends to simplify its new vehicle lineup, particularly in terms of ICE-powered models, which CEO Jim Farley recently referred to as “too complex.” As a result, fewer new vehicle configurations are landing on dealer lots, with inventory consisting of better-selling combinations of models and features, while Blue Oval vehicles in general will sport fewer configurations moving forward. As Ford Authority reported back in March, those changes could also mean that the Ford F-Series lineup may be dropping some cab configurations as fewer customers opt for regular cab pickups or even Super Cab models. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that this is indeed becoming true, as the 2023 Ford F-150 Lariat will drop its Super Cab configuration for the new model year.

This move means that the 2023 Ford F-150 Lariat will only be available in one cab configuration – SuperCrew – as it currently isn’t sold in regular cab guise. In that regard, the F-150 Lariat joins a couple of other Blue Oval products that are also only available in SuperCrew configuration, such as the Ford Maverick and Ford F-150 Lightning.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Ford F-150 lineup has been simplified in a number of other ways, as Ford Authority has reported over the past few weeks. The range-topping Limited trim is only available as a hybrid with four-wheel drive for 2023, while the Tremor is dropping its 400A Standard configuration for the new year, a move that also affects the Raptor, which is no longer available with the less expensive 800A Standard Equipment Group.

The simplification of The Blue Oval’s ICE lineup continued with the reveal of the all-new 2023 Ford Super Duty as well. After the 2022 Super Duty King Ranch and Platinum trims dropped two-wheel drive in favor of standard four-wheel drive, the 2023 model took things further by making the latter standard on the XLT trim and up, which leaves the entry-level, work truck-oriented XL as the only version of the pickup that’s available with two-wheel drive.

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  1. Matt R

    Well, that’s just plain stupid. If Ford maintains it’s position as sales leader it will be a miracle. I personally like the size of the super cab and 6 foot bed. I don’t need a crew cab, and a 5 foot bed is too small. Also, dropping 2 wheel drive from everything but the bottom of the barrel XL? This forces people who want a nice truck for highway use to shop other brands. Stupid Ford.

    1. Mike

      I couldn’t agree with you more, as a professional construction Superintendent, I have had the SUPERCAB with the 6.5 foot body configuration on the past 4 trucks in the lariat trim, it’s the perfect classy interior, for the weekends, and for all my survey equipment with the rear seats up for work. Those crew cabs with the 5.5 foot body are useless, especially when you need to have a saddle toolbox right behind the cab. These full four door trucks with that extra short body where made for people who do not need a truck!! Time to look at other manufacturers.

    2. Ron

      I won’t buy the four-door club cab .I only like the super cab. Or I’ll just keep my truck I got now till the wheels fall off

  2. Bobby S

    You’ll buy what we say you’ll buy and be happy for the privilege. No thanks.

  3. Mark

    Some people are short sighted

  4. Rick

    I have a 2022 Ford F-150 lariat super cab with the high end 502A package. I have no need for a super crew and I can certainly haul large items with the 6 1/2 foot bed. Super crew is a waste of money for me as I spent those dollars on other options such as getting the lariat over my previous truck which was an XLT.

  5. Robert Miller

    Give me a work/ window van with the best__ at least 25 MPG, POWER BOOST with 7.2 kw option and the best tow 12,000 and fold down/removable seats to a 8-10 ft + deck length out of the weather and exposure to thieves. I don’t care about a marshmallow ride and frickin buttons and automatic do-dads that go haywire in 5 years. Lights are a maintenance nightmare on older FoMoCo vehicles.

  6. Dave

    I have 7 new Ford f-150 supercabs since 1993 last 3 lariats no NEED for crewcab

  7. Bill

    Drop super cab, drop me as a customer. Four door truck is just overkill for most daily uses.

  8. David Dickinson II

    Funny that every time Ford drops a configuration, your only “choice” is the most expensive configuration. Farley is greatly overestimating Ford’s importance in the market. Further, one of Ford’s strongest selling points is that you can order a Ford vehicle exactly how you want it. If Ford is moving to the Japanese model of a just handful of configurations, then they are giving up their unique selling proposition.

  9. Greg G.

    I will not be buying the Crew Cab, Supercab is for me! Is there anything else Ford can do to run loyal customers off?

  10. MikeB

    GM is going up the same rabbit hole-if you buy a new GMC truck, you have to buy a mandatory 3 year subscription for OUTDATED OnStar.iPhone can handle almost every feature OnStar can. That adds $900.-1800. to every truck I buy.

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      Just me thinking out loud, but, I think as word spreads about mandatory OnStar – not limited to GMC by the way – GM will end up backing off VERY fast. I was considering waiting for the ’23 Traverse to get to my Friendly Neighborhood Chevrolet Dealer ™ but when I found out OnStar was mandatory. I called my salesman and said don’t bother to call when one came in.

  11. Steven Banks

    Well I guess I wont be buying a Ford ever again no supercab in lariat. Farley’s full of crap. I will also sell my stock
    I will drive my 2017 until it expires or I do. I was so looking forward to a superduty Lariat. I hope you chock on your lightnings Farley.

    1. Michael Collins

      You can still get a supercab Lariat super duty.

  12. John Begin

    I have a 2017 Lariat Super Cab and will not be buying a crew cab. I think Ford may lose quite a few customers over this one. I agree with David’s comments completely.

  13. Metty Aloys

    I understand the loyalty to super cab as I have the same to the SuperCrew. I would look elsewhere if Ford had dropped that. Just saying that folks have their needs and until 2023, Ford always filled them. It’s a game changer. I hope the little folks in the dark room know what their doing but it is not a decision based on customer wants, it’s based on accounting. That is always a bad road to follow. I am glad the SuperCrew is continuing however but am sympathetic to my brother drivers

  14. Gao

    Newer ford’s are out of the question for me. I’m a supercab xlt 8 foot bed. It took me over a year to find my 2016 f150. Its such a shame that its become impossible to find a FULL SIZE f150 and dealers always say they have full size pickups and I get there and it’s a 6 and a half foot bed. That’s Not Full Size

  15. James

    Bad move Ford Motor Co, you will regret it.

  16. Enroll Doss

    If you are are doing an article about the elimination of the SuperCab from the Lariat trim level, wouldn’t it make sense to have a picture of a Supercab, rather than pictures of SuperCrews?

  17. Deadarmadillo

    I have a Super Duty, Super Crew, Lariat with a 6 foot bed. Works for me. I’ve never been sure why anyone would want a Super Cab, but that’s just me.

  18. Pete20637

    Super Crew has far more structural integrity than a supercab. Admittedly, most people don’t purchase a truck with the expectation of a rollover or being T boned, but it does happen. Notice that when Ford and other brand pick ups are valuated for safety ratings, it’s always a crew cab.


    Well heck, I really use my Super Cab for work in our Forestry/Farm work.
    The smaller 5.5 bed will not work at all, we have shovells and tools with handles longer than 5.5 feet. This makes no sense at all that you can order a less expensive interior on an XL OR XLT

  20. Jerry napier

    Dropping the supercab will drop me as a customer I guess I’ll have to go to dodge or Chevrolet for my new trucks want to or not

  21. Bill

    No Lariat F150 supercab? Guess its time to look elseware, or just keep this 21 forever..

  22. Ken

    This is a really bad move on Ford’s part. I guess I’ll have to buy some beater car to drive around to save my 2022 crew cab lariat forever. 5.5 foot bed won’t haul much firewood or a snowmobile. Hey Ford, time for a new CEO!!??

  23. Edward D Dougherty

    I have no use for a crew cab. I like my super cab with the 6.5′ bed. It’s a 2017 XLT and I wanted to upgrade to the Lariat. I’ve owned Ford trucks since 1977. I never considered another manufacturer until now.


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