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Next-Generation Ford Edge Interior Will Feature Evos Aesthetic

The Ford Evos debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show in China back in April 2021 and launched last November as the first vehicle developed under the automaker’s China 2.0 plan, as well as the first reflecting the company’s “Progressive Energy in Strength” design philosophy that aligns with Chinese aesthetics. Since then, other Blue Oval models in that country have followed its design ethos, including the Lincoln Zephyr and next-generation Ford Mondeo, both in terms of interior and exterior styling. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the next-generation Ford Edge will do the same in terms of its interior styling.

The next-generatation Ford Edge will boast a cabin that largely mirrors its Evos sibling in terms of appearances. Most notable is the fact that it will also feature a coast-to-coast screen setup like the Evos, which utilizes a 3.6-foot wide horizontal screen encompassing a 12.3-inch digital cluster and 27-inch 4K touchscreen, all of which bridges the instrument panel and doors, uniting the entire interior space. The extra-wide horizontal screen is powered by SYNC+ 2.0, which utilizes a brand new UI design. In addition to these similarities, the Evos and next-gen Edge will share the Ford C2 platform as well.

As Ford Authority reported back in June 2020 and later confirmed early this year, the next-generation Ford Edge has already been canceled in North America, with the 2023 model year representing its very last year of production. However, as has been the case with some other Blue Oval models – including the Escort and Mondeo, to name a couple – it seems as if the next-generation Ford Edge will live on in China, where the current-gen model is produced locally for that market.

Images of the next-gen Edge leaked on China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website back in August, giving us out best look yet at the all-new crossover and its Evos-like exterior design. However, Ford Authority spies also spotted what might be the new Edge testing in Europe shortly after that leak, signaling that it could be sold in other markets, too.

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  1. Dale

    I really hope that is NOT the new redesigned Edge. That design is ugly AF. Keep that design where it belongs…. in China.

  2. Thomas

    Stylistic drama, lack of proportion.
    I am disappointed and will not buy another new Ford

    1. RichG


  3. Robert.Walter

    Wow, that’s a design only the designer’s mother could love (or some select market with unusual tastes.)

    Person 1: think this design will scare away thieves?
    Person 2: who can steal what never got sold?
    Person 3: who would know after going blind looking at this thing?
    Person 4: the butt’s not ugly but it’s also not good enough to want to see that face coming.
    Person 5: maybe it’s the color?
    Person 6: I like pie.

  4. Michael J Genzale

    Fords’ people smarter than I, for sure
    However, as a long time, retired Ford salesperson I question the elimination of the Edge. It offered the larger width and length in front and rear seats much like the Explorer, greater than the small Escape, yet without the extra size the Explorer offers. Less of the family mover, more of larger more comfortable sedan. Just sayin’..

    1. Arcee

      Would love to see Ford introduce a 2-row Explorer to replace the Edge. Make it 10 inches shorter than the current 3-row Explorer, call it the Explorer Sport.

      1. eRock9202

        Make it a hybrid with AWD and I’ll be in line with a blank check… to the first dealership that sells at MSRP.

  5. 2xEdge owner

    That exterior is just horrible

  6. Mrx19

    Keep it in China. The “C” pillar treatment especially ugly.

  7. RichG

    I can understand not loving or liking the exterior, but calling it “fugly” and saying “I’ll never buy another Ford”? LOL I can only laugh at the comments on this board — they’re so extreme it’s ridiculous.

    We’ve seen only a couple uncamouflaged photos, and certainly not enough to make these absurdly strong statements. This board has become a dumping ground for guys who spend the rest of their day outside, yelling on their lawn.

  8. Steve

    Only thing I like about it is the tail light leaving.LOL

  9. Stephen

    Well if you want to make a front end fully of multiple incongruent shapes with features completely out of proportion to each other and a unfinished looking C pillar that is supposed to be a styling statement that is ends up looking like the designer stopped and went to lunch, then you were successful. The awkwardly pieced together front is very reminiscent of the Pontiac Aztek. Have three new Fords in the driveway including two electrics and one has a locking differential for clues. The above design is really disjointed and i wouldn’t buy one.

  10. David Dickinson II

    It’s a oddly proportioned wagon. Ford’s Mondeo wagon was really attractive. If Ford wants to push a wagon, they should have pushed the Mondeo to the States.

    1. Robert.Walter

      Mondeo Wagon was a great looking car.

      Too bad that’s not where the market is.

  11. martin Scott

    Not an attractive car. Typical of cars designed for the chines market. The previous generation Mondeo was a gorgeous car. The new chines designed Mondeo looks ready to grow 100 feet and fight a giant robot. The car looks like a robot. It is awful. I hope it doesn’t make its way this way at all.

  12. Kevin


  13. Nancy

    What year is this new design?

  14. Walter Thomas

    I am shocked that the designers came up with this especially in China. This is by far the most hideous SUV to have hit the roads, even worse than the Aztec and that is saying a lot.

  15. Tom Gregg

    I own 2 edges, luv em, the edge body would make a nice looking pickup truck

  16. Mesut Uyanik

    Hello dear Ford Authority the next Ford Edge SUV Coming in Europe?

    Best Regards

    Mesut Uyanik

    1. jz

      well no. they were never in the program since very beginning.


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