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Ford Expedition Redesign Coming In 2024 With Enhancements

The refreshed 2022 Ford Expedition debuted just over one year ago, introducing a host of updates to the full-size SUV including some slight styling changes, technology features, and a pair of new, special models. However, things move fast in the automotive world, and a more comprehensive Ford Expedition redesign is set to arrive in 2024 with several improvements over the current-gen model, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority.

The forthcoming Ford Expedition redesign will mirror what FoMoCo did for the current-gen Ford F-150, which received improvements for its chassis, along with a new exterior and interior design as well. At this point, the next-gen Expedition will also likely add a hybrid variant to the lineup – as was also the case with the 2021 F-150 – after Ford opted to forego adding an electrified powertrain to the refreshed SUV last year.

Sales Numbers - Mainstream Full-Size SUVs - Jan-Sep 2022 - USA

CHEVROLET TAHOE -0.69% 74,633 75,148 30% 29%
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN +2.12% 34,906 34,183 14% 13%
GMC YUKON -5.55% 34,924 36,975 14% 14%
GMC YUKON XL +8.13% 24,620 22,768 10% 9%
FORD EXPEDITION -35.20% 41,607 64,204 17% 25%
JEEP WAGONEER +71,985.71% 30,276 42 12% 0%
NISSAN ARMADA -53.82% 8,629 18,684 3% 7%
TOYOTA SEQUOIA -92.00% 489 6,111 0% 2%
TOTAL -3.11% 250,084 258,115

The Expedition certainly has its work cut out for it in the hyper-competitive mainstream full-size SUV segment, in which it competes against the all-new for 2021 Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, as well as the GMC Yukon and Yukon XL. The Expedition currently ranks behind its GM counterparts in terms of sales, with the Tahoe commanding a 30 percent market share compared to the Ford’s 17 percent slice of the proverbial pie. The Expedition is currently outselling the new Jeep Wagoneer, however, as well as the Nissan Armada and Toyota Sequoia, though a brand new version of the latter SUV is arriving for 2023.

In the meantime, the 2022 Expedition ushered in a host of changes for the large SUV, including including new standard LED headlights, taillights, and wheel choices, a twin-spar mesh grille and fog lamps with chrome surrounds for the Platinum trim, a standard 12-inch infotainment screen running SYNC 4 or an optional 15.5-inch display, and the brand new, off-road-focused Timberline and Stealth Edition Performance Package.

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  1. Tim

    A reason to charge even more and the dealer to add another twenty thousand to the MRSP.

    1. GetReal

      How dare they keep a model relevant and more competitive rather than let it wither on the vine as theyve done with Expedition in the past. The nerve of these people, trying to run a business. Sheesh.

    2. Robert.Walter

      @Tim, Well then, I guess you are really happy you still have plenty of time to place your order for the 2023 model!

  2. DCGibson

    I REALLY hope Ford adds a digital rearview mirror like GM, Ram, Land Rover, etc., have already done and I hope that they also tuck the rear window wiper up under the spoiler!!!

    1. Mf

      Tucking the rear wiper makes it a pain to replace and adds no benefit.

      The digital rear view mirror works on, but I’m not a huge fan of them, especially not when you already have a 360 degree camera on a larger screen. I’d say they’re more gimmick than helpful.

  3. Mf

    Expedition needs the least attention in the whole Ford lineup. It’s their best product overall, offering tech without forcing it, a solid base product but goes to luxury levels, it’s not really missing anything and still feels and droves as good or better than the whole class.

    Ttuthfully,, there aren’t many areas to improve. A PHEV version would help, but if it’s just powerboost without the plug in it’d be a waste. A rear center console for the captains chairs would be nice, if it removed easily like pathfinder. A fridge would be nice, and heated/cooled cup holders. A larger gas tank is always nice.

    Outside of that, it’s still fresh and functional and best in class.

    1. David Dickinson II

      As a 4-year Expedition owner, I agree. It’s a great vehicle and has not had a single problem since purchase. The only two items I’d improve are that the rearview camera gets dirty too easily and (a personal preference) I wish the exhaust sound was a little deeper. It sounds a bit tinny.

      1. Mf

        Personally I don’t really think the ecoboost v6 sounds good in general. I’d rather it just be quieter, not that it’s loud now, but a little more soundproofing in the floor to drown it out more would be great.

        We have an expedition as well, it’s really a great vehicle.

        1. David Dickinson II

          Actually, that is another good solution regarding the sound. Either eliminate it or make it throatier. The current sound is not pleasant.

  4. Jason

    Please PLEASE Lincoln redesign or do a major refresh on the Navigator soon! I waited for the 2022 redesign and was greatly disappointed. So sitting idle to see if you can get something out next year. You really just need to redo the dash adding screens built in with a good flow.

  5. Matt

    As a current Gen owner (2019 Limited) , I will say the new refresh looks great but the interior still needs some help. I bought the car in 2020 and it already looked like it was from 2012 IMO. Seat style looks super dated, interior doors look a bit dated, just needs some modern details.

  6. Daryl

    For a vehicle of the size put back the 8 cylinder. For the length of time Ford has been making vehicles the high cost too many recalls.

  7. Esha Ford

    My last name is Ford, so I always drive Ford, but I’m greatly disappointed in in the 2021-22 Ford expedition, im greatly leaning towards the 2023 Cadillac Escalade, Unless you come up with a more sleek and unique exterior and a more upto date and technical interior, I might just have to go wth the Cadillac Escalade, BUT!!, Iwould rather have a Ford if it could compete with Cadillac Escalade!! IJS.

    1. Marquee Golden

      You would want to compare the Lincoln Navigator to the Cadillac, not the Ford. The Lincoln is every bit as sleek and nice as the Caddy.

  8. Bruce

    Ford made some bad move, they push away their customers. Went on the ford website built an expedition that I wanted. Went to the dealership to order one, they can’t order it, simply because ford doesn’t letting them do it. It’s really disappointing. On the website, auto-start stop removel, hands-free lift gate. You can choose to remove or keep them. But in reality you can’t. If not an opition, Don’t advertise it. You would think 2023 year model should be better and improved, but 2023 expedition has less feature than 2022 expedition. A full size SUV you would think hands free liftgate its a must have feature, guess what? Ford went cheap on it. They removed that feature. Also, a SUV this size you would think the visibility should be great, but it’s mediocre. Adaptive cruise control/lane keep assistance feature also needs improvement, too sensitive, both hands must on certain area of the steering wheel otherwise doesn’t work right. The 12 inch screen(horizontal) its a plus, good size screen still have physical button. Really convienient. second row seat, its little too steep, it can be flat down little. Should comes with a built in privacy screen for second row windows for its price range. Other than those, I like the current generation Expedition exterior look, especially the front. I’m not a big fan of the slanted rear, hopefully the redesign doesn’t get too crazy, like the Explorer. You loose lots of head room and cargo room when slanted. 3.5 Twin turbo got planty of power, its fun to drive. Hopefully Ford listen to their customers need and desgin something good.

  9. John

    Put a v8 in the expedition,


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