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2024 GMC Sierra HD Debuts As Updated Ford Super Duty Rival

After months of teasing, the 2023 Ford Super Duty was finally unveiled last week, debuting with revised exterior and interior styling along with the all-new 6.8L V8 engine, as Ford Authority exclusively reported. Recently, Ford’s crosstown rival, General Motors, debuted a refreshed 2024 Chevrolet Silverado HD that will go head-to-head with the new Super Duty. Now, The Blue Oval will have one more updated rival in the heavy-duty pickup segment, as GM recently brought the refreshed 2024 GMC Sierra HD to the fight.

The 2024 GMC Sierra HD trim lineup includes Pro, SLE, SLT, AT4, Denali and Denali Ultimate. The off-road-oriented AT4X trim level will arrive later on in the 2024 model year, adding equipment such as tough underbody protection, revised bumpers with greater ground clearance, revised suspension, and Goodyear Territory MT tires and more. The pickup is available in 2500HD and 3500HD models, offered in Regular Cab, Extended Cab and Crew Cab configurations. Dual-rear-wheels are available on 3500HD models, which also offers the pickup’s most robust trailering capacity of 36,000 pounds.

The 2024 GMC Sierra HD sports a new front fascia and exterior styling, as well as a completely overhauled interior with a 13.4-inch infotainment screen, a 12.3-inch configurable driver information center and a redesigned wireless phone charger.

As for the powertrains, a more powerful version of GM’s 6.6L V8 L5P turbodiesel Duramax engine was recently revealed, rated at 470 horsepower and 975 pound-feet of torque, paired with the automaker’s 10-speed automatic transmission. The 6.6L V8 L8T gasoline engine will also be available. The Sierra HD 2500 HD models can handle towing up to 22,500 pounds depending on trim level and other factors, while 3500HD models are capable of up to 36,000 pounds when outfitted with certain options.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. crabbymilton

    Competition is a good thing. I think GM might have the slight edge of the more long proven
    gasoline engine platforms. DURAMAX has been long proven as well. FORD seems to have the advantage of the more models and variations. Not sure what RAM will do but the CUMMINS engine is tough to beat.

    1. mickey

      your 100% right on. Gm’s gas engines are great. we had a 2019 Yukon with V-8, was totaled in Jan, had to buy expedition cause of no supply, I hate that v-6 echo boost crap sounding motor, other than that very nice. The Duramax a great motor, I have a 22 King Ranch F-350 it very nice all around, but we also have a 21 Ram 3500 HO Cummins, and it loves to pull, pull, pull.

      1. Crabbymilton

        Just a quick question. Do you like the sound of the CUMMINS straight 6? You said you don’t like the Turbo V6 in your EXPEDITION. I know we all like the sound of the American classic v8. Then again many hated the v10 sound. To each their own so I’m just wondering.

  2. Tim

    Like the interior nice job GM. But those mirrors who thought those look good, must have been a designer that moved over from Ford.

  3. what

    Out of all the Heavy Duty trucks that have been revealed lately so far, this looks the best in my opinion.

  4. Kevin

    Looks really sharp (both interior and exterior). I like everything except the mirrors.

  5. Henna

    Why does GMC refuse to put the panoramic sunroof in their HD trucks?

    1. Tubrain


  6. Larry Dickman

    GM is dropping the ball by only offering the AT4X off-roading package as a luxury item. The off-road package should a separate option to be added to any trim level. If they did that on the lower trim levels they’d have the market cornered – a heavy duty truck with off-roading capabilities that can be hosed out after that adventure. Who wants to go fording in a stream in a truck that has plus carpet and expensive leather on the seats and dashboard? Might as well get a Jeep.

    1. Elizabeth

      No one is actually going to use a GMC to go offroading. It’s like when someone lifts a super duty platinum, they’ll probably cry if their tire hits a pebble.

      1. Crabbymilton

        I’m a sedan guy but that statement cracks me up Elizabeth? There are so many people out there that drive JEEP WRANGLER’s(FORD BRONCO too) in all sorts of models and colors and you never see a spec of dirt on them even the tires. To me, those were meant to go off in the mud off road so you expect them to be dirty inside and out. Remember, they were originally designed for the military and then utility companies used them to access hard to reach areas where power lines are. You would likely be disappointed if you took it for a long trip on the interstate. To each their own but it’s an observation.

  7. Sd1

    I plan on getting a new 2023 F-350, but that new Denali Ultimate interior looks great. The GMC interior honestly looks better than the new Super Dutys. The vents on both sides of the new Super Duty interior look very plain.


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