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Ford Benchmarking 2024 Ford Mustang Against Toyota Supra

Almost exactly one year ago, Ford Authority spotted a Toyota Supra in the hands of The Blue Oval, sporting the telltale yellow sticker on its windshield that denotes its status as a Ford-owned vehicle. After a two-decade hiatus, the Toyota Supra returned for the 2020 model year as a rival to the Ford Mustang. With that in mind, it makes sense that the automaker would want to benchmark the Supra for comparison against its own product, and recently, sources familiar with the matter confirmed that the Supra is now being tested against the 2024 Ford Mustang.

There are two engine options available for the Supra. The star of the lineup is Toyota’s turbocharged 3.0L I6 engine, capable of a peppy 382 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque. That engine exclusively mates with an eight-speed automatic transmission and BMW underpinnings. The standard engine is the turbocharged 2.0L I4, producing a not-insignificant 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

In a Car and Driver comparison test, the Ford Mustang Mach 1 outperformed the Toyota Supra. The latter was dinged for having a relatively expensive starting price and a small cabin, while the Mustang Mach 1 excelled in terms of all-around performance. However, considering that the Mustang Mach 1 is on its way out and will be replaced by the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse, that means the Supra will likely face even stiffer competition from The Blue Oval, given the range-topping model will likely ape its predecessor in performance.

For comparison against the Supra, the Mustang Dark Horse harnesses the Ford 5.0L Coyote V8, capable of producing a whopping 500 horsepower, far exceeding the power output of the Supra. However, that doesn’t mean that the sporty Toyota isn’t necessarily a threat to the Mustang – and it’s certainly one that The Blue Oval is keeping its eye on as it continues to benchmark the Supra.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Michael J Genzale

    Hey, I a domestic kinda guy. Ford and Chevy. Used to be Dodge when Dodge was still Dodge. (not Fiat Chrysler or Stalantis, what ever the hell that is).
    Anyway, isn’t the 3.0 6 in the Supra a BMW engine? This article says Toyota. Maybe I’m mistaken. Wife reminds me all the time how often I am.
    Mustang, of which I’ve owned a few, and Supre, never, are two different buyers. On paper. very comparable. Real life, hmmm not so much.
    Just sayin’….

  2. The Gentle Grizzly

    Is it just me, or, does that Toyota look like something built from a kit?

  3. BobCobbTheMaestro

    Sports car versus muscle car.
    The late 90s to early 2000s Mustang was more comparable in dimensions to the Supra.

  4. Robert.Walter

    Except for the fascia one can see the bmw lineage in the side and roof.

  5. Mark B

    If it’s sold in this market, it’s going to be compared to everything that carries largely the same attributes: independent rear suspension, front engine/rear drive, big brakes, wide tires, decent horsepower to weight ratios, etc. It can be argued that the Mustang has grown from a pure straight liner to a legitimate road machine, i.e., lateral G’s and handling prowess. The Supra may have had less ground to cover here from it’s begins.

  6. Jon

    Ford should build a Mustang with a shorter body and wheelbase length, to be more of a sports car, with a 2+2 interior, to make it lighter and be more comparable to the Toyota Supra

  7. Jim

    As a life long car guy I admire both Ford and Toyota for giving us hope in performance cars. Like the new mustang alot ( my current 2015- 5.0 Anniversary ride has 112,000 fun miles on it, just wish we could the Tremic 6 speed in a lower cost Premium GT. Dark Horse is a great track car but I am a car show guy that’s likes an occasional 1/4 mile.


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