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Ford Bronco Order Holders Get Reminder About ’23 Conversions

With demand far exceeding the automaker’s production capacity since its launch, 2023 Ford Bronco order banks opened up to existing, carryover order holders only – not new retail orders. There is some dealer stock still out there – albeit not much – meaning that those folks are a lucky few that will be able to secure the new SUV in their preferred spec, as well as without any sort of markup, depending on their dealer. However, there have been a couple of glitches in the 2023 Ford Bronco order process, as some found the Sasquatch Package and auxiliary switch option was dropped from a few orders, which had some worried when Ford recently sent out a reminder email for eligible customers to convert their existing order to the 2023 model year. However, Bronco Nation is reporting that this is a blanket email, not a customer-specific one.

This is significant because even those that have already converted their Ford Bronco received the email, though it was simply sent to everyone in an effort to encourage them to do precisely that. If Ford chooses to stick to its current schedule, another reminder email is set to go out on November 7th, too.

Customers are encouraged to communicate with their dealer regarding this process, particularly if they aren’t sure about the status of their order. Alternatively, customers can also contact the Bronco Support Team at 1-800-334-4375 or via online-based chat.

Those that have an existing Bronco order in the system that wish to convert it to the 2023 model year are operating on a bit of a deadline, however, as they have until November 21st to do so before that order is removed from the system. As such, eligible customers are encouraged to update their order as soon as possible, as well as confirm that they’ve received a WBDO printout and a confirmation email from Ford after their order is entered. Additionally, customers will want to make sure that the priority code on their order after converting is not 99, which is used for “Do Not Build” status and will result in cancellation at the deadline.

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  1. Steve

    FYI, pay attention to your original order vs. new order. I reviewed both and some of my options didn’t transfer. Called my dealer to get it straightened out. Oh and the price was not the same. 2023 bronco was 7 grand more. Since I was a 2021 order holder, my price is froze. Luckily for me, finally, I have a production date next month. Nothing like waiting dang near 800 days to get the email. Well, on a bright note, nothing like getting a brand new Bronco to start the new year.

  2. RWFA

    What is WBDO?

    Also I didn’t see any discussion of price being carried over from previous order. It is, isn’t it? I would think details on this would be important to current order holders.

  3. GaryB

    834 days since reserving mine. been playing Bronco Bingo for 3 model years now. I really hope my build gets selected for production this year. jealous of those that were able to walk in off the street, place an order, and have their bronco in less than a year. Ford needs to take care of its reservation holders. As long as their current business model stands, i will never “reserve” or pre-order a new Ford ever again. FIFO please!

  4. Mike

    Good luck to all of you! As a Maverick Lariat 2022 person who ordered in November 2021, I have had my build date changed FOUR TIMES so far…now 12/18/22. Ford has been an ultimate failure in terms of transparency and communication.

    1. TOM

      at least they are getting a reminder that actions need to be taken, the maverick order holders got no such attention and it caused me to lose my order completely thinking that my dealership knew what was happening and on top of it, wrong thinking on my part and now i’m SOL completely out in the cold with nothing to show for 10 months of waiting except total distain for FORD and that dealership


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