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2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Production Information Revealed: Video

Thus far, the Ford F-150 Lightning has proven an elusive buy for interested shoppers, thanks mostly to the fact that demand for the EV pickup far exceeds the automaker’s production capacity. With dealer inventory turning in just eight days as well and order banks for the fleet-focused Pro with the extended range battery already closed, many have been left wondering if and when they’ll be able to get their hands on a 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning, even as production is expected to reach 150k units next year. Now, Long McArthur Ford in Salina, Kansas has revealed much of this information in the informative video below.

Those that have a current reservation will be invited to submit an order for a 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning based on their reservation timestamp, with those invitations going out in waves, as was previously the case, mostly so that Ford can keep an eye on which configurations buyers are opting for and build them accordingly. Everyone – regardless of which dealership their reservation was placed with – will be invited to order their vehicle by the summer of 2023, however, which is good news for everyone looking to secure the EV pickup.

The next wave of order conversion invitations is set to go out today, October 17th, and while the Pro is sold out for the 2023 model year, the XLT will be coming back at some point. Those that get an invitation to place an order will want to do so as quickly as possible, as Ford plans on building those vehicles in the order that they’re received.

Aside from this information, the video also covers some info pertaining to 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning production, which shows that FoMoCo still plans on ramping up to 150k units by the end of the calendar year. A total of 30 percent of 2023 MY production will take place in the first eight months of the year, with the remaining 70 percent following in the final four months after the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center receives a changeover in June and July to accommodate this ramp up. Finally, 2024 F-150 Lightning production is expected to begin in November 2023, at which point it seems that the automaker will finally be caught up on its carryover orders.

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  1. Stephen

    I live in Maine and my son lives in Massachusetts neither one of us has seen a Ford Lightening on the road, We have seen Teslas, BMWSs, Rivians, Lucids Mache and Bolts Where are all the Fords going?

    1. John B

      Not trying to take a stand for Ford, but I live 18mi out of Boston and have seen more Lightnings of late in the suburbs. Saw Rivians back in the summer, but now more Lightnings. 4-1. Could be because Rivians are more adventure 3rd or 4th vehicle vs Lightning a 2nd or 3rd vehicle in the home? Dunno…just wanted to share what I have seen in the Boston suburbs.

    2. JPD

      I’ve had one since June in south central PA and after 5000 miles I’ve only seen a single other one and that was in my neighborhood. There aren’t that many on the road at this point. Delivering about ~2,500 per month since June.

  2. JRC

    Canceled my reservation for a Lightning a couple weeks ago based on completing a survey from Ford saying no chance of getting a Pro model until at least 2024 model. Price increases also didn’t help, although I’m sure a good portion of it is legit based on current supply issues.
    Communication from Ford Motors had been very poor (essentially non existent) up to that point. Might be better off waiting in the long run since I’m sure there will be better battery technology or eventually H2 options before too long.
    I’d be curious as to how many reservations have been canceled.

    1. JPD

      My guess is that Ford has lost a lot of Lightning reservations due to long waits, price increases and realization that it’s completely impractical to tow outside of single charge range (which is as short as 100 miles with a heavy trailer). That said, they are long way from meeting demand despite those issues and people are flipping $80k Lariat Lightning for over $100k on sites like bringatrailer. That said, I think in a couple years we’re going to see the ~$100k EV truck market saturated with Chevy and Ram entering the space. These are just too expensive for most people.

    2. George

      Fixing to cancel mine: VW seem to move much faster and they do not change the price.

  3. George

    I’ve deposited a place holder over one year and a half ago. Since, the price of Lighting has been increased twice. I am afraid that when my turn to order comes, I’ll turn down the invitation. I do not like the lack of integrity this business is displaying. For me the hundred dollars I put down was an Earnest Money Deposit, that guaranteed me a contractual price. Changing the deal, is breaking the deal. Whichever way, I’ve already started looking for alternatives.


    I don’t think Ford can deliver its promise on Lightning orders ,don’t waste your time .

    1. Robert.Walter

      Ok, then, please extend your expert forecast and hella unique punctuation, and tell us: who’s product should one buy instead?

  5. Bill Byrne

    you could not even get a pro at $40,000 now I hear they went up about $12,000 in one year,and cant even get the 2022 , as bad as the maverick, we waited one year and NO maverick !!

  6. Drake

    Now I understand Ford’s wave analogy. A wave set is 3 to 10 large waves varying in height, length, and interval. Using an analogous oceanic space time continuum, we should see enough F150 Lightnings for sale by 2025,… maybe.


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