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Honda CR-V Is Now The Top 2022 Ford Maverick Conquest

The 2022 Ford Maverick has so far proved to be a popular vehicle that tends to attract buyers looking to upgrade from a sedan or crossover into the pickup family. Back in March, Ford revealed that the Honda Civic was the top conquest vehicle for the pickup, and it seems the Maverick has proved to be a formidable competitor against yet another Honda product, as it turns out the Honda CR-V is now the vehicle that’s most often traded in for a new Maverick.


According to The Blue Oval’s September 2022 sales results, more than 80 percent of 2022 Ford Maverick buyers are first time pickup owners, and many turned their back on their CR-V in its favor. The second-most traded-in vehicle was the Toyota RAV4, followed by the Civic.

The 2022 Ford Maverick has become extremely popular due to a variety of factors. The first is its price point. Starting at $20,995 before destination and freight costs, the Ford Maverick is extremely affordable, attracting many Millennials and Gen Z buyers. Its standard hybrid 2.5L I4 gas engine and electric motor have also made it an extremely popular option, thanks to its impressive combined efficiency rating of 37 mpg. In fact, the hybrid drivetrain proved so successful, it far exceeded its development team’s expectations. It’s also built on the Ford C2 platform, which is the perfect underpinning for the compact pickup.

While the 2022 Ford Maverick does attract turncoats from other automakers, previous Blue Oval product owners are also impressed with the pickup. Owners of the Ford Focus and Ford Fusion often make the leap to the Maverick, as it successfully bridges the gap between sedan and pickup with its aforementioned fuel economy ratings. The high demand for the pickup may mean that orders in September alone for the 2023 Ford Maverick could very well exceed total Maverick sales for the 2022 calendar year.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. John

    People want a vehicle they can actually afford, shocking.

  2. Kevin Jeffries

    I’m thinking of trading my 2020 Ford Escape for one of the Ford Mavericks. I’m interested in the half gas half electric . When will these become available? I’m 6ft 7in tall and I need to know if I will fit inside comfortably.

  3. Bbot

    Ford has proven Two things.First that an inexpensive hybrid truck is a viable outlet for new sales.Second thing is they do not seem equipped to build, deliver or have improved their quality standards. If they had done their research they would have had the capability to produce 150,000 trucks per year. I wanted one started to order and held off, glad to have done that. The improved product by 2024 will be the one, I have lived through the 2013 Escape drama ( which continues ) and did not want that with a rushed through truck now on its fifth or sixth recall.

  4. Buster

    Once you look into the flimsy rear suspension you’ll understand the reason this vehicle is so cheap. 2022 mufflers are already rusting out, you’ll be lucky if it survives the warranty. You get what you pay for!

    1. Rick

      Yep we know these are not 80k trucks. Thanks Buster. 👍

    2. John

      One could argue you don’t even get what you pay for anymore. Most new vehicle prices are absurd. Most Americans couldn’t afford a new vehicle according to a study back in 2017. It’s only gotten MUCH worse and these manufacturers and law makers just keep making the problem worse.

    3. Richie

      Hey Buster I own a new Maverick 16000 miles no issues at all 2.0 liter turbo boost 4 k tow package tagged a wagon behind me from my home in Wyoming cross country put 2300 miles avg 26 mpg wagon weighted 2100 lbs without the wagon I avg 31 mpg runs like a charm constantly getting comments of approval.oh by the way nothing has gone wrong .

      1. Robert.Walter

        Lol. Buster is clearly insecure in his masculinity.

    4. MinntoMich

      Yeah I’ve read about thin paint, surface rust on underside components and light duty parts but I have to say where else can you get into a new 4 door small truck at that price? With a standard hybrid to boot. Nowhere. I looked at a Mitsubishi Mirage (aptly named because it is a bit of an illusion that its an actual car versus a larger highway speed golf cart) and for $5,000 more you get something really useful. FoMoCo should’ve dedicated an entire plant to this one vehicle. It sells like hotcakes and its too bad they can’t match the public interest. I have one on order. It’s too bad it might be a year out yet. Tried last year but somehow my online order was never acknowledged by the dealer I selected. When it comes it’ll be an efficient replacement for my 22 year old S10.

      1. jeff sproul

        You will really like the Maverick especially the mpgs. I had a 99 S-10 LS extended cab 5 speed manual, air, power steering and power brakes which I bought new and had for almost 21 years giving it to my nephew. I loved that truck and had few issues with it just regular maintenance and I got anywhere from 21 to 27 mpg. Except for the Maverick having a smaller bed I love my Maverick even more and having had 5 trucks before getting the Maverick I will say the Maverick is my favorite –I liked my other trucks as well. I don’t necessarily agree with the information on this article after talking with many large and midsize truck owners getting on order lists and buying the Maverick and that this truck is just for the young as many buyers including me are older buyers and this truck’s appeal is much broader especially since it is small, affordable, and fuel efficient. It’s not cool for a vehicle to appeal to an older population but many of that population tends to order the Maverick and many of these buyers write a check for their Mavericks. I do think the Maverick is an ideal truck for the younger generation but Ford shouldn’t ignore the fact that the Maverick appeals to middle age and the older this truck has appeal to all ages and all demographics.

      2. Robert.Walter

        LoL. Buster is really insecure in his masculinity.

  5. Eric

    Take 30% off sticker and you have dealer cost plus any manufacturer volume bonuses


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