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Here’s Why The 2023 Ford Super Duty Doesn’t Have BlueCruise

The all-new 2023 Ford Super Duty debuted last week with revised exterior and interior styling, as well as a host of new technology features and even a brand new V8 engine option. However, one notable thing that isn’t present on the new Super Duty is Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free highway driving assist feature, which is available as an option on its Ford F-Series counterpart, the Ford F-150, though there is a very good reason for that absence, it seems.

“So the primary reason is our suspension architecture and what we ended up offering in 2023 is lane centering, so with hands on the steering wheel it will center you within the lane,” Aaron Bresky, Ford Super Duty engineering manager, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, at the truck’s reveal in Kentucky last week.

Ford spokesperson Megan Rodrigues also added that “The number one reason why people purchase the Super Duty is for towing and BlueCruise isn’t currently operable with the trailer. So in order to achieve maximum towing performance, we utilize and monitor the axle and the electronically assisted hydraulic steering, so BlueCruise isn’t practical for the Super Duty.”

The 2023 Ford Super Duty has certainly been optimized for towing purposes, as the new model features a frame that’s been strengthened in key areas for that specific reason – as Ford Authority reported last week – as well as a revised powertrain lineup consisting of the new, standard 6.8L V8 – which Ford Authority was the first to report on and doesn’t have a name at the moment –  as well as a more powerful version of the Ford 7.3L V8 Godzilla, the Ford 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel, and a new high-output version of the Power Stroke that features a unique turbo, tune, and upgraded exhaust manifolds. Additionally, four-wheel drive is now standard on the XLT trim and up, which proves that FoMoCo’s plan to reduce the complexity of its ICE vehicle lineup is still going strong.

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  1. Elizabeth

    It’s great to get tidbits of information on the new F350 Super Duty. I sure wish you would give us some good photos of an interior on a Platinum and above? Details on the seats, like do the headrests move back and forth and not just up and down? How adjustable are and high do the seats sit? Up like a truck or low like a car? What does the dashboard really look like? You know, details please.

  2. Shyam Kadari

    This is lame. Ford should have added Bluecruise with towing and larger onboard generator.
    Ford is at least two to three years behind GM in auto cruise tech.

  3. David Middleton

    I got one question why does a work truck like superduty need hands free driving ??? That’s the reason the trucks are getting close to 100k in price is all the panty waist yuppie options being put on them if you can’t drive one with out hands free then stay the hell off the road .


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