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Ford E-Transit Awarded Van Of The Year By UK Publication

Following its launch, the Ford E-Transit quickly took over the top spot in the still-small all-electric van segment in the U.S. and hasn’t looked back, even as some more competition has emerged. The E-Transit is also having a similar impact in van-heavy Europe after production began at the Ford Otosan Assembly Plant in Turkey this past April and the new model’s launch in that region shortly thereafter. In the UK, the Ford E-Transit is also participating in multiple pilot programs as commercial customers continue to place big orders for the EV van, and now, UK-based publication Parkers has also named it the 2022 Van of the Year.

Parkers notes that the Ford E-Transit earned this award mostly because it’s a true game-changer, presenting a real, usable EV van in a world that had previously failed to make such a machine. “While the previous pure-electric entrants in the large van category have felt like a combination of missed opportunities and half-hearted conversions, Ford has created the best battery powered van, full stop,” the publication points out.

In terms of its modern-day competition, the E-Transit stands along for a variety of reasons, beginning with the fact that it offers more range, more power, and the lowest price in its class – all of which has translated to not only critical, but also commercial success. Parkers also points out that the E-Transit can charge to 80 percent in 34 minutes when connected to a 115 kW charger, which is undoubtedly impressive and also useful for fleets. Throw in the fact that over 30 variants are available, and it’s easy to see why the E-Transit is a winner.

Above all, however, Parkers came away impressed with the fact that the E-Transit presents such a smooth transition from diesel to electric power, with few compromises outside of range and charging times. “Ford has managed to nail the conversion from diesel to electric to an extent that you can barely see the joints,” it concludes. “Even though it wasn’t originally created with an electric version in mind, the E-Transit even manages to offer the same loading bay as the standard version. This seamless transition is evident in the cabin, too, where everything looks like it just belongs. Add in that it is fun to drive and fast with it, and all the support you will get from Ford Pro when it comes to making the step to electric, and this is a van that is head and shoulders above the rest.”

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