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2023 Ford F-350 Platinum Tremor: Real World Photo Gallery

The all-new 2023 Ford Super Duty was revealed late last month touting fresh styling inside and out, a host of new tech features, a brand new powerplant, and various other tweaks that are designed to keep the popular pickup competitive in a heated segment. After spotting numerous 2023 Super Duty prototypes driving around prior to the model’s debut, Ford Authority spies have now spotted a 2023 Ford F-350 Platinum Tremor finished in the new hue dubbed Azure Gray out in the wild, giving us a good look at this particular configuration.

One of the most obvious changes present on this 2023 Ford F-350 Platinum Tremor – as well as the rest of the redesigned Super Duty lineup – is its front end design, which has changed quite a bit over the current-gen model. C-clamp headlights frame a new front grille design, mimicking a look that’s already quite common across The Blue Oval’s pickup lineup.

Moving down the side, we get a better look at the 2023 Super Duty’s new cab, which is completely different from the one present on the current model. Additionally, the Super Duty gets a brand new bedside step, which makes accessing items in the bed much easier. In addition to these updates, the Tremor gets some more specific features, such as a front-end lift, unique 18-inch wheels, and 35-inch Goodyear tires.

In the rear, we can clearly see the Super Duty’s new taillight design, as well as steps that are integrated into the rear bumper. Additionally, the truck features an enhanced, integrated tailgate step that provides a new take on an ages-old Blue Oval feature. Other Tremor-specific goods present that we can’t see include a uniquely-tuned suspension, a Dana front axle with a limited-slip differential and axle vent tubes, Trail Turn Assist, and selectable drive modes including Rock Crawl. A front e-locker also remains a possibility for the Tremor at some point in the future, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month.

Blue Oval engineers beefed up the 2023 Super Duty’s frame to make it more capable in terms of towing, and the redesigned pickup utilizes Ford’s new Fully Networked Vehicle (FNV) electrical architecture, which protects the pickup against hackers and cyber attacks, but also promises to make things a bit tougher on third-party tuners.

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  1. shawn

    Notice the custom Drivers side rear bumper with a unique Crease and one off special Plastic Step that the Crease continues into! Hit and run? Reverse sensor not being used? Forklift?

  2. Bill

    Stripping away the hype, are any of these new features any big deal? Which new feature excites you the most, if any?
    I want a 2023 Platinum, preferably F450 but I’m hearing rumors that 2023 F450 won’t be offered in King Ranch and above. I’m not too optimistic about Ford’s ability to meet demand on upper trim 350’s.

  3. Dapper Don

    I pray they will finally be able to deliver the King Ranch. I have heard King ranch and above will no be able to be ordered for another few months. I really hope this is not true.

  4. Absul

    One word – UglyDuty. They even managed to screw up the tremor version

    1. Betterlatethanever

      So that males my 2022 worth more if they ever build it ?

  5. Bob Thorton

    This might be Ford’s worst looking truck in decades. Every little thing is awful… the halogen lights, heck even the led lights, and all those cheap looking steps 🤢

  6. Glenn

    So, what exactly does “the cab is completely new” mean? On the outside it still looks like that on my 2022 Lariat Crew Cab.

  7. Lurch

    What’s next, a Tremor version of a Peterbilt? A Kenworth Raptor? It’s a work truck, or maybe a huge recreational trailer hauler, not a hot rod.

  8. Frank

    when will order banks close out? Any idea when production times will improve?

  9. Darrow linn

    I hope the side bed steps aren’t standard equipment. They look like crap.

  10. Jon Doe

    Avoid Ford! They have fired more than 5,000 American workers and open new Mexico engineering office for 9,000 employees. Ford spent 950 million renovating the Detroit Train station for offices!


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