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Ford Maverick Among Finalists For 2023 Green Truck Of The Year

The 2022 Ford Maverick arrived at dealers a little over one year ago, but the compact pickup is still a highly desirable vehicle and a critically acclaimed product. As Ford Authority recently reported, The Blue Oval received over 86,000 orders for the 2023 model during the seven day period when order banks were open, a volume that will likely exceed the amount of total Maverick sales for calendar year 2022. As such, it is nearly impossible to ignore a model that has already had such an impact on the market, which explains why Green Car Journal named the Maverick a finalist for the 2023 Green Truck of the Year award.

If the Maverick becomes the 2023 Green Truck of the Year, it would be its second win, as Green Car Journal named it Truck of the Year for 2022. It would also mark the third year that The Blue Oval took home the award, as the Ford F-150 won for 2021, with the Ford Mustang Mach-E taking home Green Car of the Year as well. Aside from the Maverick, the publication named the Ford F-150 Lightning, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Ram 1500, and Toyota Tundra as finalists.

As its name would suggest, the team behind Green Car Journal evaluates fuel economy as part of its criteria for the award, although it also selects finalists based on performance related to connectivity and value too. The Ford Maverick hybrid, which is rated at an EPA-estimated 42 miles per gallon city and 33 miles per gallon for highway driving, is the most fuel efficient gasoline pickup among the finalists.

Since its launch in 2021, the Maverick has received numerous awards, including being named the 2022 North American Truck of the Year. It also was among the Wards Auto 10 Best for interior and UX design for 2022 and received Best Buy awards from Kelley Blue Book on two separate occasions.

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  1. Chris

    The EPA mileage ratings are reversed in this article. Should be 42 city, 33 highway. Please correct.

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      Fixed! Thank you.

  2. Tony Jacobs

    Comparing Maverick 2022 sales (which is ONLY US sales) to 2023 orders which is likely world wide is disingenuous. How about comparing orders to orders. It’s estimated by some that 130,000 Mavericks were ordered in 2022. VIN’s of 115,000+ have been issued. Many people order more than one to try and at least get one. Many orders are canceled because people get tired of waiting or they got one of the multiple they ordered.

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      That 86,000 figure is for U.S. orders, per Ford.

    2. TOM

      any cancelled orders ended up with the dealerships and then sold to highest bidders at far over MSRP, instead of being rolled back into the order bank so some customer that waited for 6,9,12 or more months could have the option of accepting it or passing and waiting for their own order. the dealerships are praying customers walk away so they can reap in gross commissions it’s their sick little game and really pissing people off but that’s exactly what they want, insanity. thanks Ford

      1. Robert.Walter

        I guess you will be relieved when no haggle pricing rolls out.


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