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Lincoln Owners Are Not Defecting To Tesla

Tesla currently dominates the world of all-electric vehicles, selling far more than any other automotive manufacturer, partly thanks to the fact that it’s been offering EVs for over a decade now. However, others – including Ford – are beginning to eat into Tesla’s market share, wooing EV shoppers with something a bit different – as well as a bit more conventional, in many cases. At the same time, Ford owners don’t appear to be defecting to Tesla, even as it adds more physical locations, and neither are Lincoln owners, according to new data from S&P Global.

According to S&P Global’s most recent Top 10 Industry Trends report, less than two percent of Lincoln owners defected to Tesla year-to-date through July 2022 when it came time to purchase another vehicle, which isn’t high enough to get the automaker ranked on this particular chart. Other brands didn’t fare quite as well, however, as Tesla retained a significant 67 percent of its owners, while Polestar lost 16.2 percent, followed by Rivian (14.5 percent), Lucid (13.9 percent), Mercedes-Benz (7.9 percent), Audi (7.6 percent), BMW (7 percent), Porsche (6.9 percent), Land Rover (6.6 percent), and Volvo (6.4 percent), to name just a few.

This particular trend isn’t terribly surprising, as IHS Markit data from last year revealed that just 2.6 percent of Lincoln owners defected to Tesla. However, it is interesting that Lincoln owners aren’t buying Tesla vehicles when we consider the fact that while FoMoCo has a bonafide competitor for that brand in the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Lincoln doesn’t currently offer an all-electric vehicle of any kind. That will change in the coming years, however, as the luxury brand is set to offer an electrified version of all of its existing vehicles by 2027, as Ford Authority recently reported.

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  1. Alan

    Owned 5 Lincoln MKZ hybrid SEDANS since 2013. My last 2020 MKZ hybrid sedan defected to 2022 Lexus ES 300h. Tesla nor any electric vehicle even in my thoughts! The electrical grid around me is unreliable and loss of electricity frequently. Plus don’t wish to add an extra day(s) of recharging traveling 1500+ miles to FL every year.

  2. GeorgeG

    I defected to Genesis because the brand offers more than Lincoln. Love my G80 sedan!! Sad to leave the Continental behind but oh well. Lincoln currently offers no replacement that meets with my high standards. Not into the truck suv’s that are only being offered.

  3. JE

    As former Lincoln owner, I defected to Tesla and other brands the day Lincoln stopped producing sedans. Not everybody likes SUV’s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what. The day Lincoln decides to sell a sedan or a sports coupe, I will consider buying Lincoln again. Not before.

  4. Stan Hall

    Lincoln Mercury owners since 1956 (parents then me) the loss of sedans will drive me to an import. Ford Lincoln has decided to ONLY care about China and other countries….Even the soon to be discontinued Nautilus wont be here…but will in China. Dad worked at Ford all my life. We even had all Philco products in the 1960s when Ford owned that company. Lincoln was my favorite brand since age 7…in my 60s now but my current Lincoln is the last. Even dad would say …you didnt leave FoMoCo (Ford) ….it left you.


    Lincoln sales as of Oct 31, 2022, totaled only 70,116, down from Oct 31, 2021’s, dismal sales of 75,308. So, there are not that many Lincoln owners to begin with as far as switching to Tesla. However, with Falotico’s retirement, there is hope for Lincoln.


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