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Ford Retail Orders Broke Two Records In September

Ford retail orders have steadily risen over the past couple of years as new vehicle production has been impacted tremendously by various supply chain constraints. With little inventory to choose from on dealer lots, many customers are simply placing orders for their next vehicle, though many have been waiting a very long time to take delivery. Regardless, Ford retail orders for 2023 model year vehicles reached 76,000 at the end of August, which is 41 percent more than one year ago and the fifth consecutive month that over 50 percent of the automaker’s retail sales came from previously-placed orders, too. That momentum didn’t let up last month either, according to Ford’s September sales report.

Last month, Ford retail orders reached an astounding 197,000 units for the 2023 model year, which is a 244 percent increase over the 2022 model year. That’s good enough for a new record, while the automaker also recorded its sixth straight month where more than 50 percent of its retail sales came from previously placed orders – which is also a new record.

This trend began last year, when Ford’s retail orders were up 33 percent in December when compared to the same month in 2020. One month later, retail orders surged even more, reaching the 90,000 mark in January, and by February, around one-third of new Ford vehicle sales were coming from previously-placed orders. The same has held true for Lincoln as well, as the luxury brand enjoyed a nearly 300 percent increase in retail orders year-over-year as of February.

In terms of individual models, the Ford F-Series led the way by accounting for the majority of those orders, which rose to make up more than half of all new sales by April, while the 2023 Ford Maverick also racked up 86,000 retail orders in just a week’s time. A recent study found that more than one-third of new vehicle shoppers are willing to order their next new vehicle rather than buy it from a dealer lot as well, which bodes well for the automaker’s plan to continue expanding that part of its business.

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  1. scot

    Great to see Ford statistically looks good on paper. However, we ordered a maverick last year, and still haven’t received a build date notice. When should we be hearing something?

    1. Rawdi

      Same here

  2. Vince

    I have a early order 2023 XL Maverick ordered but have not received very much info on when builds and delivery’s may start

    1. Gregg Kennedy

      I work at a Ford dealership. Since the ordering bank closed, they have not ran the line. So, you will have to be patient.

  3. Bobby Fain


  4. Diego

    It is abusive the amount of additional charges implemented by the dealers they even have different lines for tag and a different line for license which should be the same and then dealers prep for 998 what do they have to do to the new vehicle that cost $1,000 after they get it from the factory I am so happy that Tim Farley it’s gearing up towards selling to the public more and more

  5. bob ben

    retail orders that can’t be produced equates to zero profit to the company and the dealers.

  6. Bob

    All these orders are smoke. If you can’t deliver for more than a year have you really sold anything. Also something is fundamentally wrong with all these companies that have planned this badly.

  7. Paul e bertrand

    I have received four updates to my explorer ordered 2/2022 with an apology but the msg provided no info. I know my vehicle left the factory more than two months ago but no one will deliver it. Why ?

  8. Chad

    Retail orders are up because 1) there is no inventory available at the dealerships to choose from and 2) Dealers that DO have the vehicles customers want are adding crazy mark-ups. I wanted specific upgrades on my 2022 Mustang Convertable. The only way to get it was order it and wait 7 months to get it. Dealers are simply a “vehicle” to order, aquire and service the products. Could be by design by Ford bit I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. You want it bad enough….order and wait. That’s how she rolls now!

  9. Steve v Heiser

    Stop bragging about the orders you have and start filling them you folks need to get someone that knows how to run a company

  10. Scot

    Ordered 2022 F250 Lariat Superduty 12/4/21. Received e-mail it will be built week of 12/5/22. 1 year and 1 day later. Ordered GMC 2500HD AT4 11/15/21, received 8 weeks later (w/o heated seats). I plan to reject the 2022 F250 when it arrives. NO WAY paying MSRP for last year truck when 2023 everything is coming out now.

    1. Robert.Walter

      No way ford is building a 2021 model in late 2022. A vehicle built in 12/22 is likely a 2023 model.

  11. Bobby

    Jeez what a bunch of whiners on here. Suck it up like big boys and wait for your toys. Or spend the money and buy what’s on the lot.

  12. hot toddy

    Ford Authority is always asking it’s readers what they want them to report on. Okay, how about this. Report to us on what percentage of those record pre ordered units are actually delivered as promised in the timely manner they were also promised they would be delivered

  13. Bill Byrne

    I agree im 67 and we always had fords, ordered a maverick ONE YEAR AGO, none in my driveway. and the dealer is big has 8-10 stores and about bare bones on the lot, so he reordered the maverick 10/15/22 here we go again.if it was not for the hybrid at 42 mpg , we would so F it . too


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