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Future Ford EVs Will Place Greater Emphasis On Aerodynamics

As Ford continues to develop its next generation of all-electric vehicles, the automaker is investing heavily in that particular field in more ways than one. That includes not only spending considerable sums of money on building out its own battery production efforts, but also, designing truly compelling products that people will want to buy whether they’re environmentally conscious or just seeking something that’s fun to drive. But it also seems as if future Ford EVs will place a greater emphasis on aerodynamics than the current offerings as well, as Anthony Lo, chief design officer at Ford, explained to Fast Company in a recent interview.

“I think it’s been an emerging trend for a while,” Lo said of making future Ford EVs more aerodynamic. “In the past, with [combustion engines], you were tasked with being aerodynamic for fuel efficiency. “For [electric], I think you need to be even more aerodynamic because it will increase your range.”

It’s a simple concept for certain, but also one that’s critical as automakers like Ford forge ahead and work to make EVs more viable for the masses. Advances in battery technology will certainly help boost range, but improving aerodynamic efficiency is also key. This also a big part of the reason why the next-generation Ford F-150 Lightning will ride on its own platform rather than sharing it with its ICE-powered counterpart, too.

In addition to this little revelation, Lo also noted that future Ford vehicles will feature cabins that can be swapped out much like a typical home renovation, and that they’ll be used for more than just driving – as in, proving more entertainment and comfort options when drivers are doing things like charging their all-electric vehicles or just hanging out at their favorite campsite.

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  1. Mike

    Why are they starting this now, when they should have already doing it, when they had a clean slate of EV vehicles to design.

    1. Bob

      Ford has admitted to rushing the F150 out asap to get it into the market place.
      I think the Mustang Mach E was built to be cooler than the Tesla Model Y. Sure costs as much and I do not think they hit the target with the over heating battery issue. Did that get fixed? They sure can’t keep them in stock though. I am waiting for Ford to build something like Henry made, a car everyone can buy. Maybe that idea left the building when he did?

      1. Robert.Walter

        Henry I risked putting FMC out of business by riding the Model T horse until nobody wanted it despite him dropping the price every year.

        Why? Because the market wanted more. Had to close the plant for about a year as the Model A was rushed to production.

        There is no new car that everyone can buy. Even when Ford promoted itself as The Universal Car, that was a marketing myth. My grandmother (a teacher) and her father (a farmer) were among the first in their farming region to have a car. What did they buy? They went in together to buy a Model T touring car. Used.

    2. Robert.Walter

      They have been doing this.

      Note the tapering roofline. High above the drivers head and tapering down toward the rear. (Among the first cars with this was the 2nd Gen Prius.)

      With the move to BEV powertrains, many of the constraints imposed by a hot engine, cooling and exhaust, disappear and the body shape can be optimized for airflow.

      Look at the Lincoln Star concept car, the back end has some shapes there, like a Kammback, that promote laminar flow off the back of the car for aerodynamic efficiency.

      Kammbacks in series cars has been more styling features but now, with no exhaust, a belly pan to smooth air under the car, the back of the car can be shaped in ways that have been limited by ice powertrains.

      At the front, not needing big cooling intakes above and under the bumper, as well as hot turbulent air falling out of the engine compartment no longer happening, indeed, this opening being replaced by a belly pan from bumper to firewall, will allow the front of the car to more slippery and efficient too.

      And as all this is improved, some of the cabin noise attributable to air tumbling around the body will be reduced and the cabin will be a bit quieter (not to mention all the ICE powertrain noise will be eliminated too.)


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