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2023 Ford Maverick Build And Price Configurator Is Now Live

Entering its second model year, the Ford Maverick remains as hot as ever, which prompted FoMoCo to close order banks after they were open for a mere week. As the automaker faces a massive backlog of carryover 2022 model year orders and a record number of new ones, it will take some time for supply to catch up with demand. Regardless, for those that are able to secure a 2023 Ford Maverick, it’s worth noting that the truck’s build and price configurator is now live, giving them a chance to spec out their prospective new ride online.

Those in the market for a 2023 Ford Maverick will find a handful of changes have taken place for the new model year, starting with a noticeable price hike across the board, ranging from $1,095 for the XLT and Lariat up to $1,200 for the base XL trim. However, The Blue Oval did make the turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost I-4 a no-cost option on all trims, while Lariat EcoBoost models now come standard with all-wheel drive.

2023 Ford Maverick shoppers will also be able to choose from a few new packages, including the Black Appearance Package, as well as the Tremor Off-Road Package and Tremor Off-Road Appearance Package. Additionally, XL-trimmed Mavericks have also gained standard cruise control for 2023, while the XLT Luxury Package has dropped several features that were formerly available, and the Maverick is gaining a depopulated key, as Ford Authority reported last week. However, supply constraints currently affect nearly every option available on the compact pickup.

2023 Ford Maverick production was recently pushed back several weeks and is currently scheduled to begin at the Hermosillo Assembly plant in Mexico on November 14th, 2022.

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  1. Mike

    What use is this, when the order book for 2023 Mavericks is closed?

    1. Wayne E.Kirby

      I read on Ford website yesterday that the 2023 Maverick order book is reopening Eather 10-24-22 ! It could have been 10-22-22 I forgot wich . prices have gone up a little !

  2. Nathan

    This has been open for a week now.

  3. Tony

    A little late my dealership called me to the store asap and tried to converse my 2022 order but they didn’t do it ended up $1000 more than last year nothing changed in my order other than 2023 hybrid I was one of 3 that went through before they cut the dealer off 18 other 2022 conversions didn’t make the cut they dealer said if you get it this time and don’t want it I have 18 other people ready to buy it from you.

  4. Gabor

    Books closed for the hybrids. Lesson for all You to order:
    Ordered my hybrid 06/24/2021. Ford manufactured the truck 06/18/22. Took over three month to deliver to SF Bay Area 09/28/22. Can’t take delivery due to front airbag module recall, letter from Ford about the fix Q1, 2023. Will the battery die by that time? A year to make after pre-order and over 9 month to delivery? Think of another truck! Ridiculous! If You have two years, order it!

  5. Mike Herren

    I gave up on the Maverick. Ended up buying a near new 2021 Ranger, has options I couldn’t even get on a Maverick and I’m getting 30mpg on highway. Glad I couldn’t get a Maverick.

  6. Pete Jenkins

    Again, what use is the Build & Price for the 2023 Maverick orders were closed a month ago? Please explain .

  7. Gary

    Why didn’t Ford automatically turn the 22 orders into a 23 if there’s $1,000 difference they should eat that for making you wait a year take care of the 22 orders before 23 orders

  8. Bobby Fain


  9. kevin

    and we all still want one. ugh

  10. TOM

    1st-ford develops an inexpensive alternative to the outlandishly priced trucks of todays market (as nice as they are) and can’t predict that they’ll skyrocket in popularity and they assign the build facility that builds the least number of vehicles of any ford plant and dedicates it to a single production line along side the even more popular Bronco
    2nd-tells customers that it shouldn’t take more than 8 weeks to build and deliver
    3rd-once orders take off and overwhelm capability they go into a total information blackout
    4th-they have customers drop some of their ordered options “so we can deliver sooner”
    5th- they start just taking options off the table making them completely unavailable wait or not
    6th-allow dealerships to charge well over MSRP, spouting that the dealerships have that right and once the outrage became overwhelming they start the “name match” program, it was a positive step but dealerships quickly found ways to skirt the program and back to scalping the customers (put 500 miles on it and now it’s used and selling at market pricing-way over MSRP)
    7th-openning the order banks knowing they’re not able to complete current orders anywhere near the new model year startup date, then slamming it back closed due to the rush. now leaving order holders totally in the dark on what’s going on with an impending rollover allowing misinformation to confuse and frustrate everyone.
    8th-now taking a basic feature like the key away, man, when is it ever going to end, take take take and giving us nothing but wait and see, MAYBE!!!

  11. Alvin collins

    Everyone should stop buying them.No one can tell me Ford didn’t know they would sell like they did,they knew it,They could have made
    The Ford Escort with the same options and priced it the same and would have sold,it’s all about the price point! Call it anything,a Mustang Focus $19995,it would sell Come on Ford,your buyers aren’t totally stupid


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