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Ford Maverick Hybrid Officially Heads To Brazil In 2023

The very first units of the Ford Maverick landed in Brazil in October 2021, bringing the compact pickup to South America for the first time. However, it’s only been available with the Ford 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 since launch. However, The Blue Oval recently announced that the Maverick hybrid is bound for Brazil during the 2023 calendar year.

The introduction of the Maverick hybrid is the latest step in Ford’s decarbonization strategy in South America. Three vehicles will be launched in South America, including the Maverick hybrid, Ford E-Transit and Ford Mustang Mach-E. All three vehicles will launch in 2023, led by the Maverick hybrid.

The Maverick has some nifty accessories that are exclusive to the South American market, such as a new line of accessories provided by Nomad Sports. These may include a padded mat for the tailgate to make loading a bike easier without fear of dinging the pickup’s paint job.

Aside from the bevy of accessories available for the Maverick already, the truck also comes with new and innovative Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS), which are slots or receivers designed for matching mounts to slide into and hold accessories. Many of these accessories are sold via Ford’s catalog, but a QR code sticker located in the bed of the compact pickup also gives owners access to the slot geometry used by FITS, allowing them to design their own holders as they see fit.

The 2022 Ford Maverick sold out very quickly in Brazil upon its introduction. The Maverick hybrid, which is produced at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico and imported into Brazil, will likely follow suit, becoming a hit in the South American country.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Ted

    Why doesn’t Ford build more Mavericks here at home instead of in Brazil. I ordered a Maverick in August 0f 2021 and still dont have it!!!

    1. Larry T

      I agree. I ordered mine August 26 2021. Still no truck. Visited a dealership in Florida in July and they had three on the lot. I guess the dealership is the customer rather than the individuals buying them. Last month I ordered a Hyundai Santa Cruz Limited with much of the same safety packages that Ford could not supply. I got the 2023 Santa Cruz Limited 3 days ago, about 45 days after ordering it. No chip shortage at the Montgomery, Alabama manufacturing facility apparently.

  2. Bob

    Brazil? They can’t make enough of them here. What’s Ford doing?

  3. Linda Jantzi

    The Maverick truck is very backed up on orders, not even able to complete the 2022 orders. The 2023 orders are not even being taken anymore because of unavailability. Why would Ford ship to Brazil instead of taking care of the U.S. customers?

  4. Jim Simpson

    what the hell are you doing sending the mavericks to brazil when we can’t even get one here in the US.

  5. Rick

    This will make my wait even longer to get my order filled!!

  6. Robert Arthur

    You should take care of the US customers who built your company before you start shipping Mavericks anywhere else in the world. What’s the matter with you anyway?!

    1. Robert.Walter

      Oh hurr durr dude.

      The people you are trying to leverage are long dead, besides Ford has been in Brazil for more than a century.

  7. festus

    The way that Ford Canada and some dealers has handled this order process has been discussing.

    I ordered in late June with the dealer telling me delivery in late fall or early 2023 only to find out through the Ford Authority that the 2022 order bank was cut off in April.

    I never received any word of the unit until I inquired last week with the dealer and they were not saying much. Either poor communication from Ford or the dealer was attempting to keep my deposit.

    Thankfully I had written into the contract no price increases. My dealer after waiting 4 days for a reply tells me my order was now going to be a 2023 with a price increased and with deleted options.

    I decided to get my deposit back as I’m not waiting a year or paying more.

    This order process and the management of the Maverick has been a poor experience and I’m not being had hostage by Ford or a dealer.

  8. Jim Beck

    It could be that Brazil has something that is need for production of batteries.

    1. Robert.Walter

      Could be not that too.

      Could be more likely Ford is keeping some key dealers alive until production volumes recover as Ford shuttered local production but didn’t leave the market.

      Allocation of a few vehicles to overseas markets will stabilize the local import and sales operations until production capacity recovers.

  9. TOM

    an american automaker company making vehicles in MEXICO and can’t build enough to fill the U.S. order banks and now intending to ship units to Brazil, Argentina and who know where else instead of the US domestic market is an outrage. i understand they want to develop foreign markets but you do that with the unsold US products not with products that can’t meet the demand of the US market if you want to stay in the US, maybe they should move Corporate Headquarters to those foreign markets then Ford could be an import, why are Nissan, Hyundai, Volkswagon and Mercedes building cars here in the US, cause it’s where the money is that’s why, WAKE UP FORD!!!! yes they’re going to sell a few vehicles in those foreign markets but y’all closed the order banks because you couldn’t build enough and now some of those aren’t even going to come here, what the hell are y’all smoking

    1. Robert.Walter

      Man you sure don’t know how the global automotive business works.

  10. Monte

    Ford needs to get there priorities straight….. serve US customers FIRST. Ford could be in a real mess if all of us with Maverick orders decline to take them when delivered. We been waiting forever and there is always a new excuses. It boggles my mind.

    If the Hyundai SantaCruz was a hybrid, I would have one in my driveway.

    I found out Maverick fleet sales are great and the trucks are being delivered.

    1. TOM

      we all understand why fleet sales have a priority over single sales, if a company buys by the dozen they’ll always get theirs first. usually those are stripped down and not what the normal customer wants anyway, but your absolutely right we’re waiting entirely too long and entirely in the dark!! now we’ll have to wait even longer so they can dedicate units for foreign markets even if it’s just a few, when the assembly plant (ONE PLANT!!!) only can kick out a few thousand a month those few really hurt

    2. Robert.Walter

      Just because the other party’s priorities are not your priorities doesn’t mean they’re wrong, it just means you perceive their situation incorrectly.

  11. Marty

    I too was a potential Ford Maverick customer, but I have long given up and am going to order my 2023 Toyota Tacoma. Let’s face it, Ford’s plans do not include making America a priority. This is the beginning of a new era for them as they settle in for a ‘Global’ market, this and the inevitable; ordering exclusively through manufacture onine and cutting away of the dealerships. No inside information here, just read the writing on the wall….

    1. Robert.Walter


      Priorities, priorities, hey, you related to “my priority is your priority Monty?”

      New era of global market? Where have you been the last 100 years man?

      Online ordering at fixed prices? It’s the kind of sales process customers have been hoping for forever just to avoid the irritating and anxiety producing rigamarole of dealing with sociopathic dealer sales routines.

  12. Brad Barefoot

    Really Ford ? Thousands who ordered ’21 models never got them, but you have enought to send them to South America. But don’t worry … Toyota will being out a small truck to compete with the Maverick. I have two Fords in my driveway, a Escape an a C-Max Hybrid. We wanted a Maverick XL … not a word, nadda, nothing. Instead of a new “Ford in our Future” … will it be something different. This would not have happened under Robert (R/M) MacNamara’s leadership. In 1964 with the success of the Mustang, R/M ordered manufacturing from three to four plants at the eight of demand … take a lesson from your past and dedicate one plant at a minimum to Maverick production.

    1. Robert.Walter

      Your nonsense is laid bare by fact that by the time the 4-seat Mustang project (originally planned to be called Cougar) began (mid 61), RM had long ago left the building (Jan 61) to become Sec Def (where he later precipitated a massive military build up in a pointless war, based on a lie, that killed and harmed a good many of our boys).

      So as for him ordering multiple plant manufacturing for Mustang, unless such was under the purview of SECDEF, you are ridiculously wrong with your understanding of verifiable history.

      But never let facts get in the way of your fantastic tales, grudges or prejudices bro.

  13. Dan Stepaniak

    The North American market for which Ford already cannot meet demand is not enough market for Ford?

    Ford clearly has a major leadership problem.

    1. Robert.Walter

      Ford is a global maker.

      Before the days of supply chain issues, Ford realized that to strengthen their company for the future, in some markets they would do better to shutter local production and become an importer. So they did that in both India and Brazil.

      In the meantime supply chain issues made uninterrupted scale production difficult.

      So, obviously to those paying attention, Ford is doing its best to allocate production into all markets to keep its sales channels alive until which time component supply evens out.

      There’s other complex aspects to this story that you clearly oversimplify. Maybe by thinking about it more, you too might understand the nature and gravity of the issue that you describe as a management problem.

  14. Andy Titsworth

    Hey Ford,
    Gringos need Mavericks too! I placed my order in August 2021 and am still waiting. On a related note, what happened to the “special offer” that Ford was supposed to give those of us who’s ’21 orders went unfilled?

    1. Robert.Walter

      It exists for those who can use basic internet search techniques or have a communicative dealer. Just go to the Ford website, they have an FAQ that answers your question. Better yet call a couple local dealers, if you can find one who can help you convert your order maybe you might want to give them your business instead of who you are with.

      Ford itself seems to have been poor at communicating with waiting customers. It’s unclear if this is because of a Dearborn problem or because the dealer hasn’t passed through contact info to Ford.

  15. jeff sproul

    Why doesn’t Ford expand production in Brazil and make Mavericks there for the South American market? The plant in Mexico shares production with the Bronco Sport and there is not enough supply of both the Maverick and Bronco Sport to meet the demand in just the US. I understand the cost savings of labor in Mexico versus the US but they need to expand capacity and letting customers wait for a year or more is no way to increase sales. I was fortunate to get my hybrid Maverick XLT after 8 1/2 months but the only options I added were floor trays, spray in bed liner, and full size spare. I love my Maverick and I am glad I got it but this is not a good business practice to have customers wait a year or more. As much as I like my Maverick I would have bought a Santa Cruz if I had to wait a year or more. Eventually other manufacturers will make a compact truck so Ford needs to do something soon or buyers will lose interest.

    1. Robert.Walter

      Ford has clear winners in Maverick, and Bronco Sport, but best laid plans of mice, men, production and distribution were jumbled by supply chain problems.

      Ford was in the process of closing local production in Brazil because the market there didn’t support profitable local production and transitioning into an importer, then came supply chain issues.

      So instead of having a plant running 24/7 cranking out these vehicles for all markets, they are hobbled by sub supply.

      In the meantime, Ford has dealers (not all) that they need to keep viable for the long haul in N and S America.

      So what to do? Because it is extremely difficult, time consuming and capital intensive to enter a market after leaving it, Ford, looking forward to better days has to keep dealers, it wants to retain long term, alive by rationing and allocating scarce production as best it can.

      It’s a tough balancing act that few of the posters seem to fathom.

      You are likely right, others may try to address the segment Ford seems to have identified (like with Mustang, pretty much everybody had a pony car by ‘67), and Ford’s will have to compete against others.

      It’s a pity fate deprived Ford of a clear runway with these hit products because all that lost success slows down whatever they had planned for their upcoming acts. But as I said, the best laid plans…

  16. Kevin

    America first, by an American company

    1. Robert.Walter

      Oh look, Kevin used all his words.

      1. TOM

        Quite eloquent I think, no need to dilute the fact that America built the corporation and we’re being forced to watch foreign markets benefit from our achievements and now they get what we’re begging for and are not getting. nothing like getting your face rubbed in it, yeah I know we can’t abandon those markets but it still stings, it’s like feeding the neighbors and your kids go hungry but you gotta have neighbors right Walter??

  17. Darrell

    My Dealer Bommarito Ford in Hazelwood, Missouri must be run correctly. My AWD FX4 with Tow Package was ordered June 2021 and I received it in February 2022. My Salesman Steve Nodiff was extremely communicative and kept me updated during the entire process. I just ordered a XL Hybrid on the 1st day of 2023 open orders and have received my confirming email from Ford. I am certain I will receive the same great service.


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