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Ford Super Duty Sales Continue To Come From Previous Orders

Ford continues to rake in a record number of retail orders with each passing month, even as it has been forced to stop taking orders for many more popular models amid high demand that exceeds its production capacity. This is true of the 2022 Ford Super Duty, which saw its retail orders get cut off back in April. Regardless, according to the automaker’s September sales report, the vast majority of Ford Super Duty sales continue to come from previously-placed retail orders.

Last month, that total was a whopping 80 percent, which isn’t a huge surprise given the fact that dealer inventory – particularly for hotter models like the Ford Bronco – remains virtually non-existent, while a solid percentage of that inventory is also marked up over MSRP. It’s also par for the course when it comes to the Ford F-Series lineup in general – which includes both the Super Duty and Ford F-150 pickups.

Back in May, 59 percent of F-Series sales consisted of previously-placed retail orders, which was a bit higher than the rest of the Blue Oval lineup at around 50 percent. That trend continued in July, when the percentage of F-Series sales coming from existing orders rose to 65 percent, but it has only continued to grow in the months since.

As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, the automaker broke two retail order records in the month of September – it took a whopping 197,000 orders for the 2023 model year – which is the most ever – and it was also the sixth consecutive month that over 50 percent of the automaker’s retail sales came from previously-placed orders. This trend began last year, when Ford’s retail orders were up 33 percent in December when compared to the same month in 2020. One month later, retail orders surged even more, reaching the 90,000 mark in January, and by February, around one-third of new Ford vehicle sales were coming from previously-placed orders.

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  1. RB

    Ford has a major problem, and it involves communicating the truth. As a loyal customer, I’m becoming concerned about Ford’s commitment to the customer, in both terms of delivery and reliability. I’ve had a Ford truck on order for 8 months, and have seen nothing but broken promises, basically lies. How much confidence would a person have in the word of a “liar”. Ford I have some advice for you, tell people the truth, it will serve you better.

  2. Scot

    Ordered a 2022 F250 Lariat (7.3) on December 4th 2021. Received an email from Ford they will start the construction on December 5th 2022. One year and one day to the date. Now all I read about is the 2023 model with all of these upgrades which I thought the 2022 had most of the updates they were talking about in terms of the interior. Ironically I ordered a GMC 2500 HD AT4 (gas) in November 2021 and it showed up in January 2021. I’ve been driving it for the last 10 months and 12,000 miles without seat heaters and not even broken promises from gm. Zero communication on when they will do the retrofit seat heaters on the HD series. Even less communication on the retrofit for the heated steering wheel. All manufacturers are struggling. The frustrating part is everyone is talking about their next great model which is 2023 or 2024 or 2025. While it is exciting to hear about the future it is also incredibly frustrating to listen to them talk about the future when they can’t deliver today. I am not planning to take my F250 when it shows up in December or January more than a year later and after the 2023 models are out. No way paying MSRP for last year’s model even with Ford X plan. Not to mention I like my AT4 a lot better after almost a year behind the wheel while still waiting for the F250.

    1. KT

      you’re the problem, complaining about heated seats and steering wheels in a truck, you should be driving a Town Car or Sedan De Ville and let the men and women who actually need a truck get their custom deluxe or XL that maybe has AC if they are lucky

      1. Robert.Walter

        Petty often? Jealous much?


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