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Ford Evos Spotted Testing In Colorado

The all-new Ford Evos launched in China back in November of 2021, bringing a fresh face to the Chinese market. The stylish crossover hasn’t ventured out of the Asian country so far, but it has been spotted undergoing testing in the U.S. Ford Authority has spotted one driving around in Michigan, followed by an Evos ST-Line again in the state. Several units have been spied hanging around Dearborn in various forms as well. We’ve spied yet another camouflaged example tooling around in Colorado, possibly undergoing high-altitude testing.

It appears that some of of the camo has fallen off this Ford Evos, as the wrap appears incomplete, particularly on the liftgate and on the vehicle’s passenger side. It’s certainly interesting to see the midsize crossover/hatchback out and about in a mountainous terrain, although it’s currently unclear why Ford would need to do additional tests on a vehicle that’s already available in mainland China.

If the Ford Evos were to launch stateside, it could replace the gap that will be left behind by the discontinued Ford Edge, which is expected to bow out after the 2023 model year. It could also appeal to customers in the market for a new vehicle who may not desire a more sedan-like crossover, or those who miss the Edge. Considering that the Evos shares  the Ford C2 platform with the Ford Escape, it could easily be offered with a wide variety of engine options outside of the Ford 2.0L I4 EcoBoost powerplant, which is the only engine currently available for the Ford Evos.

2022 Ford Evos

Additionally, while the Ford Evos is only offered as a front-wheel-drive vehicle, it could possibly adopt an all-wheel-drive system, perhaps even a twin-clutch system like what’s currently featured in the Ford Bronco Sport or Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package, making it a potential threat to the Subaru Outback. Ironically, the Outback is one of the most popular vehicles in Colorado, so the Evos could prove to be a highly sought after crossover in the state.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Mrx19

    Would appear to be more of a tall Fusion than an Edge replacement. Hope it is a go, as Ford needs at least one “car like” vehicle.

    1. Alex Luft

      Can you say… “Fusion Active”? 🙂

  2. Kenneth Jamrozy

    I don’t see much EV selection in the coming Ford lineup. They need at least one entry level BEV. I’m still waiting for the AWD Hybrid Maverick.

  3. Mesut Uyanik

    Hello dear Ford Authority the new Ford Evos Crossover SUV coming to Europe ?

    Best Regards

    Mesut Uyanik

    1. jz

      well no. they quitted the program around 2019 or 2020. originally europe was in back in 2018.

  4. Bill Kircher

    The ceo is moving more to ev than ice. Nothing about a phev or ev version. Then again the cost of battery pack material has sky rocket and prevent a lower cost phev or ev.

  5. Marco G

    This Evos is great looking. Polestar 3 competitor if EV. Great Fusion/Edge combo especially with hybrid/Phev or a 4Cyl if ICE is a must for now.

  6. Andy

    I’m just sitting here waiting to buy it Ford.

  7. Tsklx

    Changan Ford (长安福特) not Ford

  8. Paul James Moore

    I am encouraged to see a Ford that is not “pie in the Sky” driven. Fords cars have been part of most of my life. Got married in one, and hope to be taken to my grave in one. Lately though I have been quite discouraged with Ford’s seeming plans moving to all electric. Simply put, that over looks all of the problems with the limitations that go with that idea. Seeing the articles on the Ford Evos gives me some encouragement. With the major limitations presented, so far, with electric motor distance problems, there is no way I would purchase one. I enjoy visiting with my grown children and my grandchildren. I can do that with a gas engine, but, how with electric limitations. Give recycling electric engines in a car that can do the same, and I’ ll be the first to buy it, as long as it is affordable.


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