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2023 Ford Super Duty Order Banks Will Open Up This Week

As Ford Authority reported back in July, 2023 Ford Super Duty order banks were previously expected to open up this month, on October 17th. However, just yesterday, Ford Authority reported that 2023 Ford Super Duty order banks were scheduled to open up on on November 14th, nearly a month later. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that 2023 Ford Super Duty order banks will open up earlier than expected, after all – on October 27th.

This change was made very recently and moves 2023 Super Duty order banks up significantly, an unusual move given the fact that order banks have commonly been pushed back in this world full of supply chain issues – not the other way around. Regardless, when order banks open later this week, it will be for the entire lineup and all configurations of the popular model.

While it may look somewhat similar to the outgoing, current-gen model, the 2023 Ford Super Duty does offer up a slew of brand new or enhanced features, including a revised tailgate step, an all-new cab, a frame that’s been beefed up to improve towing, and Ford’s Fully Networked Vehicle (FNV) electrical architecture, which helps prevent hackers from gaining access to the vehicle, but also figures to make life a lot tougher on third-party tuners as a result.

Perhaps the biggest news, however, is that the 2023 Super Duty is ditching the old Ford 6.2L V8 for a new 6.8L V8 engine as its standard powerplant, which will enter production at the Windsor Engine plant in January, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month. However, while the new Super Duty offers up plenty of new features, some things will remain the same, including the old tried-and-true column shifter. The all-new model will continue to be produced at the Kentucky Truck plant and Ohio Assembly plant and is expected to launch in early 2023, with some trims and features available starting next spring.

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  1. mfornetti

    That’s two days away.
    Torque and HP numbers????

    1. RWFA

      Torque and HP are … adequate.

  2. ImmortalJman

    I just received my order guide. Many of the past packages and features have been streamlined and made standard on models starting at the Lariat level. I was actually impressed because it includes many of the features I wanted on previous MYs but had to deal with a bunch of other options I didn’t want. As noted, there will be two build banks XL-Lariat, for Job 1; however, it notes that specific options will only be available for Job 2. Specifically, 360 degree trailer camera system, 5th wheel/gooseneck trailer BLIS, Onboard scales and Smart hitch (more on that later), pro-trailer hitch assist and a couple other odds and ins.
    The onboard scale isn’t listed anywhere else. I verified with the dealer; it’s not mentioned in any standards for trims, packages or options, so we have to wait til the system goes live to see where it gets added.
    No where is it specifically mentioned that you can add the multi-contour seats for King Ranch. There is an option to delete them but not one to add it. So, they left the option out on accident (possible) or cut it out in an effort to scale back the trims eligible to have it installed in light of last MY’s issues of having to delete that to deliver the vehicle. Edit: It is now standard on King Ranch whereas it use to be in the King Ranch Ultimate pkg.
    As promised, the high-output diesel is available on all trim levels. No published figures in the guide yet. Something nice to see as well is that the 12in instrument display (not the productivity display) is standard on Lariat and above. The 12in productivity display also standard on Lariat and above as before. I expected it to go along more of the lines how they have outfitted the explorer and such, reserving those things for the only the highest trim levels.
    Now, we wait for the numbers to see what this new level of standard options is going to cost us.

  3. Stacy T

    23’ not likely to get til 2024. My 2022 f450 will be delivered next week. I ordered it in February. Don’t hold your breath.

  4. Turd Ferguson

    No more 10,000 GVWR for an F-350. What a joke. Even F-250’s will have a GVWR above 10,000 lb if you get an XLT Premium package or above. Have fun getting your DOT health cards if you own a buisiness and register it in your buisiness name.

    1. Chad

      How does this impact you if you plan to use the truck for non commercial purposes. Do the same DOT rules apply? Or is it only if you register it through your business?


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