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2023 Ford Super Duty Features An All-New Cab

The 2023 Ford Super Duty is an all-new model, representing a redesign for the popular pickup, even though it may look quite a bit like the current-gen example. There are many new features present throughout the 2023 Super Duty that differentiate it from its predecessor, however, and that list includes a brand new cab, too.

“Yeah so the cab is new, it has the P702 F-150 cab and also even the interior,” Ford Super Duty engineering manager, Aaron Bresky, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, at the truck’s reveal in Kentucky. “It’s not the P558 wrapped up in new jeans and a pair of shoes, it is a significant change.”

Aside from its brand new cab, the 2023 Ford Super Duty is also equipped with a host of other new features, including an enhanced, integrated tailgate step, as well as a brand new 6.8L V8 as the model’s standard powerplant – a notable detail that Ford Authority was the first to report. That particular engine doesn’t have a name like most of The Blue Oval’s other offerings, however. One notable omission from the new Super Duty is Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free highway driving feature, partly because it isn’t currently operable with a trailer.

2023 Ford Super Duty

Because Super Duty owners tend to tow a lot with their pickups, that was a no-go, and also the reason why Ford chose to beef up the frame of the new pickup, as Ford Authority reported last month. But when it comes to the off-road-focused Tremor, Ford remains open to the possibility of offering it with a front electronic-locking differential, a feature that’s present in several of the model’s competitors including the refreshed 2024 Chevy Silverado ZR2 and 2024 GMC Sierra AT4X – which have a front e-locker differential – as well as the Ram 2500 Power Wagon, which is equipped with an electronic-locking front differential.

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  1. Tim

    When are books supposed to open for ordering? It was Sept, then Oct, then Oct 17. Any update?

    1. Dapper Don

      I would like to know as well. I have heard Oct 17th then now I’m hearing Oct 27th but that’s only for XL, XLT and Lariat. Any news on the King Ranch?

    2. Kris Kline

      Dealer told me January 2033 for ordering.

  2. Dapper Don

    Is there a way to suggest to Ford to add the option on delivery? I was wanting to know if possibly not to pay almost $2K for delivery, but let’s have a option to pickup at the factory and have a tour the day of the pickup. Thanks in advance.

    1. Chris Blanchard

      Destination/Delivery is flat rated in the Lower 48. Back when I was selling Fords, I worked at a dealership that was six miles from TwinCities Assembly, home of the Ranger at the time. I had a customer upset that it cost as much as California-bound Rangers; he was hoping to save a few bucks by ordering from us rather than his local dealer.

    2. Ryan

      Sounds simple….but it’s a mess. All the dealer prep would have to be done at the factory, which means they’d need a seperate area added to the plant off the main assembly line. Paperwork area for you to sign for it. Etc. And the factory tour is it’s own mess, most plants are set up for it. Safety risks, liability, getting in the way of production, proprietary stuff that needs to be hidden, etc. As you said, Chevy does it. John Deere does it. But it’s a big ordeal to set all that up

  3. Ross

    This is one badass looking truck!!
    First time I’ve looked again since it was released, looks tough. Hopefully they bring it to Aus

  4. Michael J Genzale

    This is the second generation Super Duty that shares its cab with the F Series. Makes perfect sense, as the F Series cabs where/are great. It’s the parts you don’t see that make the Super Duty, mmmm, SUPER!.
    Going back some, my customers would sometime be surprised to find going from an F150 Super Cab to Super Duty Super Cab the rear leg room was less, pop out 1/4 windows instead of role downs….

    1. Robert.Walter

      Agreed. Nothing really new. More like a return to what was common.

      Folks that go back far enough know that Ford used to use elements of the F-Series cabs on the medium duty trucks.

    2. Jay

      You do know that a super duty IS a F series truck ? F150, F250, F350, F450…see how that works 😂🤣🤣.

  5. Eps

    Yes, I would like to know when the order banks are supposed to open for the F350 King Ranch and above as well. We checked the Ford website last night as I thought it was October 17th but it’s still only the ’22s.

  6. Robert

    Is the 6.8 Flex Fuel? – the 6.2 was

  7. James

    Local dealer says they will take 23 Super Duty orders on 27 October. Take that FWIW. At least these guys near me don’t do mark ups and let you look over their shoulder at the order bank stuff.

  8. Scot

    Ordered 2022 F250 Lariat (7.3) black appearance oackage on 12/4/21. Ford says they will build it week of 12/5/22. It’s going to be at least 13 months from order to delivery. I’m not taking it when it comes in. Already bought a 2022 GMC 2500HD AT4. I bet a lot of people that ordered 22’s and waited a year will change their mind and go with a 2023.

  9. Dapper Don

    Thanks for all the insight, Didn’t think about all that crap in just getting a vehicle from the factory. Sounds like the dealerships have built regulations to protect them for the long run.

  10. evaristoadorno

    will the 2023 F-350 come with the crew cab and the 8 foot box

  11. Brennan

    Could look a little less like a Chevy..would be just fine.

  12. Gerald Polidore

    I’m like Scott.Ordered a 22 F-350 Platinum Dually on 03/30/2022 and I have received three different build dates. The latest is the week of Nov.14,2022.Why should I want that vehicle when the 2023 with ALL of the UPGRADES is now Announced. I think Ford should Move ALL of the people like myself to the All New 2023 First!! That’s 8 months of waiting,and I will get an Outdated Vehicle Immediately. Maybe rethink this situation Mr.Farley.

  13. Lamin G

    “All-new” model? Maybe…IF, as suggested in the article, the change to, and/or removal of elements “under the skin” [Examples: all-new engine, chassis, suspensions, etc.] were “significant enough” to justify designating the most recent release a “new” model as opposed to a “facelift.”

    An “all-new cab”? Definitely not. The cab has certainly been around long enough for anyone with even the slightest knowledge of automobiles to realize right away that it is NOT “all-new.” Is not being “all-new” a bad thing in and of itself ? Nope, as long as the designers have *listened* to objections or concerns of customers who have already purchased the company’s models or designs and have made only the necessary alterations. There should be no shame in acknowledging that a well-liked prior design has been “updated” to address customers’ concerns and, yes, as a cost-saving strategy. To put it another way: “killing two birds with one stone.”

    It’s time for large corporations like Ford and media writers to stop fooling readers [and/or users] into believing they don’t know any better.

  14. Mike

    Did you do away with 10 speed transmission? Need to go back to 6 speed. Less problems then

  15. Jim Pence

    I have a 2022 F-350 platinum and it’s going into the shop for the 4th time for problems with the tranny, auto headlight work when they want too, they’ve looked at them for the 3rd time. Ford need’s to stop thinking outside the box and keep what work’s with less problems. You know the old saying if it’s not broke don’t fix it. The price is getting WAY out of hand on a thing that’s a 30,000 mile throw away. I have an 85 one-ton single wheel chevy and it’s still going strong with NO problem’s.

    1. Johnny

      Got my build order from ford today they say mid June in my 23 F350 lariat

    2. Stephen smith

      I have a 2022 F-350 DRW Lariat I bought off the lot in Oct 2022. The trans shifts hard between 8th & 9th gears at full throttle. What trans issues are you having??

  16. danny

    Ordered a 2022 platinum f350 11/16/2021, Still haven’t hear squat. All they can tell me is it was still in the order bank. Now its pushed to a 2023 and I saw the higher trims wont be build til spring. So even if it comes first thing ill still be waiting about 18 months. Absolutely ridiculous.


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