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Some 2022 Ford Escape Orders Face Cancellation

The current-gen Ford Escape debuted for the 2020 model year, with a refreshed version of the popular crossover set to debut soon and launch for the 2023 model year. However, amid various supply chain issues that have caused production problems for over two years now, Ford has been closing order banks early and even canceling orders for a number of its models, then pushing those orders to the next model year. Now, that will also be the case with the 2022 Ford Escape, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority.

Those sources have said that certain 2022 Ford Escape orders – both retail and detail stock orders – will be canceled due to supplier shortages. In terms of allocations, dealers will have all canceled 2022 Ford Escape slots returned for the 2023 model year, but those slots may not be for hybrid models. Additionally, impacted orders must be reordered as 2023 model year vehicles.

This is potentially a pretty big deal given the fact that the 2023 Ford Escape is a refreshed model that will be considerably different than the current-gen crossover in a variety of ways. Aside from the typical exterior and interior styling updates, the 2023 Escape will feature an entirely new trim level lineup, with the plug-in hybrid model becoming its own distinct entity within that lineup, for example.

While order banks for the 2023 Escape opened up back in September, production of the refreshed crossover at the Louisville Assembly plant was recently pushed back six weeks from November 1st to December 12th, 2022. Of course, as is always the case, this date is subject to change – particularly as FoMoCo continues to battle various supply chain issues, so it may not be set in stone, either.

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  1. John McCarthy

    Will the 2022 escapes that were ordered keep the same price as when ordered?

  2. Mike TowpathTraveler

    Yes, push off construction of what was not built this year unto the next. And when next year arrives, throttle down the order books and then, cancel orders with the same-ole same old lame “supply chain issues”.

    Our american auto industry is in a crisis created by themselves, not creating contingency plans to bring these supply side issues back in-house. Defeatist losers.

    1. Robert.Walter

      This wasn’t a “tell me you don’t know anything about the complexity of the automotive business without telling me you don’t anything about the complexity of the automotive business” competition.

      But if it was you would have won the grand prize.

  3. MJ

    Can someone please explain why I can’t order a 2023 Escape yet. Nothing on the website, can’t order from a dealer , so what happened to the order bank that was supposed to open 9-19? No Updates as to when it will open. I have basically given up trying to buy a Ford . They sure are a poorly run company . Push pack the 22 models to 23, yet you can’t even order a 23 Escape yet . What is going on????

    1. MB

      You can go to the dealer and order a 2023 Escape. I was able to do so 2 weeks ago with my dealer. You are absolutely correct that communication needs a lot of work around this.

      1. MJ

        I like to order myself online, or at least configure my order and see the options and colors on the vehicle. Was able to do it to order a 23 Corsair a month ago, figured out what I wanted and went to the dealer to order . Ford has no info on the 23 Escape at all online, like it doesn’t exist at all.

  4. Mike

    Why would anyone want to order a vehicle like the Escape right now? Wait until spring and you can probably buy one off the lot for a substantial discount, instead of paying MSRP+.

    1. TOM

      not sure if waiting is a viable plan, these manufacturers are using all these issues to change how we’ll have access to vehicle shopping. now they see they can build as needed instead of trying to anticipate how many vehicles to build and dealer stocks in the future probably won’t exist, you’ll have to order from a brochure/build sheet, no more tire kicking or test drives or negotiating a price “if you don’t buy it someone else will” the new sales motto since they’ll make sure there’s not enough to go around, in others words they’ll make sure it’s a SELLERS market keeping us starving for products/vehicles

      1. Robert.Walter

        Don’t make yourself sound silly. It’s a terrible way to go through life.

        Ford has been clear that under its new model, there will be demo units for tire kicking purposes.

        As for balancing supply and demand, this is what a well run business does.

        As Bob s Lutz once said: “our goal is to build one less vehicle than the market demands.”

  5. Lincoln

    The automakers need to all band together to “financially back” one or two microchip fabrication factories in the US. These factories, among other things, could make the dozens various chips needed for vehicles. Most of the microchips for cars and suv are not the most complex, so that are EXACTLY the sort of chip that should be manufactured in the USA. In that way the ONLY chip that might be needed for Taiwan would be the one for the screens in the cars that are run of a sophisticated system on chip- SOCs

    1. whypac

      In the real world, build to order is not realistic. This business model does not support anyone that gets into a survived automobile accident where there survivors automobiles have been totaled. These people need be able to go to dealers and choose something off-the-lot, now, not be told:
      – Order books are closed
      – Or, the order will take 6 months
      – Or, the order has been cancelled and pushed to the next model year with a price increase
      – Or, the order is on manufacturing hold due to parts shortage
      – Or, the order cannot be processed unless feature X is removed
      – Or, the vehicle is ready for pickup, but features x, y, z are non-functional and will be retrofitted at a later date

      1. Robert.Walter

        I’m sure this is exactly why car makers overproduced to the point of reducing their profitability, so somebody after a car wreck could pop in to buy a replacement.

        Such nonsense.

        When I was a boy, around 1970, we were on an Easter trip to Florida.

        The family in the campground slot suddenly had a different car one day.

        The father was washing out the trunk of an older car with a hose (I learned that day there were things called drain plugs.).

        I asked him what happened to the other car. He explained that the engine in the newish family car had caught fire and the car partially burned so as to be totaled.

        He went in to explain that he would order a new car when he got home and how the jalopy was just temporary transportation until the new car would be delivered a few weeks after that.

        Moral of the story, or the Jagger Principle restated: “Some car purchases are not always what you want but might just be what you need”.

  6. Chris Williams

    Since Ford insists on learning nothing from Toyota’s RAV4 success phenomenon, and the PHEV still will not have an AWD/4WD option, the 2023 Escape faces pre-cancellation by prospective customers like me. The front light bar that reviewers seem to be enamored with is a non-starter as far as I’m concerned. Give us things we can use, not just eye candy to thrill journalists. Even the 2022 grille looks better than the new stodgy one AFAIC.

  7. Robh

    If i were Ford, since its their objective to have as much of their sales be “build to order”, i would prioritize those special orders and make that as pleasant a process as possible for consumers. If they have a bad experience with ordering a car, they are less apt to do that again. Also, I think that “build to order” will not work for everyone. For myself, I would not buy a car i could not see in person and test drive to see if i liked it. Last new car i bought and special ordered was an 09 Taurus X wagon. but before i bought it, not only did i research the car thoroughly, but i drove models that were on the lot. I wanted to see how they drove, the ride quality and visibility, etc. You can’t do that if you order a car from a book. If the dealer didn’t happen to have a Taurus X on the lot for me to examine and test drive, i would never have ordered the car i bought. so the dealers should be encouraged, if not outright required to keep one or two models on their lots so consumers can see if the car meets their needs before ordering one with specific equipment to their liking.

    1. Robert.Walter

      You must be new to this topic.

      Fret not, Ford has said several times now, and will no doubt say more and more as things develop that there will be adequate demo models for evaluation.

  8. Edward

    I ordered a 2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring in September 2021. Got the emails from Lincoln about order received and accepted. Later in November, got email that order was delayed, then first of December email stated that my order had been converted to a 2022 model and production would begin soon. It began production December 12, 2021 and it was shipped 10 days later. It arrived at the dealership and I received it January 15, 2022. I’m happy with the result. Yes, it took a while longer but I wasn’t desperate.

    1. Robert.Walter

      Mark of a Lincoln driver. Able to roll with the punches and not sweating the petty stuff.

  9. MJ

    I have a friend who ordered an Expedition in January 22 and his vehicle still has not been scheduled. He already bought another brand months ago , will never order or buy a Ford again. He is waiting to see when it’s actually scheduled out of curiosity

    1. Robert.Walter

      Your friend needs a better hobby.

  10. Jim

    People used to laugh at my dad in the 70s. 10 new Chryslers on the lot, and a whole drawer full of sold orders.

    1. Robert.Walter

      I’m not sure what you mean but if it was Chrysler you are likely talking more about 1970 than 1979 with its Order Bank insanity.


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