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Ford Mustang Mach-E Borla Performance Sound System Revealed

While all-electric vehicles don’t have quite as many moving parts as their ICE-powered counterparts, some aftermarket offerings for the Ford Mustang Mach-E have begun surfacing in recent months, a list that includes adjustable front and rear sway bars from Steeda. While it lacks the audible grunt of a traditional V8-powered Mustang, the Mach-E does come from the factory with in-vehicle sounds that are designed to somewhat compensate for its overall quietness, but now, the aftermarket is getting in on that action courtesy of the new Borla Performance Sound System for the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Borla teamed up with AudioControl to develop the new Mach-E Performance Sound System, which is designed to make the EV sound like a traditional muscle car of sorts and restore the excitement that’s lacking from mostly silent all-electric vehicles in general. The system utilizes a proprietary Borla algorithm that takes into consideration the vehicle’s speed, power, RPM, torque, and load to generate realistic engine noises, as we can hear in the video below.

Borla and AudioControl developed this new sound system using professional recordings of actual Borla exhaust-equipped ICE vehicles equipped with multiple microphones. Using real-time data from the EV’s internal computer, the Borla system generates a realistic ICE soundtrack that matches the motor’s status and other vehicle dynamics. Additionally, the system pairs with a mobile app that lets drivers select from multiple Borla sound technologies including ATAK, S-Type, and Touring, all with full control over volume and other characteristics.

“Sound, vision, and touch are the three senses we use for sport driving, and without the real-time feedback of motor and vehicle dynamics through sound waves and vibration, much of that experience is missing,” said vice president of sales and marketing at Borla Performance, David Borla. “This product is actually an instrument, in more ways than one. It’s like an audio tachometer that provides drivers with that real-time feedback, and it’s also like a musical instrument that plays an exciting soundtrack which enhances the driving experience giving the vehicle personality and a sense of soul. After all, who wants to watch Fast n’ Furious movies or play Forza with no sound? They go to great lengths to ensure sound is prevalent in those mediums for a reason.”

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  1. Z71_Tahoe

    I honestly don’t hate the idea. I think EVs deserve audible feedback, but laying an obnoxious V8 soundtrack over it is just lazy. I’d prefer the Mach E 1400 spaceship whine for an ev. Reminds me of a supercharger whining.

  2. rapturd

    better than any eco boo st

  3. GaryB

    This is the autoworlds version of impossible meat. Bacon shaped tofu, burgers made from plants, etc.
    Just lean into the electric aspect. Make these things sound like Tron bikes. ZZZZSHSCCHHHRRROOOOM

  4. hot toddy

    sound effects , really !!! We’re living in a clown world

  5. JoeBryant

    That sounds waaaayyyy better than Dodge’s answer for this. As a matter of fact it sounds better than many modified V8’s around here where I live.

  6. Robert Arthur

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of! If you want a musclecar experience, then buy a real one!

  7. Mrx19

    Great, now if anything happens to your Mustang, with active exhaust, you can get one of these and still annoy your neighbors.

  8. Steve Gordon


    1. Lealand

      It’s not about the greenies angry guy, it’s about enticing traditional performance fans into EVs. You have ICE diehards that will never accept EVs but there are a lot of people who don’t really care about what makes the vehicle go and want a visceral experience. Somebody just has to hit on the right approach to sound and that will win a lot of people over.

      The Daytona Banshee concept for instance not only produces noise but they included a transmission. Not because there is much of a performance advantage, but it adds to the visceral experience. Dodge even admits the Banshee isn’t the most efficient way to go about making an EV (it’s the anti-Tesla) but they are working on something that will appeal to their base.

  9. JT

    It’s kind of lame as most EV owners won’t want this and you do look like a poser. But I do give it two thumbs up on that actual sound output. The Dodge noise is just cringey.


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