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Ford EV Buyers In U.S. Not Really Looking To Go Green

With the all-electric vehicle segment growing faster than expected and more and more products launching in that space as time goes by, automakers are working to differentiate their respective offerings from the rest of the pack. For Ford, that means creating vehicles that aren’t just all-electric versions of its existing models, but rather, making compelling products that aren’t just a little bit better – but ones that are “insanely great,” as Darren Palmer, vice president of electric vehicle programs for Ford Model e, recently stated. However, the automaker also knows that Ford EV buyers aren’t necessarily looking to go green, per se, but rather, they’re more interested in purchasing truly compelling products, as Emma Bergg, Ford’s director of communications for electric vehicles, recently explained to CarsGuide.

“There is not such a drive for sustainability in the U.S. because, quite frankly, a lot of people don’t really care,” Bergg said. “So, the way we think we’ll succeed is by making an insanely great product. Because people aren’t doing it because they want to be greener or have a green badge…I would say there is a generation that cares, but for the most part middle America doesn’t really care.”

Thus far, the Ford EV lineup – which currently consists of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Ford E-Transit – has proven to be just that, as the vast majority of folks that have purchased these vehicles have come from other brands – 70 percent in June alone, for example, which is precisely why the automaker will continue to focus on conquests in terms of its overall EV strategy. Ford EV sales are also growing at around four times the pace of the overall segment, to boot.

Looking ahead, FoMoCo’s EV portfolio will expand rapidly in the coming years, with a “Ford Explorer” type all-electric vehicle set to join the lineup next, as Ford Authority reported last week, though it certainly won’t be the last.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    This woman should be promoted to CEO. Immediately.

  2. Jim Glass

    This was true for me. At age 79, with 40 different ice cars and trucks under my belt, I had ordered a Bronco Badlands when my First Edition became available in March ‘21 on a cancellation for MSRP. Having read all the good press about the Mach E, I immediately traded my ‘16 Audi S3 Prestige that day. Never looked back. At 14k miles, I’m still having fun!

  3. Brad

    She 100% nailed it… I am buying a mach be ause I LOVE the vehicle first electric car but I can’t stand the fake green New deal agenda… I would have bought this if it was $2 a gallon but I believe we should drill and keep our energy Independence because the gas will bring down all of our costs for food and all. This biden administration is the worst in history! It’s practical in my city if I don’t drive out of it but it’s not for all of our commodities, food and infrastructure is not there let alone affordability for most people

    1. TOM

      don’t need to drill, we got plenty of wells, all capped off following Biden’s programs to have us completely dependent on our enemies (or at least not have our interests in mind). there’s no way we should not be able to have some control of oil prices by at least being able to increase our production, but no lets shut down our production, lay off our citizens let them dictate how much we pay (out the nose) for oil. EV’s are a good starting point but the entire industry needs to get past some of the hurdles that the EV success depends on (improved battery life, range, charging and disposal – electrical grid revitalization) and if we don’t the whole idea is doomed to fail. why are we not hearing more about Hydrogen Tech it too has great promise for those who focus on “GREEN TECH” probably more so than EV battery vehicles.

  4. Alfred

    My wife and I are in the same boat, we just enjoy EVs and not spending money on gas and oil for that matter. We are not Green Card holders. Pun intended.

  5. Jon Hill

    For the record, I bought the Mach E because I was intending to go green, to enjoy the many benefits of an electric car, and to enjoy the elimination of the many expenses of internal combustion engines.

  6. Migel

    These responses really prove the point. If you can get Trump voters to go green despite not accepting global warming, that is a winning strategy.

    1. Robert.Walter


      So how does one overcome antediluvian level ignorance, enmity, stupidity, selfishness and intransigence?

      1. Squiggly Lines

        You produce something that is seen by those as “really cool” and those you described will be on board – eventually. They are truly followers, not leaders.

        1. Robert.Walter

          This is true.

    2. John

      Actually, I think what Ford is doing is a great strategy. They are giving people OPTIONS to buy what they want. Whereas GM is going going all EV. I think it’s great we can choose the product we think is best for ourselves, instead of regulations forcing manufacturers and/or buyers into one thing. Which seems to be happening eventually.

  7. Ed Peters

    “NO EV INFRASTRUCTURE”. Not enough charging stations. When you find one there are not enough to plug into, a long wait and then some of them are out of order. Why isn’t Ford putting in plug in hybrids in their great selling models, like the Edge (to be be discontinued after 2023),
    Broncos , Rangers etc. Look at california, they don’t and won’t
    have the electical power/grid for 2-3 decades. We are moving to fast.


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