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Lincoln Posts Second Largest Jump In Brand Loyalty For July 2022

In recent months, Ford has fared quite well in terms of brand loyalty, scoring top honors in IHS Markit’s Overall Loyalty to Make category in the 2022 Automotive Loyalty Awards, while the Ford Edge earned the best loyalty ranking of any vehicle from that same organization and Ford trucks secured the highest loyalty score in their specific segment in the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Automotive Brand Loyalty Study. That trend continued recently as Ford posted the largest increase of any automaker in terms of brand loyalty for July 2022 in S&P Global’s Top 10 Industry Trends Report, a list that Lincoln also fared quite well on among all other luxury brands.


Lincoln ranked second on this particular list with a 12.2 percent year-over-year increase in brand loyalty. Tesla led the way with a 13.1 percent increase, while Mercedes-Benz (4.1 percent), Audi (1.6 percent), Cadillac (0.9 percent), and Jaguar (0.3 percent) were the only other brands to see loyalty rise. Meanwhile, a host of others saw a decline in brand loyalty, including Infiniti (-1.2 percent), Maserati (-1.8 percent), BMW (-3.4 percent), Lexus (-4.0 percent), Alfa Romeo (-5.5 percent), Volvo (-5.5 percent), Land Rover (-7.8 percent), Porsche (-8.3 percent), Acura (-18.7 percent), and Genesis (-19.2 percent).

As Ford Authority reported last week, Lincoln isn’t losing many customers to Tesla – with a defection rate of less than two percent over the past year. Other brands didn’t fare quite as well, however, as Tesla retained a significant 67 percent of its owners, while Polestar lost 16.2 percent, followed by Rivian (14.5 percent), Lucid (13.9 percent), Mercedes-Benz (7.9 percent), Audi (7.6 percent), BMW (7 percent), Porsche (6.9 percent), Land Rover (6.6 percent), and Volvo (6.4 percent), to name just a few.

S&P Global derives the results for its Top 10 Industry Trends report from new and used vehicle registration data and registration data-derived loyalty data. The goal of this report is to highlight high-level trends in the new and used vehicle markets in the U.S., focusing on the most pertinent categories that have the biggest impact on automakers.

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  1. Michael G

    I have to say the geniuses are at work at Ford. They discontinued the big selling Fusion. now they are discontinuing the Edge. I will never buy an EV. So, so long Ford.

    1. Jon Cohen

      You may wish to have a conversation with your own Dealership about Lincoln’s 2024 plans.

    2. Robert.Walter

      @Michael G, So after an article about Lincoln customer loyalty you whine about Fusion and Edge?

      And then whimper about never buying an EV?

      As for abandoning Ford, I feel sorry for the dealer who loses your patronage but much sorrier for the dealer who acquires it.

      1. Joe

        Lincoln is getting rid of the Nautilus which is selling well. It is a mistake.

        1. Robert.Walter

          Model T was the worlds best selling vehicle until it wasn’t.

          Ford waited too long to replace it with the Model A.

          Having a best seller and resting on one’s laurels is never good, and the history of auto industry has proven this time and again.

  2. Zviera

    Totally agree with your comment Robert. It seems like most comments on FA are always bashing Ford no matter what they do. It’s a bitter bunch out there.

  3. Lincoln Fan Mark

    This is good news for Lincoln. It suggests we (owners) value the product having found it meets or exceeds our expectations. But it begs the question, when will FMC give Lincoln a product capable of conquest from other luxury brands? Seems to me Lincoln must grow to sustain an independent dealer network. Looking at the other end of that bar graph, I’m guessing some of the loyalty issue with Genesis is that Hyundai dealers lack the sales and service experiences luxury buyers expect.

    1. DanJ

      A better question would be when will FMC allow Lincoln to be at the top with models that would compete not only with Mercedes and BMW but also Rolls Royce and Cadillac. Love the Celestiq. Wish Lincoln would dare to offer such a halo vehicle we can aspire to. It’s not too much to ask for is it? Lincoln has been sheltered long enough. Time to take off and fly. I’d be loyal to Lincoln if L100 was shown more production like and with a steering wheel to compete with Celestiq. Time to start a superluxury wars. Bring Cadillac vs Lincoln back again.

  4. Phi kerr

    Lincoln needs to build vehicle’s. And work on EVS with more time. First of all there is no EV infrastructure. Before building EVs Ford headed for big trouble. Demote Farley before all dealers terminate!

    1. Robert.Walter

      Oh my, poor Phil has bought into the nit enough infrastructure so don’t move forward at all nonsensical FUD.

      Come on Phil, it is perfectly possible to lay the rails as you build the locomotive.

      Also, what does this even mean: “Before building EVs Ford headed for big trouble.” ??


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